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The Painted Bird Movie (2019) Free Download.

The Painted Bird Movie (2019) Free Download.

The Painted Bird Movie Download, The Painted Bird Full Movie Download.
The Painted Bird Movie Download    

The Painted Bird Movie Overview :   

A young Jewish boy somewhere in Eastern Europe seeks refuge during World War II where he encounters many different characters.

The Painted Bird Movie Details :   
Name : The Painted Bird
The Painted Bird Movie Genre : War, Drama, Biography. 
The Painted Bird Movie Release date : 3 September 2019 (Venice), 12 September 2019 (Czech Republic), 10 July 2020 (United States). 
The Painted Bird Movie Duration / Running time : 169 minutes. 
Country : Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine. 
The Painted Bird Movie Language : Interslavic, Czech, Russian, German. 
The Painted Bird Movie Budget : 175 million CZK. 
The Painted Bird Movie Box office collection : $573,850. 
The Painted Bird Movie Production Company : PubRes, Silver Screen. 
The Painted Bird Movie Distributed by : Bioscope (Czech Republic), IFC Films (United States). 

The Painted Bird Movie Cast :   

The Painted Bird Movie Directed by : Václav Marhoul. 
The Painted Bird Movie Produced by : Václav Marhoul. 
The Painted Bird Movie Screenplay by : Václav Marhoul. 
Based on The Painted Bird Movie by : Jerzy Kosiński. 
The Painted Bird Movie Cinematography by : Vladimír Smutný. 
The Painted Bird Movie Edited by : Luděk Hudec. 

The Painted Bird Movie Star Cast / Starring :      

Petr Kotlár, Nina Šunevič, Stellan Skarsgår, Udo Kier, Harvey Keitel, Jitka Čvančarová, Julian Sands, Ala Sakalova, Aleksei Kravchenko, Barry Pepper. 

The Painted Bird Book :   

Polish author Jerzy Kosinski wrote the first book of his life, The Painted Bird (1965), about his experience in World War II.  Although he wrote books on the brutality, bigotry, and brutality of German and Russian forces in the war, the Polish government banned the book, calling it anti-Polish.  Although widely acclaimed in Manhattan, USA, the book was banned in Poland until 1989.  Yerji Kozanski immigrated to the United States in 1958.

  With the fall of Communism, people were stunned when the book was published in Poland.  With sales reaching 70 million, it has topped the New York Times bestseller list by then.  Kozansky never wanted to sell the rights to his book while he was alive.  In his words, "the book is so much his personal story" that he doesn't want a movie to be made out of it.  From there it is also a biography movie.

The Painted Bird Movie Storyline :   

Desperate to return home, he is writing a letter to his parents in a toy boat. "Take me". The parents wanted to keep the boy safe. Whether because of financial hardship, or to keep away from the horrors of war, the boy was sent to his sister's house. But does the mind that has just set foot in Kaishar want to be imprisoned like this? It's not as easy to say "I'll go home" as it was in war-torn Europe.

 Sudden death of aunt. He left without thinking and went home. All sorts of strange things happen on the way. The brutality of the people around. Ever suffered from all this yourself. Ever witness that horror. At the age when religion does not mean what it means, religious orthodox people become blind. Although they did not learn to understand caste differences, they were poisoned by the Nazis just for being the children of Jewish parents.

The Painted Bird Movie Review :   
Just grabbing a copy of this newer WW2 Eastern Front type Film.Supposed to be really good but very brutal.I read the book when I was a Teenager.I put it up on FB
 as a suggestion to those who will watch WW2 Eastern Front Films.If so then you won't want to miss this B/W Shot brutal film.

 Czech director Václav Marhoul spins war-torn history into phantasmagorical horror, rattling around ravaged eastern Europe for just shy of three hours. The Painted Bird is adapted from a 1965 novel by Jerzy Kosiński, which was cobbled together from survivors’ accounts, and takes its title from a scene in which a starling daubed with white paint is mistaken for an enemy and pecked to death by its flock. The Painted Bird Movie shows this incident in complete grisly detail. It’s one of its lighter, gentler moments.

The Painted Bird Movie Award :   
The Painted Bird  was  on December 18 nominated among ten films of a record 91 films vying for Oscar at the 92nd Academy Awards in the International Feature Film category.

Awards : Czech Lion Award for Best Director, Czech Lion Award for Best Cinematography. 

The Painted Bird Movie Trailer :   

The Painted Bird Movie Download :   

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