Monday, January 11, 2021

What Is HTML And Why Learn? এইচটিএমএল কি?

What Is HTML And Why Learn? এইচটিএমএল কি? 

The two main reasons I have seen people staying away from HTML intentionally are very strange.  At first many people think that I am not a web designer or do not want to be, then why should I learn HTML.  Even well-meaning people who are well-off online avoid it, thinking that it is a programming language, and that programming is a very difficult language. 

What Is HTML And Why Learn? এইচটিএমএল কি? 

 So my today's post to dispel these misconceptions.  So let's see what is HTML and why you will learn.

Is HTML A Programming Language ?

No. HTML is not a programming language at all.  It is a scripting language.  And if I say in my own commentary, the programming language is not as difficult at all as many think.  But even then, for those who are afraid of HTML, HTML is a far cry from programming and it's a thousand times easier than any other programming language.

I Don't Want To Be A Web Designer. Why Learn HTML?

The core of the web is HTML.  Whether you are an affiliate marketer or a virtual assistant, you are actually working with HTML without knowing it.  When you post something in WordPress, it is actually displayed in HTML format in a web browser.  

When you browse other people's websites, you also see them in HTML format.  The browser visually displays the HTML data in front of you.  

Now if you want your site to have a good design, then you may buy a theme or use it for free which may be used by many more, in which case your site is not unique design.  

Again, if you hire a web designer to get a custom theme, it will cost a lot more.  But what if you could change a free design to your liking and make it unique?  You can do this only if you know light thin HTML and CSS.  This saved your money and also the design of your site is unique.  But remember, don't go for less that your full potential.

Do you need to have internet to learn HTML?

  Not at all.  Because the job of the web server is to execute some files and send them to the HTML output browser.  And the browser itself displays the HTML visually.  There is no role for web server.  In other words, you can do the whole work of web design in HTML locally using the browser.  

No internet is required for this.  And if there is any such work with WordPress customization where you actually need a web server then you can easily create a local server using Xampp or Wamp which will work just like a live web server.

Is HTML just for web designers?

  This idea is completely wrong.  The scope of HTML is much wider.  You know what  Apps and even games can be developed for any device with HTML.  

There are many popular apps on Google Play, Apple App Store, Amazon Kindle Store that are made with HTML.  Even the main development language of the new Firefox OS is HTML.

  A part from this, if you do CPA, then for landing page design, if you do affiliate, then for creating buttons with links, if you do SEO, then SEO friendly for the markup of the website - that is, the importance of HTML is immense.

  It won't take you long to learn basic HTML.  So stay ahead in your sector by learning it without delay.  I hope I can give you some idea about HTML in the post.

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