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How to get a freelancing job? Where to find ??

At present, one of the most talked about and attractive jobs for young people is 'freelancing'.  Freelancing is an independent or free profession.  In other words, working independently of a particular organization is called 'freelancing'.

One of the questions that young society now wants to know about 'freelancing' is, where can I learn about 'freelancing'?  How do i get  How will the job rate be?

Today, we are holding a special discussion on where to get freelancing work for those who want to get involved in the freelancing profession.  So let's know where to get 'freelancing' work.

(1) = UpWork

 UpWork is the most popular marketplace in the 'freelancing' world.  It was formerly known as oDesk.  Changes were made to UpWork a while ago.  Several new features and features have been added.  Another popular job market is called Elance.  UpWork is currently the leader in the freelancing market.

 There are various types of jobs posted on this website, where freelancers apply according to their skill.  Byers was selected from all applicants and interviewed, in some cases by video conferencing.  Then Bayer gives the task to anyone whom he thinks is open to his work.

 But for the most part, beavers are interviewed in UpWork messages or via Skype chat.  Due to some of the new algorithms on this website, it can be difficult to find a job for newcomers here.  However, if your application cover letter and portfolio are good, you will find work.  No problem if you can do one or two tasks somehow.  Then you will continue to get work one by one.

 Use all information correctly during account registration at UpWork, do not give any incorrect information.  Provide information in conjunction with the National ID card.  Otherwise you will get a lot of trouble on the screen.  The account may even be terminated.

 Do not open two accounts by the same name.  Then both of your accounts will be locked.  Can no longer work at UpWork.  There are two types of memberships at UpWork, free and paid.  In Free Membership you can apply up to 5 jobs per month.  There is no obligation on paid membership.

(2) = Envato

This is the best market place for newbie freelancers.  This is an excellent market place for passive income.  There are several platforms in this marketplace, where you can sell the work you create.  Which will be used to customize the screen by taking the key to the port.  At first glance, the price of a product may seem low, but from here you can be a millionaire.  For example, a business card is worth $ 5, but when this product is sold 5 times, it will be worth $ 5.  You get 5 dollars.

 You will not get such recycling rate in any other marketplace.  Once you have updated a product in this marketplace, the Marketplace team will review your product, no longer have to do much to approve the sale.  Unless Bayer gets into trouble using it.
 There are several parts of this marketplace, in which part of the product can be sold briefly for the benefit of new freelance.

√ = Graphic River

Design templates can be sold here.  Such as: T-shirts, postcards, brochures, business cards, flares, logos, backgrounds, fonts, Photoshop brushes, text effects, etc.

√ = Code Canayan 

WebWare can sell here.
Such as PHP scripts, WordPress plugins, e-commerce plugins etc.

√ = Theme Forest

Here you can sell HTML website templates, WordPress templates, Joomla templates, e-commerce web templates.

√ = PhotoDone

Here you can sell stock photographs.

√ = 3D Ocean

Here you can sell 3D models.

√ = Audio Jungle

Here you can sell your composed music.

√ = Video Hive

Here you can sell your stock videos or motion graphics templates.

(3) = Fiverr

 Currently this marketplace is quite popular.  This is the best marketplace for newcomers to work.  Here you will post jobs, details of what works and what you know.  A sample of your work should be attached to the job post.  If you like your service, buy it at Bayer.  Although the value of the work may seem low, after starting you will see a different picture.  Here you can earn from one job to $ 5 to $ 5 or more.

(4) = 99 Design

 This marketplace is for designers only.  On this website Bayer writes job descriptions and posts.  Interested freelancer designers submit designs and submit work details.  This is a Competitive Systems Marketplace.  He finalizes the use of the design for Bayer, whose work will be best.  And only the winning freelancer gets the money.  High prices for the work are available on this website.  However, this is the best place for beginners to learn / practice.  Here, imitate the work of others, design and improve your work skills.

(5) = Freelancer 

This website is also a very popular marketplace.  All kinds of jobs like UpWork are available here.  However, their charges are higher than others.  As soon as they get work, they will deduct the service charge from your account.  Where other websites deduct service charges from you after receiving the money.  Service charges are deducted from 5% to 5%.

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