Thursday, November 21, 2019

What is freelancing ?? How do i learn How much money can you earn ??

At present, one of the most talked about and attractive words for young people is 'freelancing'.

What is Freelancing?? 

Freelancing is an independent or free profession.  In other words, working independently of a particular organization is called 'freelancing'.

 The questions about freelancing that young society wants to know the most now is that I want to do freelancing.

Public Questions :- 

Which will be good for me? 

Web design or graphics design?

What do I need to learn to learn web design?

What is the highest rate of work in the freelancing world?

 However, for young people who want to do 'freelancing', we recommend that you ask your talents and intentions without asking anyone else what will be good for you.

How does one tell you which is best for you, which work can you easily manage?

 Learn how to work, freelancing if you want to take a coaching center without taking 2-5 months.  Find a place of interest, work or interest you care about.  Get detailed information about the types of work you want to do from the Internet.  You will find lots of writing and video tutorials on almost all types of freelancing work on the Internet.  Read them - try to understand how this works, how to do it.

 This way, once you get the basic idea about all the things you know or love, ask yourself this time, which one do you like the most or do you think you can?  Then decide to attend the training center on that subject.

 Here is a thing, if you do not have anything in your head by watching the video or reading the blog, you may think that there is definitely something to be learned when you enter the training center.  If that sounds like it, then I'd say your idea is completely wrong.  If you can not master anything from such a good tutorial spread over the internet, then the training center will not be able to teach you that much.  Only money and time will be wasted.

 Many people believe that freelancing refers to the functions of graphics design, web design, web development, search engine optimization, social media marketing or web site.  This idea is completely wrong.  There are many other types of jobs available in the freelancing marketplace.  Work from Support Assistant to Business Idea Developer or Market Analysis is also available here.

What do you need to learn from being a web designer? 

If you ask this question to different people, you will get different answers.  Then you fall into the confusion.  Many will say that only by learning HTML will you become a web designer.  But when you go to work in the Marketplace you will understand how much more you have to learn.  Give a small example without giving a big example - a client might refer to HTML and not HTML.  But then you need to know not only HTML, you also need to know the differences between HTML versions.  They have to work.

 This is why I want to know the details of what you should do before you start freelancing.  If you follow this formula, you will understand what you should be learning.  Only then can you be a successful freelancer.

 Do not ask anyone the question of how income can be earned.  Then you will fall into the trap of mistakes.  Because it all depends on your work experience, skills and luck.  There are many designers in the marketplace who work at rates from $ 5 to $ 5 an hour.  There are many programmers who work at $ 1-5 an hour.  Now, would you say graphics design is more expensive than programming?  Not at all.  Everything is equally expensive in the marketplace, you just need your experience.  As the experience and skills increase, the cost of the work will be better.

 Make it your own passion, excluding the thought that I will work for money.  Your success in freelancing is inevitable.  You will find that work has become easier for you.  You can do much better.  Then you don't have to look for money anymore.  Money will find you.

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