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Windows 7 Free Download । Windows Seven Professional Version free Download।

Download windows seven
Windows 7 free download  
Windows 7 is popular operating System .  At first, people could not quit Windows XP, but now Windows Seven could not quit.  But there is an end to all things, and Windows Seven's official Extended Support is set to end on January 14, 2020.  That means no more than 1 month.  This topic discusses why Windows Seven Bad Ideas, why Windows should be used, and how Windows support bicycles work.

How to install Windows 7 ??? 

  1. Backup your files. ...
  2. Restart your computer. ...
  3. Immediately press Del , Esc , F2 , F10 , or F9 when it restarts. ...
  4. Find your BIOS's boot options menu. ...
  5. Select the optical disk drive as the first boot device of your computer. ...
  6. Place the Windows 7 Installation disc in the disc drive. ...
  7. Save the changes in the settings.

Download Windows 7 Professional -

 Windows 7 operating system support timeline

 Windows versions of Microsoft's operating system receive 10 years of support.  The first 5 years of this are mainstream support;  Where feature updates, design updates, UI updates, security updates, bug fixes are provided.  And frankly Microsoft provides very good mainstream support and they actively handle it.
 They provide extended support within the next five years after the mainstream support expires.  Where only bug fixes and security updates are provided.  No new features or designs are upgraded.  Windows Seven's mainstream support ended in 2015 - since it was a popular operating system, its mainstream support was somewhat extended.  However, its extended support in January 2020 is about to end.

 Hackers have fun in Windows Seven 

 And just a few months later, using Windows Seven will become a really risky thing.  I would never recommend using an operating system that has security updates and bug fixes turned off.  This is what the hacker wants, it will make such a computer a hacker target and execute malicious activities whatever he wants.  Such an operating system is like heaven for a hacker.

 It's still safe to use Windows Seven, but it won't be there for months at a time.  Hackers will be looking for bugs and security vulnerabilities right from the moment their support ends.  Since many users still use Windows Seven E and will certainly end up supporting it, Windows Seven can become a dream operating system for hackers.

 Three more Extra Extended Support 

 The story does not end here, though its extended support is being discontinued from 2020, but Microsoft will provide another three years of paid extended support.  That means its security updates will be released by 2023, but if you do not pay extra money you can download and apply.

 However, there are many reasons behind this extra time.  Many companies still use Windows Seven, so all their software or activities are set accordingly.  You may be able to upgrade your home computer to a different operating system in a few minutes, but for companies, this is not easy at all.

 There are so many computers in their company, it's a matter of time to upgrade them.  Down time in business means a lot of money loss.  Moreover, upgrading the new operating system will provide new training to the employees.  Yes, you and I might be wondering if this is the case again?  All operating systems of Windows are almost the same, one use can be used with the other.  But believe that there are many people who use computer to memorize, in front of 'My Computer' will be 'This PC'.

 Moreover, there are many software that may not work properly in the new operating system.  The software may be deeply programmed or may be primitive software that is not suitable for the new operating system.  If the software is not used, then the loss of companies!  So in view of all this, Extra support will be given for three more years on Windows Seven.
 But this 3 year Extended Support is not cheap at all, depending on which Windows Edition you are using, you have to pay double money every year.  For example, in the case of Windows Seven Pro, you have to pay $ 50 in the first year, $ 100 in the second year, and $ 200 in the third year to receive the Extended Security Update.  Moreover, in the case of Windows Seven Enterprise, you have to pay $ 25 for the first year, $ 50 for the second year and $ 100 for the third year.

 Now a company does not have a computer anymore, and this price but as a computer per capita - you realize how expensive it is.  Even then, Microsoft has opened a road, so that companies can upgrade to the new operating system even if it takes a while.  And during this time they will be able to get updates on the old operating system.

 How many are using Windows Seven?

 Still more users use Windows Seven.  According to an online website, 35 percent of total Internet users still use Windows Seven.  They actually collect data from a web browser, using any operating system.  Accordingly, this data was created.

 According to their analytics data, 53 percent of total Internet users are currently using Windows 10.  So, you understand, about one third of all Internet traffic is still Windows Seven users.  Only 10 percent of users have upgraded from Windows Seven to Windows 10 over the past year.  So you understand, how much more security one third of these users will fall into the risk of Windows 7 after the support shut down, the hacker is sure to attack only after finding the validity.

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