Top 5 Android / Smartphone Web Browser in the world.

In this age of information technology, we are constantly roaming the web.  Sometimes you can go directly to different sites and sometimes you have to take the help of a browser.  Just as a computer needs a browser, so does a smartphone.  Most web browser users in Android version only recognize two web browsers.
Now, we will talk about the top 5 Android / Smartphone web browser in the world. Below are the name of Android web browser.

√ = VIA Browser : The VIA browser is used as the default web browser in many popular custom ROMs.

√ = Puffin Browser : The Concept of puffin browser is quite innovative.

√ = Microsoft EDEG : It is usually Microsoft's default browser for Windows 10.

√ = Opera Touch : It is especially designed for one-handed navigation.

√ = Armore Fly Browser : It is also called Add-free UC Browser.
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