What Is Sub Domain? সাব ডোমেইন বলতে কি বুঝায়?

What Is Sub Domain? সাব ডোমেইন বলতে কি বুঝায়? 

 What is a domain? what is domain name in Bangla

If you are thinking of creating a blog or website, then the first thing you need to know about the subject is the "domain".  

So, what is a domain or what is a domain, you have to understand it first.

What Is subdomain?
What Is Sub Domain? সাব ডোমেইন বলতে কি বুঝায়?

 Remember, whenever we visit a website online on the Internet, we encounter conflicts with the domain.  In fact, through the domain, we can find a variety of websites on the Internet.  And, if I wish, I can visit those websites.

 Just as we can be found by your name and mine, so in the world of the Internet, other websites can be found by their domain name.

 Simply put, the name, identity and address of my website are all my "domain name".

 And, without a domain name, neither you nor anyone else will ever find your blog or website on the Internet.

 By the way, I know, you must have a little knowledge about what a domain name is.  But, in this article, I want to tell you all about the domain.

 What is a subdomain :

 Since, the domain is a specific IP address.  So for the convenience of remembering the domain name (Domain Name) is used instead of the IP address.

 And subdomains are the branch domains of all these main domains, that is, in simple words, sub domains (সাব ডোমেইন) are another domain under any domain.  Subdomains are usually created by adding new words to the front or back of the original domain name.

 For example :

 https://www.google.com/ being a subdomain,


 How to create a subdomain?

 Creating sub domain is very easy.  Sub domain can be created in just a few steps.

 √ = Log in to Control Panel.

 √ = Go to the Domain section and click on Sub domains.

 √ = Now enter the name you want to create a subdomain.  And click the "Create" button with the directory you want to use for the subdomain (সাব ডোমেইন) .

 √ = After clicking on the "Create" button, the subdomain will be created.

 Advantages of subdomains :

√ = Subdomain URLs are usually quite small.

 √ = In the case of subdomains, you can manage DNS separately.

 √ = You can use a different template for the subdomain (সাব ডোমেইন) as you wish.

 √ = You can easily manage subdomains as well as post easily.

 Like the main domain, you can take advantage of the opportunity to create internal links within the subdomains (সাব ডমেইন). 

 Disadvantages of subdomains :

 Generally, a subdomain is technically an independent site.  So your main domain will not be affected by the rank of your sub domain (সাব ডোমেইন) .

 All URLs in a sub-domain site, like the original domain, must be indexed individually.

 Like a domain, subdomains need to be SEO separately because sub-domains like Sub Url do not pass SEO Juicies.  This can be better understood by seo experts.

 As well as managing webmaster-tools, analytics, etc. as a separate site.

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What Is Professional Blogging? How To Become A Professional Blogger?

What Is Professional Blogging? How To Become A Professional Blogger? 

What is professional blogging?

  The articles we write on various social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus are mainly for our own personal satisfaction. We are satisfied with whether someone gave a like, whether someone shared a status, etc. Here, there is no effort to build a career or make money with blogging.

  But when, you want to establish a blog / website, you want its brand name, you want its popularity, you want a lot of readers for each of your writings and everything you present is as beautiful, fluent and regular as possible, above all , you get one from your blogging. You can make a living by earning a living, then you are thinking of professional blogging.

  If you want to take blogging as a profession, or to be a Professional blogger, you need to learn the art of blogging! Blogging is a job where the practice of knowledge continues. Here, gaining knowledge and sharing it with Blogger visitors ... this is the job.

How To Become A Professional Bloggers? 

  12 keywords to become a professional blogger : 

  1.  Ability to write spontaneously : 

  Writing is the main raw material of a blog. If we look at any one factory, we can see that they are using different types of raw materials to produce their products.

 For example, a paper production factory is producing paper by processing paper bamboo, jute or straw and selling it in the market. Likewise, the main raw material of a blog is its writing. 

So, if you want to make your blog popular and its success, you need to publish beautiful writing in it.

  Your readers will benefit, be happy or find a solution to one of their problems by reading your writing. As a result, he can bookmark your blog so that he can return to your blog in the future.

  Also, if your blog can impress her even more, she can tell her friends and this blog about it. In this you will get referral visitors from visitors.

  That way, the popularity of your blog will continue to grow. And, these are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.

  To gift beautiful writing to readers, you must have the ability to write beautiful beautiful articles. The ability to write beautiful articles does not grow in a day or two! 

Required for this :

 √ = Linguistic skills. 

 √ = Creative thinking skills. 

 √ = Adequate knowledge on the subject of writing. 

 √ = Regular writing habits. 

 √ = Skills on Creative Writing. 

  If you have the skills on the above 5 topics, then you can give the gift of beautiful writing to the readers of your blog.

 Here are some tips to increase your writing skills :

√ =  More or less anyway! Write every day.

√ = Writing should be valued, it should be noted while writing.

 √ = The reader should write keeping in view the problem. No matter what topic you are writing about, keep in mind that your writing can solve the problem completely.

 √ = Present quality completed articles.

 √ = There should always be an effort to make your writing more standard.

 √ = Do not use the same article structure in all types of writing. No matter what type of writing you write, think for a moment before presenting it. It could be that the same writing, just for presentation, could be too good or too bad.

 √ = In your niche, the articles that are most likely to attract the attention of the readers, first write them and present them in the blog.

√ =  The pillars of a blog are its Killer Articles. So, in addition to writing regular tunes, you also need to present some killer articles. Killer articles are articles that are written in 2000-5000 words and provide detailed information on a single topic.

  2.  Knowledge about search engine optimization : 

  Google is currently called the boss of the Internet. And at the heart of Google's popularity is search. The other two search engines like Google are Yahoo and Bing. These two are not even close to the edge of Google's popularity. What is the reason? The reason is that Google provides the most reliable search results.

  If you want to be successful in blogging, you need to focus on search engine optimization. In fact, we would say that on Google optimization! Because, if you get a good position in Google, you will also get in others.

  Search engine optimization is about making your blog content and other factors search engine friendly.

 The main factors of search engine are : 

 √ = Writing SEO friendly content.

 √ = Keyword research.

 √ = Link building.

 √ = Regular social media updates.

  The main reason for saying the above factors is that you have to do these regularly. On the other hand, there are other issues that are presented below.

 √ = Blog Title and Description. 

 √ = Search engine crawling and indexing.

 √ = Sitemap submission.

 √ = Keyword research (ranking, keyword density, keyword target in writing, etc.)

 √ = Writing and updating SEO friendly content.

 √ = Link building. 

 √ = Alter tag. 

 √ = Anchor Tag. 

 √ = Link Juice (Dofollow and Nofollow Link)

 √ = Page rank. 

 √ = Use of Google Webmaster Tools. 

 √ = Use of Google AdWords Tools. 

 √ = Use of meta tags. 

 √ = HTML title tags (H1 to H6). 

 √ = SEO friendly URL. 

  Subsequent articles on SEO will provide an explanation of the above issues. To become a professional blogger, one must have sufficient knowledge in the above topics.

  3.  Knowledge about web design : 

  A blogger must also have knowledge of web design. Because, as a result, he will be able to design his own blog and reduce the cost of designing the blog.

  Moreover, even if he doesn't want to design it himself, if he has knowledge about design, he will be able to realize what kind of blog design he wants and how to work with someone else. 

The blog designer, if he knows who he is working with, is experienced in design. So, designers and blog designers should work carefully.

 What to look for when designing a blog :

 √ =  Simple design. 

 √ = Vision tolerant design.

 √ = Aim for the reader to find something, that is, good user navigation.

 √ = Don't use too much advertising.

  In short, the design has to be very interesting. However, it does not need to use heavy graphics. Simple design can be beautiful, it takes a lot of weight and can win the hearts of blog visitors. Example: www.chinguriabarta.com

  4.  Establishment of Authorship

  A blogger writes on his blog. A blogger basically updates the content on his blog. He always writes new articles and publishes them on his blog. Updates old articles by modifying (if necessary). No matter what he writes, the writings basically establish his authority. The visitors of that blog are fascinated or annoyed (!) By reading his writings.

  We know that presenting beautiful writing can captivate visitors and gain their trust and keep them on the blog.

  Through beautiful writing, a blogger basically establishes his authority. For example, our Humayun Ahmed has established his own authority through his writings. If one reads 3-4 books of Humayun Ahmed, then he can easily enter into the rhythm of Humayun Ahmed's writing and if he reads another book of Humayun Ahmed later, what kind of writing would he expect?

  No reader sees you. Even if you see it, you may have seen a picture of it. However, writing your blog is enough to present you to him in a different way.

  The rhythm of your writing, the method of presenting information, the simple explanation of a subject, the use of images or graphics in the writing, etc., present you to the readers of your blog to a certain extent. And it is through this presentation that your authority is revealed and established.

 5.  Gaining the confidence of the reader : 

  If you can earn a solid authorship, you can easily gain the trust of the readers. Reader confidence is essential for your blogging.

What Is Professional Blogging? How To Become A Professional Blogger?

  Gaining reader confidence is even more important when you want to build your career on blogging or your means of income with blogging. If the reader can rely on you, he can present you not only to himself, but also to his friends and acquaintances, to your writing. As a result you will get more new visitors / readers / readers.

  On the other hand, you can increase the popularity of your blog by gaining the trust of new readers. Which means it's about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. Because, like good writing is the pillar of a blog, visitors are the lifeblood of your blog. What is the value of a skeleton if there is no life !!!

 6 . Stay scheduled for writing

  It is better to work for the blog in the allotted time for blogging success.

  It was seen that you did a tune in the morning, one in the afternoon the next day, then for three days you did not take any news of the blog, then it is better for you not to do blogging! Because, it will take time for you to succeed, and you will be bored yourself.

  If you want to be a professional blogger, set a time of day. In that set time, you will work for your blog.

 7 . Presentation of blog information

  Whether your blog is rich in information matters a lot. Big blogs are getting a lot of visitors and making money. The only reason for this is their rich database.

  Regardless of the content of your niche or blog, you need to make sure that your blog has enough content on it. If not, you have to make it. If you can enrich your blog with information, you can establish authority by gaining the trust of the readers. And as a result, your visitors will increase and if the visitors increase, the popularity of your blog will increase, the income will increase.

  If you organize your writing, use beautifully matched images and tables, describe the body part of your writing in the form of points, which seems interesting and informative to your readers, you can easily win the hearts of the readers with your writing.

  If you can win the mind of the reader, you can also win the mind of the search engine. As a result, both readers and search engines will send new visitors to your blog.

 8 . Niche selection : 

  Niche selection is the selection of the content of your blog writing. The Internet is a huge world where there is a lot of information, data. Different types of bloggers are constantly writing on different topics. Someone is going to stop again a lot of the time.

  If you can't choose your niche correctly, you may need to stop at any time. Because, if the content of writing in the blog does not suit you, then your interest will decrease day by day. And if the interest in writing decreases, tell me how many more can you write?

  Before choosing a blog post, think first about which topic you are most comfortable writing about. Choose a topic that you like to write about and that visitors like. If this is the case, visitors are less likely to search, but you have a lot of interest, then the problem.

  So, through Google AdWords Tools, take a look at the topics you are thinking about, how Google searches for its keywords every month, how the CPC is and how it competes. More writing is coming up about the niche election.

  9.  Creating valuable content : 

  The writings of a blog basically present the blog in front of its visitors. Therefore, the main goal of a professional blogger should be to present the content of his blog as valuable and good writing as possible. That is, it will create better content.

  There are basically two types of writing by a blogger : 

√ = Regular tune. 

 √ = Pillar Tune. 

  Regular tunes

Regular tunes are between 500-600 words. Through regular tune, a blogger keeps his visitors regularly updated. Presents information on a small topic or tries to express a fairly complete idea about a topic.

  Pillar Tunes : 

Pillar tunes are between 2000-5000 words. Such tunes are also called killer articles. These killer articles act like pillars of a blog. That is why they are called pillar tunes. They present in detail almost all the necessary information on a subject. Such tunes get more readership and more shares. That is, more reader engagement is available.

  Moreover, it is possible to gain backlinks by such tunes. Very helpful to get good backlink search engine rankings.

  Whether it is a regular tune or a pillar tune, a professional blogger has to highlight his / her own personality, skills, creativity etc. in writing all kinds of tunes.

10.  Minimum cost execution : 

  So far we have found information on how to enhance and display a blogger's own skills on various topics in a blog.  It has some management costs.  Now, we need to know those.

  A blog is basically a website.  A website can be run in two ways : 

(1) = Free. 

(2) = Spend some money. 

  If you want to do free blogging, you have to rely on Google's Blogspot, or WordPress's subdomain site.

  Spending money : In this case you need to take a domain.  The cost for one year will be 800-1200 rupees (Domain Cost) and a hosting plan (Hosting Cost-1000-2000) will also be taken.  Typically, it will cost 1000-1500 rupees to start in the initial stage.

  11.  Make money : 

  When your blog gets enough readership, you can create a source of income from it.  There are many ways to make money from a blog

 √ = Google Adsense (the most popular source of income for Bangladeshi bloggers). 

 √ = Affiliate Marketing (e.g. Amazon, Clickbank, etc.).

 √ = Write feature tunes. 

 √ = Write a review tune.

 √ = Display personal aids. 

  Above all, there are many other ways besides the way.  However, the above systems are more reliable.

  12.  Write regularly : 

  After so much discussion, it has become clear that writing is the main raw material of a blog.

  So, if you really want to be a professional blogger and make money from blogging, then, you need to write regularly for your blog.  If you can tune in regularly, you will also get benefits in search engine ranking.  On the other hand, you can gain more trust from the visitors of your blog.

  13.  Overview : 

  So far we have discussed 12 keywords of professional blogging.  Although the discussions did not get a chance to be detailed, there was as little discussion as possible and there are detailed tunes on these issues.

  However, now we will look at the most important elements of these 12 points together, as if they catch more in our heads : 

 √ = Articles are the main raw material of a blog.

√ = Writing regular articles helps in search engine ranking and it is possible to gain the trust of the visitors.

 √ = Pillar articles are the cornerstone of a blog.

√ = A blogger needs to be proficient in search engine optimization.

√ = Writing good tunes makes it easier to gain reader trust.

√ = Gaining reader trust is an advantage in search engine ranking and readers also send more new readers to the blog.

  What is required for professional blogging on any subject - linguistic skills, adequate knowledge of the subject and the ability to present writing in fluent language.

  If you write regularly, your writing skills will increase.

  If you can gain the trust of the visitors, the popularity of the blog and the visitors will increase.  And if the number of visitors increases, your income will also increase.

  When choosing a blog post, keep in mind that there are enough readers and that the blogger has his or her own interests.

  Blog design should be as simple, visually pleasing and rich in good navigation as possible.

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How to do video SEO on youtube channel? এসইও।

How to do video SEO on youtube channel? এসইও। 

Seo (এসইও) is an important thing for ranking keywords on your YouTube channel or website. If you do seo properly then you will growing your YouTube channel easily. 

How to do video SEO on youtube channel? এসইও। 

What do we mean by SEO?

 The full term of SEO (এসইও) is Search Engine optimisation (সার্চ ইঞ্জিন অপটিমাইজেশন) .  In other words, optimize your content to Google / YouTube in such a way that - Google / YouTube understands that it is a good content, the content that is very important to reach people.

 Do on-page SEO during upload : 

 The work of on-page optimization is a little more.  Here you have to prove your patience.  Do the work of on page by uploading in unlisted condition.  To optimize on page, you have to follow many parts very well -

 Saving the right title :

 Suppose You made a video with YouTube SEO.  Now you have to think about the title of this video content and choose your SEO score.

 You can now use many free tools to view SEO scores.  VIdiQ, TubeBuddy If you install these two free extensions from Google Chrome, you can see the SEO score.

 Write a description correctly : 

 YouTube lets you use 5,000 characters to write a description.  And if you are writing a description with 100/200 characters, then how will your video rank?  You will need to write a video related 1500-2000 character description.

 This will make your video better known to YouTube robots and will rank your video.  In the description you will give your various social media links, website links, video related keywords.  Thus Atlist will try to give a description of 1500-2000 characters.

 Tag Sorting :

 While picking tags is not the most important thing for you, tags are needed to get fairly good quality positive results.  Many people use reverse tags to rank videos!  Don't do this.  These will get the bed effect for your video.

 And now YouTube has a lot of updates.  Rules regulation is becoming much more difficult.  Tag related to your content.  YouTube has also given a limit of 500 characters for tagging.  I would suggest tagging between 200-250 characters.  It does not need more or less.

 Once the upload is 100% complete, do some SEO (এসইও). Something to do when 100% of the uploads are finished in the unlisted state. 

 End Skin : 

Adding links to other videos at the end of your video.  This will increase your view.  Suppose, when you upload an SEO related video, at the end of the SEO related video you can add a link to another SEO (এসইও) related video if you wish, the video that you uploaded before this video.

 If you do these things when people come to the last part of the video after watching one of your videos, you will see a link to another video on the same topic, it will increase your views.  Because if people get good quality value from one video, people will watch your other video as well.

 And if you arrange your other videos in this way through end skin, then it is a great benefit for the audience.  You don't have to go to your channel to watch it anymore.  Ind Skin's job is to make your content beautiful at the end of the video.

 When the bot realizes that your content is really useful, then Google / YouTube will deliver your optimized content to the people.  And this is how your content will make your website or any of your YouTube channels popular.

 There are many articles about SEO (এসইও), people have talked about SEO in many ways.  I think I also share my knowledge with you.  But today I will tell you how to SEO YouTube content

 SEP or Off-Page SEO before uploading : 

 First you have to finish editing the video content that you will upload for your channel.  After editing, doing some off-page SEO before uploading will play a good role in ranking your video content.

 Name the video content : 

name the topic with which you made the video.  Do not give a name that does not match the topic of the video content.

 Then go to Details from Video Properties and write some exact facts about the video.  There is as much information as title, subtitle, ranking mark, tag, comment, author name etc.  Put all the information in the correct way.  

Hopefully you will understand when you see the skin shorts below.

 Off-Page SEO just for video content?  

No, not just for video content.  Do the same for off-page SEO for the thumbnail of your video.

 Keyword based playlist : 

 If you have uploaded a single video on the same topic, you can create a playlist on the main keywords or good keywords of those videos and sort your channel with that playlist.  

This will make your channel more beautiful and interesting as well as show your playlist on the results page in search of keywords.  

As a result, it is possible to expect better results from search.  But keep an eye on some things like :

 Don't put videos on other topics in one keyword playlist. In the description of the playlist, you can write the description just like the video description.  This will also help in your search ranking.

 Subtitles :

 If the video has a voice, you can use subtitles to get rankings on YouTube SEO.  Because Google now ranks using subtitles and that is a plus point for you.  And if possible, you can publish different subtitles without translation.  For example, if your video is in Bangla voice, you can use Bangla subtitles as well as English subtitles.  

And you can also give some keywords as voice from the time of making the video so that it can be used in subtitles to take advantage of the ranking.  

However, wrong subtitles should not be given in any way.  I will try to explain why in the next post.

 There are also some other things that help in the work of YouTube SEO which will be discussed in the next post.  Until then, you can make it a habit to follow these rules so that you can always remember and follow the procedures when uploading videos.

  And if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, you can share them with us.  You can let us know here in the comments or email or Facebook group.  I hope you like the post.

 Channel design : 

 It is also possible to get help in video ranking by channel design or arranging the channel perfectly.  Because when a viewer comes to the channel, he will first look at the design.  

So design can help in many ways.  But not just channel design.  Custom thumbnails work the same way. 

 So upload good logos, cover photos etc. for the channel at the beginning.  Also, arrange your account with About Section i.e. link, contact address, profile information etc.  And here, just as profile information will come in handy for search, so will verified website links and emails. 

 So you can try to erase all this information correctly and neatly.

 YouTube Video Optimization :

 There are many parts to YouTube video optimization.  In this part we will discuss in a point-by-point manner what kind of SEO (এসইও) needs to be done within the video from the moment you create a video to the moment you upload it.

 Create good quality content : 

 Content is king everywhere online.  Whether you are blogging or working on YouTube, your content must be of good quality.  Because in a competitive world where working with good quality content is not possible in the competition, you cannot succeed by working with normal content in any way.  

That's why you need to make a video on the subject that you have the most experience with.  The style of presenting the content in the video must also be good.

 Making interesting videos : 

 Creating professional quality videos through video editing is a very important part of creating tutorial videos.  

In this case, you can learn the work of advanced video editing software from any organization.  The better you can present videos by adding different types of visual effects, the more visitors you will be able to capture on your channel.

 Background Music in the video : 

 In addition to editing the video well, put some interesting music in the background of the video.  This will increase the viewers' interest in the video.  

However, keep in mind that when the video has its own sound, the sound of the music should not be more than your sound.  When creating tutorials using your own voice, try to present in smart, beautiful and sublime language, avoiding regionalism.

 Talking about the importance of video :

 When creating a video, talk not only about the content but also about the importance and necessity of the product or content in the video.  Then a visitor will be easily attracted to your video.  In a word, you have to be skillful and smart in making videos.

 Asked to comment and subscribe to the video : 

 You will always be asked to subscribe to the channel in the video space.  Moreover, you will encourage the viewers to comment and like to let us know how you like the video.  Because the more likes and comments a video has, the more important it is to viewers, including search engines.

 Increase Like and Dislike in the video : 

 While talking inside the video, you will be invited to subscribe as well as Like.  Having a lot of likes on your video as well as having some Dislikes will both act as Like to increase traffic. 

 Because if there is more Like than Dislike in the video, Dislike cannot carry its real meaning.  YouTube assumes that there is something good in the video for which there are likes and dislikes.  

However, if Dislike is more than Like, it can be contrary to interest.  In this case, you must pay attention to the quality of your video.  Then there will be no more Dislike in any way.

 Name the correct file in the video:

 After creating the video, before uploading it to YouTube, write the name of the video in such a way that it matches the content of the video. 

 If you create a play and name the video in the form of a tutorial, then the chances of getting a view of the video are reduced at first.  Write the title of the video nicely to match the topic you created the video with.

 Optimize the title of the video : 

 The most important thing is to use our targeted keywords in the title of the video.  Because YouTube can understand the subject of the video by reading its keywords in the title of your video. 

 That's why if you don't use targeted keywords in your video titles, YouTube won't understand your video.  This way your video will not show up in the right place for the right keywords in the search results.  

So, you must use the keywords in the video title to create the video by targeting the keywords.

 Video tags optimized : 

 Most new YouTubers don't care because they don't understand.  After uploading the video, you will see an empty cell at the bottom of the Descriptions for tags.  There is an option to write short tags. 

 You will only select the category of your video, that is, you will select 10-12 tags of the type or close to the type of your video.  This way search engines will be able to easily understand the type of your video.

 Promoting YouTube videos :

 We already know about YouTube video keyword research and video optimization.  You don't have to sit down after doing the above things.  To share videos made through your hard work in a variety of mediums to quickly reach the viewers. 

 Videos need to be popularized by sharing more on various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more on various blogs and websites.

 Linking Video to another channel :

 If you have a good relationship with any other popular channel of the type you are making videos about, you can share your video on that channel.  If you have the opportunity to do this on a popular channel, your video will become popular very quickly.

 Quick Sharing :

 When you upload a video, you will start sharing the video automatically without leaving it.  Because if your channel is new, no one will know about the newly uploaded video.  

As soon as you upload for it, you will continue to share it through various means including social media.  This will enable at least 6 media crawlers to get some idea about your video and bring some visitors.  

As your video gets older and the share and viewership doesn't increase, the value of the video to search engines will go down.

Notify by email :

  You can collect the email addresses of some individuals and organizations who are regularly involved online and let them know about your video by mail.  

This will increase the viewership of your video as well as create a kind of communication with everyone.  If you can do this, you will definitely get some traffic in your video.

  Share on social media : 

  Social media plays an important role in increasing traffic, both in blogging and YouTube.  If you can increase the followers by creating a page called YouTube channel on various social media including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram, you can easily increase the viewers of the video.

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What Is VPN? How To Use VPN? Types Of VPN।

What Is VPN? How To Use VPN? Types Of VPN।  

Many of us who browse online, have heard the word (ভিপিএন) VPN.

But I still don't know what (ভিপিএন) VPN is and what VPN is used for. Even if I know, I don't know exactly.

 If you read the whole article carefully.  Then you know,

 √ = What is vpn?

 √ = How does a VPN work?

 √ = Is it safe to use VPN?

 √ = Types of vpn. 

 √ = What are the benefits of VPN?

 √ = What are the disadvantages of VPN?

 √ = What is (ভিপিএন) VPN used for?

 √ = How to use (ভিপিএন) VPN?

 √ = Some of the best (ভিপিএন) VPN software for windows / Pc /computers in 2021. 

 √ = Best Free (ভিপিএন) VPN Apps for Android Mobile in 2021. 

 What is a VPN?

 The word VPN is an acronym v = virtual.  P = private.  N = network.  In other words, the full form of (ভিপিএন) VPN is virtual private network.

 (ভিপিএন) VPN makes a secure connection through the Internet you use and another network.

 To better understand, most people in the world are now using the Internet and the risk of data theft is increasing.

 VPNs are used primarily to keep your information secure, as there is a high risk of data theft when exchanging information through the Internet.

 Normally the networks we use on the Internet are public. By connecting a public network's (ভিপিএন) VPNConnecting to a private network creates an imaginary tunnel to the Internet and keeps your information secure.

 How does a VPN work?

 We know What is VPN?  Now I will describe how VPN works?

 How does a VPN work?

 If you are an internet user, then you have used internet on computer, laptop, mobile or any other device.

 Basically, VPN encrypts the Internet connection, converts Internet access devices on your mobile, laptop or computer to another by changing the IP address.

 That means creating a virtual tunnel to the Internet connection.

 Now let's talk about how VPN protects your privacy.

 When a VPN connects to your device, the VPN confirms the connection to another server via the encryption protocol.

What Is VPN? How To Use VPN? Types Of VPN। ভিপিএন কি? 

 Your privacy The next time you exchange information while connected to a VPN, that information goes through the tunnel.  Just like sending a letter inside an envelope.

 If you want to read a letter in an envelope, you must tear the envelope,

 Similarly, if you use a VPN, it is impossible to know what information you are exchanging.

 Is it safe to use a VPN?

 Is it really safe to use a VPN? A report from Yahoo Tech claims that, in order to protect online privacy, a VPN cannot always provide security.

 VPN means creating a special private network within a public network, browsing and exchanging information securely.

What Is Malware?How To Remove Malware? 

 On the other hand, VPN is used to view the content of blocked Internet websites in a specific country or region.

 You can use good quality VPN software for that. Then it is safe for you to use VPN.

 Moreover, if you do not use a good VPN (ভিপিএন) can handle your information, which is not more than one.  Internet connection from mobile to computer

 Types of VPN : 

 There are many types of VPN for Internet users. Each VPN offers their own security. VPNs are divided into several categories to make them usable.

 If you know all the categories then there are many benefits to using VPN as needed

 pptp :

 pptp Common The complete form of a tunneling jar is point to point.

 If you have used Windows 95 pptp then you know that it is very old and there is a high possibility of being attacked by hackers.

 sstp : 

 sstp is much more effective than sstp and: abbreviated to secure socket tunneling protocol sstp which supports windows sstp is much more effective and secure than pptp

 L2TP / IP SEC :

 L2TP stands for Layer 2 Tunnel Protocal.

 (L2TP) No Encryption Create an L2TP Tunnel See the IPSEC item of Secure Encryption L2TP encrypts all traffic and adds to the top The options are much slower

Avast Antivirus Software Free Download. 

 Open Vpn :

 Open Vpn means open source. Open VPN is used in open-source technology. Configuration of Open VPN is considered to be the safest for the most advanced web.

 IKE V2 :

 The full form of IKE V2 is Internet key exchange version 2.

 It was created in 1997 through the Microsoft Security Partnership, which uses the pair (Protocol v.59) certificate for authentication.

 Advantages of VPN :

1. Using a good VPN allows you to securely exchange information.

2. If you use a good VPN, no one will be able to track your location.

3. Using a VPN reduces the risk of data theft.

4. You can access blocked web sites with VPN.  Remember, if you turn off Facebook in our country, you can access Facebook using VPN.

5. Using a VPN will keep your actual location secret.

 Disadvantages of VPN :

 Everything has advantages and disadvantages, some of which are disadvantages of using a VPN.

 The biggest problem with VPN is that torrent files cannot be downloaded using VPN.  You have to rely on the internet to download torrent files.

 We know that there are many types of crimes online, so VPN providers should always be alert so that no one can commit any type of crime using VPN.  Maintenance has to be done, so skilled people have to be hired in the workplace to run the VPN system legally.

 Many times criminals want to use VPN to commit different types of crimes.  Apart from that, hackers want to hack different types of information. It is often difficult to catch criminals.

 Meters of VPN service are free and premium.  Those who want to use premium VPN have to buy and use VPN with money.

 Why is VPN used for?

 If you read the above articles carefully, you will know the reasons why VPN is used.  But if you still don't know why VPN is used, find out.

 The Internet that we normally use is a public network. In a public network, a VPN creates a secure connection to the private network.

 Many also use VPNs to access blocked sites in the region.

 For example : YouTube announced that you will not be able to access the YouTube site from Bangladesh.

 If someone enters the YouTube site from Bangladesh, the YouTube site will be blocked.

 Then you can connect the VPN of your device, connect the location of the VPN with another country and access the YouTube site.  And can use YouTube.

 Using a good VPN can secure your data exchange.

 How to use VPN?

 There are many softwares online that allow you to use VPNVPN can be used to set up on a mobile, computer, laptop or machine.

 If you want to use VPN, you have to use VPN without some money, that is free, and with some VPN money, that is, you have to use VPN in pay method.

 If you want, you can use Hotspot shield free with mobile till now.  Can't use the computer for free.

Some Popular VPN (ভিপিএন) For Windows

The Best VPNs for Windows in 2021

√ = NordVPN : The Best VPN for Windows: Fast, Secure, and Feature-Packed. 

√ = ExpressVPN : Smooth Windows App With Fast Speeds for Streaming.

√ = Surfshark : Unlimited Device Connections, Perfect for Multiple Users.

√ = CyberGhost : User-Friendly VPN With an Intuitive Interface.

√ = Private Internet Access : High-Speed Servers With Malware Blocker.

Free Download VPN Software /Apps. 

Some Popular VPN For Android : 

The best VPN (ভিপিএন) for Android in 2021

1. ExpressVPN · 

2. Surfshark · 

3. NordVPN · 

4. IPVanish · 

5. Hotspot Shield.

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What Is Blogging? How To Start Blogging? ব্লগ কি?

What Is Blogging? How To Start Blogging? ব্লগ কি? 


What Is Blogging? How To Start Blogging? ব্লগ কি? 

 In the world of internet, the age of "blog" is almost 23 years.  Nowadays there are very few people who do not know or have not heard about blogs.  Today we will discuss the history of blogging, what is blogging, why do blogging.  What to do with blogging, and how to start blogging.

 History of Blogging : 

 The English word for blog is Blog.  The short form of the word weblog is blog.  The term weblog was first coined on December 16, 1997 by a man named John Burger.  About two years later, in March or April 1999, another man, Peter Merholz, split the term into web and blog.  Since then, the use of the word blog has been increasing.  

Many people nowadays have made blogging a workplace and have found success here.

 What is a blog?

 A blog is a kind of online personalized magazine or a medium of social communication.  Where there are texts, pictures, videos and links to other websites.  Bloggers regularly post content on their site and users see and comment on the information they need.

Blogging Ultimate Guidelines 

 Most blogs are written in a consistent manner with a specific content.  A person writes a blog on a subject that he knows very well about.  The main difference between a blog and a website is that the blog is updated regularly and the website is updated irregularly.  Again some blogs are updated every moment.

 Why start blogging?

 There are many reasons to blog, such as when you know something very well.  Now you want to let everyone in the world know what you know.  One of the ways to communicate this is through blogging.

 But nowadays blogging is a good way to earn money.  There are many ways to earn money by blogging.  For example: Google AdSense, Affiliates marketing, there are many ways to sell advertising space.  Blogging is a popular profession in developed countries.  There are people from almost all walks of life involved in blogging.  Again, many bloggers only blog about their hobbies.

 What about blogging?

 You can earn money by blogging.  Many people nowadays choose blogging as a profession.  You can make yourself popular by sharing your skills through blogging.  Bloggers do a lot of research to write a content that develops their thinking.  Blogging also develops technical skills.

How To Start  Blogging? 

 Everyone new to blogging has a question: How do I get started?  Hopefully after reading this article today there will be no more such questions.

 steps to start blogging :

 1.  Select niche : 

 Determine the topic you want to blog on.  For example: Health and fitness, Sports, Technology, Science, Product review, Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle, Marketing etc.

  I mean, blogging can't be said about niches.  The best thing to do is to work on a topic that you know well or like.

How To Get More Organic Traffic / Visitors? 

 Once you have selected the niche, you have to do keyword research based on that niche.  Keyword research means that if you search by typing, your site will come first in Google and other search engines.  You have to find such keywords. Or you can do keyword research through an experienced person. 

 There are several free and paid tools for keyword research.  

These are :

√ = Keyword Planner. 

√ = Moz Keyword Explorer. 

√ = Soovle. 

√ = SEMrush. 

 2.  Blogging platform : 

 First you have to choose which platform you will be blogging on.  There are many different blogging platforms

Below I will briefly discuss the 4 best blogging platforms :

 Wordpress : 

WordPress is the most popular for bloggers.  Because blogging is much easier here.  You don't have to know much code to design a website here.  Wordpress has two sites WordPress.com. 

 Blogsite can be created for free on WordPress.com.  WordPress downloads from the Wordpress.org site must be installed on the hosted server with its own domain.  I would recommend to start blogging with WordPress.

 Google Blogger : 

Blogger is the best if you want to blog for free.  Many people who are new to blogging use Blogger.  There is no need to buy or set up a domain-hosting here.  With just a Gmail account, you can set up in a matter of minutes.

 3.  Domain name and hosting determination : 

 Determining the domain name for your blog site is also important.  Because this is the name of the blog will be popular with people.  It is better to match the domain name with your niche.  Try to take as short names as possible.  

There are various companies or organizations to register the domain.  Such as : 

√ = GoDaddy.com,

√ = Namecheap.com, 

√ = Webhostbd.com, 

√ = Bluehost.com, 

√ = HostGator.com etc.  

Of course, when purchasing a domain, keep in mind what the next renewal cost will be.

 To buy hosting, buy from a good quality company.  Those who have good service.  The load speed of your site will depend a lot on the hosting server.  You can buy domain-hosting from any company together if you want.  Usually you can start with 1 GB hosting for blog site.

 4. Install WordPress : 

 Since I have recommended WordPress as a blogging platform.  You need to install WordPress on the hosting server.  First you need to login to cPanel, click Wordpress Manager from the Application list.  Then click Install.  Once installed, login to the Wordpress Admin Panel.

 5. Install and customize the WordPress theme : 

 Depending on what the website looks like.  You need to install themes designed exactly the way you want your website to look. 

 There are different types of free and premium themes.  Such as : 

√ = GeneratePress, 

√ = Astra Theme, 

√ = Jannah Theme etc. 

How To Rank YouTube Video? 

 If you can't customize the theme yourself, you need the help of a developer.  After customizing the theme, you need to install the necessary plugins.  Yoast and Rank math are two popular plugins for SEO.

6. Start writing content : 

 When you have finished customizing the theme, start writing the article.  Each article needs to have at least 500-1000 words, the more the better. 

 When writing an article, you must keep an eye on SEO, then it is very easy to come to the first page by Google ranking.  When writing an article, you should pay attention to on-page optimization.

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What Is SEO? Search Engine Optimization। এসইও।

What Is SEO? Search Engine Optimization। এসইও। 

What Is SEO? Search Engine Optimization। এসইও। 

 Search Engine Optimization There are two meaningful parts to these three words.  One is Search Engine and the other is Optimization.  

So SEO is a kind of technical web strategy to optimize search engines.

 Simply put, SEO is the technique or process of getting a blog / website in a good position in search results or on the first page of search engine.  It can also be called a kind of systematic trick to get good results from search engines.

 What is a search engine?

 Simply put, a search engine is a type of software or application that searches for something through a keyword on the Internet.  Wherever you search by typing something, thousands of information on any subject will appear in front of you in the blink of an eye.  Google is currently the most popular search engine.  In addition to the list of popularity Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Yandex and DuckGo search engines.  We have previously shared a detailed post on what a search engine is and how it works.

 How do search engines work?

 The search engine indexes and saves all types of databases by crawling all the links of each site including all types of websites of the World Wide Web.  Later, according to the search engine search query, the good quality indexed data of the blog is gradually published in the search results.  In this case, the better you do your blog Search Engine Optimization, the higher the search results will see the content of your blog.

 How do search engines rank a blog?

 When a person searches for a specific topic in a search engine, the search engine shows the blog / website with the best content that is indexed to that topic according to this topic.  

Then according to the quality of the blog and content all the blogs continue to show.  In order to show the best search engine results, the search engine uses the latest ranking algorithm with search query.

 What is Search Engine Algorithm?

 This is a mathematical calculation indexed to get consistently good results for Search Query's.  Simply put, it is a consistent list of content that is indexed according to the rankings and values ​​of different blogs in the search results.  This means that the higher the number, the higher the content of the search results.

 What is Search Engine Rank?

 When a person searches for something in a search engine, the search engine shows a lot of content in the search results.  Search results depend on the search ranking of the blog.  

What Is YouTube Video SEO? 

In other words, the better the ranking of the blog, the higher the content of the search results of the blog, and if the ranking is not good, your content will not show on the first page of the search results.  In addition, search engines use a variety of ranking algorithms to show a blog on the search results page.

 Why is SEO done?

 Search engine optimization (SEO) is done to get a blog / website in a good position or on the first page of search results and to get good ranking from search engine or to get a lot of visitors to the blog from search engine.  

When a person optimizes his website properly with search engines, his blog will continue to grow a lot of visitors from search engines.  This is because doing search engine optimization (SEO) will give search engines a clear idea about the content of their blog content.  

So in order to make any website successful or to make money from the website, you have to do proper SEO on its website.

How To Rank YouTube Video? 

 Think in general sense, when you write a post on a topic, how much to search for that topic online, what keywords to search for, how many posts are available online, which blog post will be the competitor of your new post,  SEO is done to find out what is the value of your desired keyword, how much visitors are likely to get and how much revenue can be earned if you can work with that keyword and how much backlink will be required to rank that post etc.  .

 Summarizing all these issues, it can be summed up that in order to be successful in online marketing, search engine optimization is required and there is no alternative to search engine optimization to be successful.

 How many types of SEO and what are they?

 If you ask someone how many types of SEO, then anyone will talk about onpage SEO and offpage SEO.  There are two types of SEO.  But not onpage SEO and offpage SEO.  There are basically two types of SEO

1 = Organic SEO.

2 = Paid SEO.

Organic SEO is again of two types : 

 1 = on page SEO.

 2 = off page SEO.

What is Organic SEO and Paid SEO?

 Organic SEO means following all the rules of search engine optimization and the process of getting position on the search results page.  Paid SEO, on the other hand, is a move to the front page of search engines in exchange for money from Google.

 If you take a good look, you will see that after searching for a topic, there are some websites at the top of the search results in which Ad is written in short. 

 Those are the ones that have come to the forefront through paid SEO.  On the other hand, all the websites under these are organic SEO, that is, they have taken a position on the Google page without any money.

 What is on page SEO ?

 On Page SEO is the process of perfecting a website / blog, that is, everything that is needed to make a website better is On Page SEO.  On Page SEO is a process for setting up keywords, Setting-up Meta, Naming Pages, Page Search Descriptions, etc. suitable for blogs.  

What Is Off Page SEO? 

Off Page SEO is to share the link of your blog's content on various popular sites, create backlinks, join different forums, make the blog popular, etc.

 What is White Hat SEO?

 White Hat SEO is the use of various technical web techniques to increase the rank of your blog and bring it to the top of the search results.  

What is Black Hat SEO? 

Black Hat SEO is to increase the rank of the blog by violating the rules of search engine by using some illegal methods.  

Google is currently using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to determine Google's search rankings, so it is almost impossible to rank blogs with Black Hat SEO techniques.  That's why all the big SEO experts are paying attention to White Hat SEO.

If you do this process properly, then you will be success in your blogging life. 

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What is YouTube Video SEO? How To Rank YouTube Video?

What is YouTube Video SEO? How To Rank YouTube Video? 

 YouTube Video SEO in Bangla ? How To Rank YouTube Video in 2021? 

What is YouTube Video SEO?

  What is YouTube Video SEO? Before you learn about YouTube video SEO, you need to know about SEO. SEO means search engine optimization. Whose job is to show your online content such as: - website, youtube video or any file in the top ten in search engines, that is, if you search for something, it will show up in the first ten results of that page. 

Earn money easily from YouTube at home : 

  By search engine we mean search of videos especially from Google search, yahoo search and youtube. For example, when you search for a topic on Google, a lot of content comes up on that topic. But why? There are thousands of content online. Why did the contents of that topic that you searched for come from inside? Any other contact could have come? Then why did only the content of the topic you searched for come up? SEO is one of the reasons.

  In the same way, if you use SEO properly on the videos of your YouTube channel, Google or YouTube search means that the search engine will understand your uploaded video better and if someone searches with any word or word related to your video, your video will be the most on YouTube or Google search. Will show first. Even if not at first, it will remain in the top ten list. In this way you will get many visitors in your video for free.

  So YouTube Video SEO is a rule or process that, if used properly, will show your uploaded content or videos in the first ten videos or results to show on Google or YouTube search.

Why is SEO important in YouTube videos?

  Before uploading a video on YouTube, you must make a video on a topic. But if you search YouTube at least once about the topic or topic you are making videos on, you will see many videos on YouTube that have already been uploaded. Now if there are already a lot of videos on YouTube about the video you made, what does it mean to make your video? Will YouTube show your video to people first in its search results? He already has thousands of videos just like yours. No, never show it! This is called competition.

  As a result, if you just make a video and upload it to YouTube, you will never get traffic or visitors to that video. Because thousands of videos have already been uploaded on YouTube on all topics or topics and YouTube will show those videos to the visitors in its search results. Now this is where the knowledge or work of SEO will come in handy.

  By doing SEO on your uploaded videos, you can make it clear to the YouTube algorithm that the subject you are making is much better than others or that your video has everything in it. In a word, you can explain the subject matter of your video to the search engines through SEO. Whenever someone does a search on YouTube or Google and if that topic matches or is involved with your video, then YouTube will show your video at the beginning of its search results. That means your video ranking will be better. Because you have already explained to YouTube's algorithm through SEO that your video is on a topic.

  If you don't do SEO on YouTube videos, then YouTube's algorithm will never understand what your video is about. When your video should be shown to people. You will never get good views on your video.

So now you may well understand how important YouTube SEO is to a YouTuber.

How to do SEO on YouTube videos?

  I will tell you in detail, how to do SEO on YouTube videos, how to rank the videos. Only you keep reading this post from beginning to end. Otherwise, you will not be able to understand how to do YouTube video SEO. Before knowing about it, I would like to say one thing in advance, you must know whether the demand for the subject you are making the video is on the internet or YouTube. Otherwise it will be that you will make a video with difficulty but there will be no one to watch that video. SEO will not benefit you. So always make videos on a topic that visitors do a lot of searching on YouTube.

  You can easily find out which topics, keywords or topics are searched more on YouTube, which videos people are searching for more on YouTube or whether people are searching for what you are thinking of making a video using some online tools. One of the tools I use is the keywords Everywhere extension. You can install this extension on your Chrome browser or Firefox browser. Then you can go to Google or YouTube and search by typing your video or topic, you will be able to know about the topic of your video.

This will give you two benefits : 

  You will find many more words or keywords related to the word or topic you are searching for. You can do good SEO by people who search on YouTube and use those words or keywords in the video.

  If you search on a topic on YouTube, you can also see the total number of searches on that topic. As a result, you can easily understand which topic or topic video will benefit you more.

Before doing video SEO, people need to understand how much people on the internet are interested in making a video.

 How to rank YouTube videos with SEO? 

  I have said above that in order to get visitors to your uploaded videos, your video must be at the top of the YouTube search results. When someone searches on a topic, your video will be easily found if it is related and it will increase your visitors. But I also said above that nowadays there will be competition in whatever you make a video on. People will not be able to find your video. Because YouTube already has a lot of videos.

  So if you want to bring visitors to your video, the only way to do that is through YouTube video SEO and its proper implementation. I will tell you about the application of SEO below, you will understand well and apply it to your YouTube video. This will rank your video and easily get more views.

How to close Youtube Studio (beta) version from YouTube. Creator Studio Classic will use the option : 

  01. Choose a good video topic : 

  First of all, I would say video topics or about keyword research. Our biggest mistake is that we make videos without doing keyword research. As a result, no one comes to see our video. And come or what? If someone searches, our video does not reach them.

Best dslr camera in 2021 for youtubers and bloggers. 

Keyword research means doing good research on the topic or topic you are making a video on. Are people interested in the keyword or topic you choose? Is there a search on YouTube about what you want to make a video about? You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  You need to find out which topic or topic is searched more on YouTube and how many times that keyword is searched per month with the rules I mentioned above. In addition to Google Search, Keyword Tool, .in, Keyword Planner etc using these online free tools you will find many profitable topics or keywords for your videos. This way, if you create videos to find profitable topics, your videos will rank easily and visitors will start coming. Otherwise you will continue to make videos but no one will come to see them. Because people can't find your uploaded videos.

  02. Create an interesting thumbnail : 

  YouTube video thumbnail refers to the first image we see in a video. Thumbnails are very important for ranking a video. Because I'm trying to explain through a story, when someone thinks of getting married, he goes to see the girl first. If you like seeing the girl, then think of marriage.

 Similarly, if you don't like the first time your video is shown, that is, if your thumbnail is not visually pleasing, then your chances of clicking on the video are much less.

Best thumbnail maker software for youtubers. 

  So you need to make your video related interesting pause. But remember not to create a pause that is not your video or 18+ etc.  This means that you will create a beautiful theme line on the topic on which you will make the video.

  03. Video Description and Use of Title Keywords : 

  Video optimization is very important for SEO and the most important or profitable way of video optimization is to use force keywords in your video description and title. Google or YouTube can understand what your video is about or what the topic of the video is only from your video title and video description.

  Your video will rank in Google or YouTube search results on description or title. But currently your video will not be ranked on title or description only. According to YouTube's new algorithm, the video that people will watch more, if someone searches on that topic or topic, then the video will show earlier. However, the first step in ranking a video is to give the title and description correctly.

  So if you want your uploaded video to appear at the top of their search results on YouTube or Google, you must first enter the most important keywords or topics in the video in the title and description of your uploaded video. 

 Affiliate marketing complete Guidelines 2021. 

Write in such a way that anyone (people) or Google or YouTube can easily understand what is the subject of your video? Use a minimum of 300 to 500 words in the video description when uploading. And put 25 to 30 words in the video title. Use the force keyword two to three times.

Note : - Force keyword means that you are making a video specifically on the subject, for example - if I make a video above YouTube SEO. Then the force keywords can be: -youtube SEO Bangla Tutorial, How to Do YouTube Video SEO, YouTube Video SEO Tips Bangla, and many other keywords that are related to my video and which people search on google or youtube my uploaded video search youtube or google search  Shows at first. But do not use more than keywords. Usually write 3 to 4 keywords in the title or description.

04.  Use of SEO tags on YouTube videos : 

  When you upload a video to YouTube, you will be given one more option along with writing the title and description. That option is the video tag box. Video tags This video is very important for ranking in the search of YouTube. Search engines such as Google or YouTube video search engine can understand your video much better. In this, when someone searches for something related to the tag of your video, YouTube shows your video at the beginning of its result page.

  So always use SEO tags in your uploaded videos. For example: - You will use tags that are related to your video topic. Using this tag will not only rank your video on YouTube, but also show people your video related video list. This will create an opportunity for more visitors to your video.

05. Change the video file name before uploading : 

  When we record or make a video, you will see that the video becomes a name at will. Which we call the title. And from what we see, we can understand what this video is about. So before uploading your video on YouTube, you have to rename the video you have created. Surely you know how to rename a video. So by renaming, you will write exactly what you are making the video on.

For example : If you make a video on YouTube Video SEO, you will rename the video you have created and write it, YouTube Video SEO Tutorial Bangla.

06. Making a video with details : 

  This means that you will create the video with a complete idea about the topic or topic on which you will create the video.  So that a visitor can fully understand that by watching your video. 

 As a result, visitors will be attracted to your videos.  But if you can't explain to the visitors exactly what you made the video about, then that visitor will never see your video a second time.  

So make the video in detail according to your video topic.  The visitor who will watch your video will not be able to watch that video without you.

 But if a visitor leaves after watching your video, you will not rank that video.  Because YouTube will understand that visitors are not watching this video.  Then there is nothing necessary in this video.  

Best Microphone for youtubers and bloggers. 

As a result, YouTube will automatically download your video.  As a result, your video will never rank.  And the more visitors see your video, the more your video will continue to rank.

 07. Don't talk unnecessarily in the video : 

  Think about it, our main purpose is to rank the videos.  And for that you need to make the visitors happy by uploading good videos.  But you uploaded a video with titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails.  

But every time a visitor watches your video, they see that you are talking too much outside the video topic, which is not necessary.  Then your visitor will feel annoyed and cut your video.  Because there are thousands of videos on YouTube.  No one will waste time listening to your unnecessary talk.  So never say unnecessary things in the video.

Hope you understand.  Hopefully your video will rank very fast if you upload the video properly with these tasks described above.  As a result, your videos will get a lot of views. 

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