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The Nutritional Value And Various Benefits Of Mushrooms। মাশরুমের পুষ্টিগুন।

 The Nutritional Value And Various Benefits Of Mushrooms। মাশরুমের পুষ্টিগুন।  

Nutrition of mushroom
Nutrition Of Mushrooms, Benefits Of Mushrooms       

Mushrooms are rich in essential nutrients such as protein, vitamins and minerals.  It does not contain harmful substances such as fats and carbohydrates. 

 Let's learn about the nutritional value and various benefits of mushrooms.

Mushrooms are rich in essential nutrients such as protein, vitamins and minerals in our daily diet.  Mushrooms are the best in terms of nutrition.  In addition, the excess of nutrients such as fats and carbohydrates that lead us to complex diseases, it goes without saying that mushrooms.  It is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants.  These ingredients play a very important role in the prevention of diabetes, cancer, etc. and weight loss. 

 Today we will know in detail about the nutrition of mushroom and various benefits of mushroom

What Is A Mushroom? 

Mushrooms are the fruit organs of a kind of edible fungus.  These are mainly fungi belonging to the class Basidiomycetes or Ascomycetes.  Mushrooms are a kind of non-flowering plant.  This includes fungi or eumicitis.  It does not have chlorophyll in it, so it cannot prepare its own food like plants with green particles.  That is why they depend on animals or plants for food.

The nutritional value of mushrooms : 

 As the nutritional value of mushrooms is comparatively higher than the foods we eat every day, it is very helpful in keeping the body healthy while meeting the nutritional needs of the body.  Mushrooms contain each of the 9 amino acids needed by the human body.  

Eating mushrooms regularly reduces the risk of obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc., as protein-rich mushrooms do not contain any harmful fats.  One study found that every 100 grams of mushrooms contain 25-35 grams of protein, 56-60 grams of vitamins and 5-6 grams of minerals, sugars, 4-6 grams of beneficial fats.  

The amount of fiber is also very satisfactory and its amount is about 10-28%.  This amount is much higher than other foods.  Dried mushrooms contain 56-80% vitamins and minerals which play a very effective role in protecting our health.  It also plays an important role in reducing the risk of cancer.  

Mushrooms also play an important role in protecting the body as they contain important elements like calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and sodium.

 How to eat mushrooms?  

 Mushrooms are not only delicious to eat, they are also very beneficial for our health.  So mushrooms should be included in the daily diet.  However, only cultivated mushrooms should be eaten instead of waste mushrooms.  It can be fried, soup or cooked or eaten as a salad.  Raw or dried mushrooms are soaked in boiling hot water for 15 to 20 minutes, washed well and discarded.  Mushrooms can also be eaten fried or cooked as a vegetable.  It can also be cooked and eaten with curry or fish-meat.

 Health benefits of mushrooms : 

 1.  Increasing immunity : 

 Naturally, mushrooms contain the most vitamins and minerals and antioxidants, so it enhances the human body's immune system.  Mushrooms are an essential antioxidant for the human body called polyphenols and selenium which protect the body from some deadly diseases, such as stroke, nervous system diseases and cancer.

 2.  Cholesterol and blood pressure control : 

 Mushrooms are one of the main cholesterol-lowering ingredients in erythrodytes, lovastatin, entadenine, ketene and vitamins B, C and D. Regular consumption of mushrooms reduces high blood pressure.  

It is high in fiber and rich in potassium.  It also contains very little sodium which helps in controlling blood pressure and other functions of the heart.

Health Benefits Of Cardamom.     

 3.  Helps in digestion and weight control : 

 The high fiber content of mushrooms helps to keep the stomach full for a long time.  It also plays a role in controlling blood sugar levels.  As a result, these mushrooms can play a special role in reducing body weight.  The fiber and enzymes in it also help in digestion.  It also helps increase the work of beneficial bacteria in the gut and increase the absorption of nutrients by the colon.  So you can take the opportunity to lose weight by eating mushrooms instead of eating high fat rich red meat.

 4.  Diabetes control : 

 Mushrooms, which are rich in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, can be very beneficial for diabetic patients.  Regular consumption of mushrooms controls the amount of sugar in the blood.  In addition, mushrooms contain enzymes and natural insulin, so they play a special role in controlling diabetes by breaking down excess sugar in the body.

 5.  Eliminate anemia : 

 When the amount of iron in the blood is too low, anemia occurs and this leads to mental exhaustion, headaches and digestive problems.  Mushrooms are rich in iron, which is a boon for anemia patients.  Therefore, regular consumption of mushrooms reduces the risk of anemia.

 6.  Increases bone strength : 

 Although vegetables do not contain vitamin D, mushrooms are rich in vitamin D, which helps increase the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.  It also helps to increase our bone strength as it contains a lot of calcium.  So there is no comparison of mushrooms to reduce joint pain and prevent various bone diseases.

 7.  Keeping the skin healthy : 

 Mushrooms are rich in vitamins, niacin and riboflavin, so they are good for the skin.  Moreover, as it contains about 80-90 percent water, it plays a special role in keeping the skin soft and supple.

 8.  Prevents cancer : 

 The phytochemicals in mushrooms inhibit the growth of tumors.  There is no comparison of mushrooms in the prevention of various cancers such as breast and prostate cancer.

Types of mushrooms :  

 Agarix - This type of mushroom is edible, edible, toxic and intoxicating at the same time.

 Boletes - Most of this group are edible and are considered by many to be delicious food.  A genus / genus mushroom called Borofutus from Bangladesh was first discovered in 2012 and it has been released as Borofutus dhakanus.

 Bracket fungi

Benefits Of Honey.    

 Chanterelles - Edible.

 Coral fungi - edible.

 Cup fungi - usually edible.

 Jelly Fungi - Commonly eaten, but not as tasty to eat.

 Polypores - Similar to boletes i.e. edible and considered by many to be a delicious food.

 Psychedelic - Also known as shrums.

 Puffballs - usually edible.

 Stinkhorns - Although edible, they do not smell good.

Characteristics of mushrooms : 

 About fourteen thousand species of mushrooms are known in the world so far.  Many species of mushrooms are seen to be produced overnight.  That is, it can grow and spread very quickly.  But most grow slowly.  Planted mushrooms are small in size.  The edible part stays fresh for a while.  Most mushrooms in the world have a bar and an umbrella-like cap.  Occasionally there are seeds or shoots on the underside of the cap of the fungus inflorescence.

 Armilaria solidipes (formerly Armillaria ostoe) is found in the Malleur National Forest in the United States as the habitat of the mushroom species, which is said to be about 2,400 years old and the oldest.  It covers an area of ​​about 2,200 acres (7.9 km).

Mushroom varieties : 

 There are several thousand varieties of mushrooms in nature, of which 8-10 varieties are commercially cultivated.  The temperature and relative humidity of Bangladesh are very suitable for mushroom cultivation.  The cultivable varieties of mushrooms in Bangladesh are-

 Serial No. (Common Name)+( English Name) +(Scientific Name) : 

 1. Oyster mushroom : (Oyster mushroom)+ ( Pleurisies Sapp). 

2 . Milk mushroom : (Milky mushroom) + (Calocybe indica). 

 3. ear mushroom : (Wood ear mushroom) + (Auricularia polytricha). 

 4. Button mushroom : (Button mushroom) + ( Agaricus bisporus). 

 5. Heat tolerate button mushroom : (Heat tolerate button mushroom) + (Agaricus bitorquis) 

 6. Shitake mushroom : (Lantinula edodes). 

7.  Dy Straw mushroom : (Paddy straw mushroom) + (Volveriella volvacea). 

Mushroom Nutrients : 

 Mushrooms Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz). 

√ = Energy 30 kcal 110 kJ

√ = Carbohydrates 4.1 g

√ = Fat 0.1 g

√ =  Protein 2.5 g

√ = Thiamine (Vit. B1) 0.1 mg 8%

√ = Riboflavin (Vit. B2) 0.5 mg 33%

√ = Niacin (Vit. B3) 3.8 mg 25%

√ = Pantothenic acid (B5) 1.5 mg 30%

√ = Vitamin C 0 mg 0%

√ = Calcium 18 mg 2%

√ = Phosphorus 120 mg 17%

√ = Potassium 448 mg 10%

√ = Sodium 6 mg 0%

√ = Zinc 1.1 mg 11%

[{( Percentages are relative to US

 recommendations for adults.

 Source: USDA Nutrient database)}]

Use of mushrooms as a pure vegetable :

 God has given immunity to the human body through vegetables and fruits.  Vitamins and minerals help the human body to develop immunity.  Vegetables and fruits are high in vitamins and minerals.  According to nutritionists, a person needs to eat 200-250 grams of vegetables and fruits daily to lead a healthy and vigorous life.  It is not possible for many of us to eat this amount, which is why we suffer from malnutrition and various diseases.

Delicious mushroom recipe / dish :

মাশরুমের পুষ্টিগুণ - মাশরুমের উপকারীতা
Mushroom recipe, Mushroom dish, মাশরুম     

 Popular delicacies of various fast food mushrooms including mushroom fry, mushroom meat, mushroom fish, mushroom vegetables, mushroom soup, mushroom noodles, mushroom omelette, mushroom mash can be made.

Medicinal properties and various uses of mushrooms : 

 The use of mushrooms in various diseases is well known.  Mushrooms are used to treat arthritis, pain, jaundice, worms and blood clots.

 Mushrooms lower blood pressure and work against tumor cells.

 Regular mushrooms increase physical and mental strength.  Increases blood circulation and eliminates colds, coughs.

 Mushrooms are beneficial for patients with high blood pressure and diabetes.

 Having enough fiber in mushrooms helps to keep the body slim.

 Mushrooms relieve constipation.  Mushrooms are a simple and very important food for patients as the digestibility of protein is 70-80 percent.

 Color bottle cork.  Mushrooms are also used as photo frames and vases.

Benefits Of Mushroom :

 Mushrooms release the body's stored cholesterol.  Prevents and cures incurable diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, tumors, obesity, jaundice, anemia, dengue fever etc.

Although it is a supplementary food, its taste is multiplied when cooked with other foods.  Not to mention the qualities of mushrooms that have been used for a long time.  So let's eat more mushrooms and make our body resistant to diseases.





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How To Make An Email Account? Create Email Account Step By Step।

How To Make An Email Account? Create Email Account Step By Step।

How To Make An Email Account step by step?
How To Make Email Account?    

 More or less everyone is familiar with e-mail.  This post is for those who still don't know much about email accounts. 

Today, We are talking about what is e-mail? how to make an email account? How To create an email account?      

What is an e-mail?

 The current age of information technology has made our daily walk easier and more vibrant.  In addition, e-mail is one of the most common terms.

 Email is the short form of Electronic Mail.  E-mail is basically the process of sending messages from a computer connected to the internet or any other device to any other device through the internet.

Why use e-mail?

 Why use e-mail?  This is a very good question.  Well if you are asked why do you use mobile?  What is the answer?  Surely I can easily communicate with everyone in no time.  See if you have a mobile but can't talk to anyone right?  SIM of any mobile service provider required.  Each SIM has a different number or identity so that you can be easily traced or understood that you have contacted someone.

Email Marketing Complete Guidelines (2020) For Everyone.    


Email and mobile phones are becoming more and more urgent day by day.  There was a time when it would take a lot of time to send any document.  But now we can send any document instantly to any country or place via email.  In this case, everyone needs an identity like a mobile SIM so that you can be recognized separately.  This is where e-mail does its job.

 Email is not the only message you send.  You need an email for almost everything you do online now.  To get online banking, Facebook account, any freelancing platform or any other type of online account or service you need an e-mail account.

Which e-mail service should I use?

 There are numerous email service providers who provide free e-mail services.  There are various email service providers like : 

(1) =

(2) =

How To Recover Deleted Message From Gmail?      

(3) =

(4) =

(5) =

(6) = etc. 

 Which e-mail service should I use now?  Gmail is my personal choice in terms of justice, security and other aspects.  However, you can use any other e-mail service if you want.  After Gmail I am personally in favor of Yahoo.  Let's see how to open a Gmail account.  Opening other mails should be done in a close manner.

How To Make an email account ?

Making an email account is not a difficult task, once you show it, you can open it yourself if needed.  In a previous post I suggested Gmail as an email service provider.  

Today, we will see how to make an email account? / how to create a Gmail account? 

 1st step to making an email account : 

How To create an email account
How To Make An Email Account Step By Step?     

 Going to, you will see a page like the image below.  From there, click Create Account.

Unknown History Of Gmail.    

 The 2nd Step To Making An Email Account :    

How To create an email account step by step?
How To Create An Email Account?      

Now a page like the picture below will open.  

Put the first part and the last part of your name there.  

Now give what you want to give your email address.  

If your name is Mr. Helal , try it first, if no one has already taken that address then you will get it.  

And if someone's address has already been registered under that name, then “Someone already has that username.  Try another? ”  

You will see this message.  

Then you can try adding any number or something special with your name.  If it shows the same message again, try something more. 

 If no more messages show up, good luck with your email address.

 Now enter a strong password for your email that no one else can think of.  The harder your password, the more secure your email account will be from being hacked.  However, it is better not to give a password that you will forget yourself.

 Now give your date of birth, gender and phone number.  Then ask them to give you the email account you are currently using, if any.  However, we assume that this is your first email account , so leave this field blank.

 You will then be asked to enter a captcha code, if you wish, and tick the box above.  However, it may send a code to your mobile for verification, but not again.  Then tick the Terms and Privacy Policy below and click Next Step.

How To Send Email?   

The first step in sending an email :

 If you want to send emails from computer, you can send emails very easily using any browser. You can also use browser for mobile or you can send emails through smartphone application. 

 Most people nowadays use smart phones.  That's why today we will look at how to send emails from the Gmail application.  If you want to send an email from the browser, you have to open, log in with the email account and password. In the case of the application, you have to log in in the same way. 

after coming to the login page ,You have to type your Email account  in the cell of Email or phone. Then click on 

➡️Next button.

➡️ Enter your password Enter the password of the email id in the box.  ➡️ Click the Next button.

 The second step to sending email :   

 To send an email, click on the Compose button. Clicking on the Compose button will open a new window.

To enter the Email account of the person to whom you want to send the email.

In the Subject field, enter the subject of the email.

In the Compose mail box, enter the main content of your email.

 If you want to send a photo or a document file via email, in that case you have to click on the Attach file option and select the file.

As soon as you click the send button, the email will go to the recipient's address.

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Maharshi Movie (2019) Free Download। Maharshi Full Movie Download।

Maharshi Movie (2019) Free Download। Maharshi Full Movie Download।      

Maharshi Full Movie Download.

Maharshi Movie Overview :   

Maharshi movie is a romantic stylish action entertainer directed by Vamshi Paidipally and jointly produced by Dil Raju and C Ashwini Dutt while Devi Sri Prasad scored music for this movie.

In 2019, Maharshi starring superstar Mahesh Babu was one of the best commercially successful movies in the Telugu industry.  The third highest grossing film of the year was the 25th film of Mahesh Babu's career directed by Vamsi Paidipalli.  This is the first time that Mahesh has teamed up with Puja Hegde in both South and North India.

Maharshi Movie Details :   

Name : Maharshi

Maharshi Movie Genre : Romance, Drama, Action, Thriller.    

Maharshi Movie Release date : 9 May 2019. 

Maharshi Movie Running time / Duration :  176 minutes. 

Maharshi Movie Release Country : India. 

Maharshi Movie Language : Telugu. 

Maharshi Movie Budget : ₹1–1.3 billion. 

Maharshi Movie Box office collection : ₹1.45–2 billion. 

Maharshi Movie Cast And Crews :   

Maharshi Movie Directed by : Vamshi Paidipally. 

Maharshi Movie Produced by : Dil Raju |C. Ashwini Dutt|Prasad V. Potluri |Param V. Potluri |Kavin Anne|

Maharshi Movie Written by : Vamsi Paidipally |Hari |Ahishor Solomon |

Maharshi Movie Music by : Devi Sri Prasad. 

Maharshi Movie Cinematography : K. U. Mohanan. 

Maharshi Movie Edited by : Praveen K. L.

Maharshi Movie Production company : 

Sri Venkateswara Creations | Vyjayanthi Movies | PVP Cinema |

Maharshi Movie Distributed by : Great India films (USA)

Maharshi Movie Star cast / Starring :    

Mahesh Babu | Allari Naresh | Pooja Hegde | Jagapathi Babu | Prakash Raj |

Maharshi Movie Plot / Storyline :   

Playing the role of Rishi, Mahesh is a child of a very ordinary middle class family who has seen his father live in various ways since childhood.  So he grew up with the determination to become rich in life.  

As soon as he set foot in the university, Rishi got Pooja who played the role of Pooja and his hostel roommate Allari Naresh who was in the role of Ravi in ​​the Maharshi movie.  

Rishi became the youngest millionaire within a few years of graduating from university using his hard work and talent.  Rishi, who once grew up to see the oppression of deprivation, has lost his roommate and dearest friend Ravi, even though he is so rich.  

So Rishi set foot in his own country to find Ravi and saw many more struggles for him.  However, this time it is not to make money but to fight for the rights of ordinary farmers.

Maharshi Movie Review :   

The story of Maharshi Movie as well as the action, the song and everyone's acting were all right.  But the most notable was some of Mahesh Babu's great life-oriented dialogues that may inspire many.  

Mahesh Babu's father has played "Prakash Raj", one of the best actors in the southern industry.  Although his screen time is not very much, he has taken as much screen time as he had.  Another popular actor Jagapathi Babu was in the negative role.  

Pooja was fine from her place as the heroine, but like the maximum Telugu movie, she did not get the screen time to play such a role as the heroine.  Allari Naresh has played an important role as Ravi Sankar.

 After the release of Maharshi Movie , it was well received not only at the box office, but also by critics. This is the second movie of Mahesh's career after Bharat Ane Nenu which grossed over Rs 150 crore at the box office.

Mahesh Babu has chosen perfect film for his 25th film in his career.. I think till date it's perfect movie as 25th film for any Actor in his career.. A good social message is given in the Maharshi movie. It's true that we forget our roots in our life but from movie we can know about our roots... Maharshi is movie with lots of family,friends and much more emotions. It is a heart touching movie.

The rating of Maharshi Movie in IMDB rating is 8.3 out of 10.  In addition, 93 percent of Google users liked the movie and Google Audience rating is 4.9 out of 5.

Maharshi Movie Trailer :   

If you want to watch Maharshi Movie Trailer, then click on Trailer Option.       


Maharshi Movie Download :   

Maharshi Movie (2019) Free Download. Maharshi Full Movie Download. Maharshi Telegu Movie Download. Download Maharshi Movie in Hindi dubbed. Mahesh Babu New Movie Maharshi Free Download.           

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Greyhound Movie (2020) Free Download।

Greyhound Movie (2020) Free Download.     

Greyhound Full Movie Download.

Greyhound Movie Overview :    

GREYHOUND MOVIE is a powerfully riveting new movie featuring Tom Hanks as lead actor and screenwriter. It is based on WWII history and the ensuing novel The Good Shepherd by C.S. Forester.

Greyhound Movie Details :    

Movie Name : Greyhound Movie

Greyhound Movie Genre : Action, War, Adventure, Drama.    

Greyhound Movie Release date : July 10, 2020 (United States). 

Greyhound Movie Running time / Duration : 91 minutes.

Country : United States. 

Greyhound Movie Language : English. 

Greyhound Movie Budget : $50.3 million. 

Greyhound Movie Production company : Columbia Pictures, Stage 6 Films, Bron Creative, Zhengfu Pictures, Sycamore Pictures, Film Nation Entertainment, Play tone. 

Greyhound Movie Distributed by : Apple TV+. 

Greyhound Movie Cast And Crews :    

Greyhound Movie Directed by : Aaron Schneider. 

Greyhound Movie (2020) Produced by : Gary Goetzman. 

Greyhound Movie Screenplay by : Tom Hanks. 

Greyhound Movie Based on : The Good Shepherd. 

Greyhound Movie Music by : Blake Neely. 

Greyhound Movie Cinematography by : Shelly Johnson. 

Greyhound Movie Starring :    

Tom Hanks, Stephen Graham, Rob Morgan, Elisabeth Shue. 

Greyhound Movie Plot / Storyline :    

The Battle of the Atlantic.

 The United States had just officially participated in World War II.  In February 1942, US Navy Commander Ernest Cruz (Tom Hanks) became captain of the warship Greyhound.  The 2020 War movie starring Tom Hanks is the story of how Captain Allied, the first Allied mission against Germany in the Atlantic Ocean, destroyed 4 German U-boats or submarines in just two days with the help of another warship (Harry, Eagle, Dickie).  "Greyhound"

Peninsula Movie Free Download Here.    

 The battle between the Germans and the United States in the Atlantic Ocean is called - the longest, largest and most complex naval battle in history: The Battle of the Atlantic.  The movie is named after the "Greyhound" warship that survived the heroic voyage at sea, led by Captain Ernest Cruz, and shot down an enemy U-boat.  The original adaptation of the movie is from the 1955 novel "The Good Shepherd" by C.S Forester.

Greyhound Movie Review :    

Tom Hanks movie means a different surprise awaits.  C.S.  He wrote the screenplay for the film, based on Forster's novel, The Very Shepherd.  As is usually the case with American War movies, this movie is very different from that, that is, realistic.  

Many of us in the Navy do not know the language spoken by the Captain and his associates.  Instead of trying to make it easy for us, we have tried to make the warships as realistic as possible in the way they deal with danger.  

The Painted Bird Full Movie Download Here.      

As a result, it is better not to expect anything very bloody or unusual from Greyhound movie.  There are many times when there is no way to enjoy the destruction of the enemy's invisible submarine under the water with a little effort and a lot of effort.  Strict monitoring is carried out to see if oil has leaked from under the water.  If the oil floats, it means the submarine has been destroyed.  That's the certification.

 In 1941, American commander Ernest Krauss (Tom Hanks) was assigned to the Greyhound warship.  His job was to escort several cargo and other ships to Liverpool, England.  This is his first mission in the Atlantic Ocean.  

The problem is that there is a large area in the ocean called the Black Pit.  He will not get any air assistance there.  That means the American Air Force will have to go back from that black pit.  And the place where the British Air Force can help again will take about three days to reach Peru.  

The Germans will surely be waiting to destroy everything in this black pit.  The movie is basically about how Commander Krauss will manage these three days.

 Tom Hanks' acting in the movie is definitely good.  However, his performances in "Sally" or "Bridge of Spies" did not leave much mark on the level he went to.  The bigger problem is that the movie has become a one man movie.  

Apart from the Greyhound, there were other warships in such a large expedition.  But the camera did not go out of the Greyhound even once.  It was as if Tom Hanks had been following him all the time.  

And since we don't understand the language and actions of the Navy in the movie, a lot of places will be quite confusing.  In short, this movie is not as good as another war movie of the Hanks, "Saving Private Ryan".  It will be nice to see the movie after that.  A light feel good factor will work at the end of the movie.

"Visually stunning, Heart-racing Historical fiction for all Navy/ Sea/ War film fanatics" Tom Hanks can pull of any leadership rolls at ease, addition to that he did the screenplay for this flick. 

Fractured Movie Free Download.     

Wow!!! Written an entire script for the film ? Yes! and it was damn really good!!! Every cast played their role very well, it really brought back the feel of Navy and World War times! 

Stunning visuals of open sea, sound design of warfares, blood chilling background score, edge-of-the-seat story pace makes this flick - OUTSTANDING! Kudos to the novel writer, the director, every cast crew, vfx crew, sfx crew. 

Greyhound movie of only 91 minutes is a full package for you if you are a war drama lover.  Filled with great screenplay and excitement, Greyhound movie will not let you take your eyes off it even for a moment.  From start to finish you'll be overwhelmed by the screenplay and background music (BGM).  The funny thing is - the screenplay of Greyhound movie was done by Tom Hanks himself.

Greyhound Movie Trailer :    

If you want to watch greyhound movie trailer, Then please click on Trailer Option. 


Greyhound Movie Download :    

Greyhound Movie (2020) Free Download. Greyhound War Movie Free Download. Greyhound Full Movie Download. Greyhound Movie Download Torrent File. Greyhound English Movie Download. Tom Hanks Movie Greyhound download. Download Greyhound full movie. Download greyhound movie. Tom Hanks New Movie Download. Greyhound Movie English subtitle Download. Greyhound Movie Bangla subtitle download. Greyhound movie Hindi Dubbed free Download. 

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Download Greyhound Movie (2020)

Watch And Enjoy. 


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Best Ways To Get Rid Of Blackheads। ব্লাকহেডস। Remove Blackheads।

Best Ways To Get  Rid Of Blackheads। ব্লাকহেডস। Remove Blackheads।    

How To Remove Blackheads

Blackheads are a big problem in facial beauty.  This is a type of acne.  Such problems occur due to hormonal changes in the body.  And there is no shortage of worries about these blackheads!  Beauty center services, home care and cosmetics use;  How much more?

  You need to know the details to get rid of the problem of blackheads completely.

  Which skin has blackheads?

 Blackheads problem is more common in oily skin.  A type of black spot on the skin that occurs around the nose, forehead and cheeks.  In many cases, blackheads appear on the back.  Problems like blackheads occur on the skin due to oily feeling and accumulation of dust on the face.

  Why are blackheads?

  It is difficult to find time for women's beauty in the daily busyness.  But it does not stop the dust of the road and the oily feeling of the skin.  

As a result of carelessness, blackheads nest in the corners of the skin.  "It's a kind of pimple that has no veil," said Julia Azad, a beauty expert at Aspiration Glamor World. The outside looks dark due to dust and germs. 

How To Remove The Acne Scars?      

 Basically, if the face is not cleaned properly, blackheads occur.  At first many people do not pay attention to these light black spots.  Blackheads have fewer holes in the beginning.  If not taken care of in time, this scar can spread all over the face. It is more prevalent among teenagers and adults.  Hormonal changes occur during adolescence.  

As a result, the skin naturally becomes very sensitive at this time.  And so this problem arises.

  Remedy : 

  Regular skin cleansing is the key to getting rid of blackheads.  Blackheads can be removed at home.  However, it would be wise to seek the advice of a parlor expert on the problem of stubborn blackheads.

Easy way to get rid of blackheads : 

  1) Lemon sugar scrub : 

How To remove blackheads?

  It is one of the most popular home remedies.  Make a paste by mixing sugar with a medium-sized lemon juice.  Massage the area affected by the blackheads until the sugar has melted.  Then rinse.  Do it twice a week.  There is no pair to restore and brighten the skin.

  2) Baking soda : 

Best way to remove blackheads.

  Make a paste of 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 2 teaspoons of water.  Rinse with light massage for 5 minutes.  It also helps eliminate skin bacteria, reducing blackheads.  Many times the blackheads become clear but the pores of the skin remain large.  Baking soda works great here too.  But yes, those who do not have baking soda on their skin, that is, those who have allergies, do not use this paste.

  3) Toothpaste : 

Toothpaste for blackheads problem.

It is very difficult to clean the blackheads that have been frozen for a long time.  And it never goes away in one day.  In that case, apply a little white toothpaste on the affected area for five minutes.  Then gently rub like a scrub with a soft toothbrush.  It softens the blackheads as soon as the dead skin of the skin comes up.  Rub your face with a brush.  Steam in hot water for 5 minutes.  This will open the pores.  Then rub again with the brush, you will see that the blackheads will come up very easily.  Do it once a week.

  4) Almond rose water scrub : 

Best way to remove blackheads?

  Make a paste of 2 teaspoons of almond powder and 1 teaspoon of rose water.  Now apply this paste on the whole face and gently massage in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes.  Then leave it for 30 minutes and wash it off.  As well as removing blackheads, it restores radiance to the skin.

  5) Salt : 

How To get rid of blackheads problem?

  Not the refined salt that is available in the market nowadays, but a little coarse granular salt.  Just as it quickly acts as a scrub of blackheads, it also helps control excess oil in oily skin.  Take a small amount of salt (2 pinches), add a few drops of water.  Then massage on the blackheads until the salt melts.  Then rinse with lukewarm water.  This reduces the amount of oil emissions from the area as well as the blackheads.  

However, be careful not to use it on the whole face!  Then the opposite can happen.  This scrub is only for the part affected by blackheads.

  6) Honey : 

Benefits of honey

Blackheads can also occur on dry skin.  Honey is ideal for them.  Mix 2: 1 amount of cinnamon powder and honey and put it on the blackheads for 15-20 minutes.  Then massage and wash for 2 minutes.  At the same time it acts as a moisturizer and scrub.  Using it twice a week will reduce blackheads a lot.

Benefits Of Honey    

Honey is a medicinal liquid with high medicinal properties.  Apply honey on the affected part of the face with blackheads.  When dry, wash.  This honey keeps the skin soft and keeps the hair follicles compressed.  As a result, blackheads are no longer likely to occur.

7) Mint Leaf Juice :   

Mint leaf for blackheads

  Take mint leaf juice.  Make a thick mixture with powdered turmeric or bata turmeric.  Now apply this mixture on the areas affected by blackheads.  When dry, wash with lukewarm water.  You will benefit from using it two days a week.

 8) Sandal Powder : 

Sandal powder for blackheads problem

 You can also make a pack by mixing egg white, sandal powder and a little lemon juice.  Use it at least two days a week.  When using the pack, massage well around the nose and cheeks.  It will work as a scrub.

Caution In Makeups :  

 Blackheads should not be treated with skin care alone.  Some general rules should be followed.  Avoid makeup as much as possible if you have problems like blackheads on the skin.  Shovon Saha, a beauty expert at Shovon Makeover, said, ‘Excessive cosmetic use prolongs the problem of blackheads.  So avoid heavy makeup at this time.  And after using cosmetics, clean it well.  Also use a separate towel or handkerchief for the face.

  In addition, to avoid the problem of blackheads, hot steam can be taken on the face regularly.  Put smoky hot water in a bowl and put your face on it.  Care should be taken to keep the distance from the bowl to the mouth at least one hand.  Hot steam helps to open the mouth of blackheads and blackheads can be cleaned very easily.

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Thursday, August 27, 2020

How To Recover Deleted Message From Gmail? Chinguriabarta।

How To Recover Deleted Message From Gmail?      

Important messages are deleted from e-mails for various reasons.  In such a situation, we have to face many difficulties for the lost information.

 Today I will tell you how to recover deleted message from gmail.

 First of all, if the message is completely lost or deleted and it is not available in the Trash folder, then you have to send a request to Yahoo. They will restore your deleted message within 7 days of receiving the request.

 However, in this case, there are cases that are not given.  If Yahoo does not return your mail, there is no way to return it.  However, it is very wise to quickly restore the message from the Trash folder when it is deleted.

How To Recover deleted Message

 In this case, you have to select the message and click on the Move button and send Inbox.

 1.  First, login to your Yahoo Mail browser.

 2. Click on the Trash folder from the left navigation pane.

 3.  Select the message you need.  A check box will appear there and tick it.

 4.  Now click on “Restore to Inbox”.

How To Add 3D Photo In Facebook?      

 Now look in your message inbox, the message has become usable from there.  Yahoo will automatically clear your truss folder every 7 days.  And spam will be deleted after 30 days. And this setting will not change.

How To Recover Deleted Phone Number?      

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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

18 Amazing Health Benefits Of Cardamom। Chinguriabarta।

18 Amazing Health Benefits Of Cardamom.       

The queen of spices is cardamom.  The taste is the same as the smell.  Not only this, with the help of food and nutrition.

Benefits of cardamom.

Today, we will explain 18 amazing benefits of cardamom.      

 Food and Nutrition of Cardamom : 

 It contains protein, carbohydrates, cholesterol, calories, fats, fiber, niacin, riboflavin, pyridoxine, thiamine, electrolytes, sodium, potassium, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus.

 Benefits of Cardamom : 

 1.  For the heart : 

 The antioxidants in cardamom are good for the heart.  Helps to lower cholesterol.  Cardamom is also a great medicine for high blood pressure.

 2.  Shortness of breath : 

 Cardamom relieves various problems like cold, cough, lung problems and blood circulation problems.  If you have bronchitis or any breathing problem, it is better to eat cardamom.

 3.  Controlling blood pressure : 

 Cardamom is very useful in the problem of high blood pressure.  It works as a medicine.  Mixing cardamom in soup or stew easily lowers blood pressure in a few days.

 4.  In depression : 

 Cardamom helps to avoid mental problems like depression.  It is better to boil a few grains of cardamom in tea every day.

 5.  In digestion : 

 It contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients that relieve the body from metabolic disorders.  Improves liver and pancreas.  As a result, digestion is better, resulting in chest irritation or stomach upset and heart problems can be easily relieved.

 6.  Detoxification : 

 The more fiber, calcium, iron and antioxidants enter the body, the clearer and fresher the inside.  Cardamom releases and detoxifies the body from any toxins coming from outside.

 7.  Relief from hiccups : 

 Cardamom has many benefits to calm any muscle in the body.  So if you have hiccups for any reason, it is beneficial to mix a teaspoon of cardamom in a cup of hot water and leave it for 15 minutes.

 8.  Increased appetite : 

 Cardamom helps to increase hunger.  Using cardamom oil increases the desire to eat and also increases hunger.

 9.  For teeth and mouth : 

 The antimicrobial properties of cardamom are very beneficial for the inner part of the mouth i.e. gums and teeth.  The pungent taste of cardamom removes bad breath and brings freshness.

Benefits Of Honey   

 10.  In cancer : 

 Due to the nutritional value of cardamom, many types of cancerous tumors or cells cannot grow.  The quality of cardamom has been specially proven in the case of colorectal cancer.

 11.  Strengthens memory : 

 The antioxidants in cardamom calm the brain and help sharpen memory.  Boil two cardamoms with milk every day and drink it.  You will definitely get the results.

 12.  Sexual health : 

 Due to the various nutrients in cardamom, it calms the nerves and increases sexual desire.  In addition, cardamom also helps to get rid of infertility.

 13.  On bright skin : 

 Cardamom works great for whitening and brightening the skin.  Eliminates acne and darkening of the skin.  You can make a pack of honey and cardamom and apply it on your face to get fruits.

 14.  Skin allergies : 

 Cardamom is rich in antibacterial ingredients.  It is a very good antiseptic and antiinflammatory.  As a result, it softens the skin and helps to keep it cool.  So cardamom is also a medicine for the skin.  Applying a mixture of honey and black cardamom on the allergic part will get results very quickly.

 15.  Improves blood circulation : 

 Cardamom contains vitamin C, an antioxidant, which improves blood circulation to the skin and improves skin health.

 16.  For the lips : 

 Cardamom is used to make various lip balms, glosses or oils that enhance the softness of the lips.  Maintains a pink feel.  You can also make a pack at home and keep it on your lips all night.  This packs cardamom powder, olive or almond oil and a little aloe vera gel.  Apply it on the lips every day and wash it off after 15 minutes.

 17.  Hair care : 

 Keeping the scalp clean strengthens the hair follicles and relieves hair loss.  The nutrients in cardamom strengthen the hair follicles and help to make the hair shiny and long.

 18.  For the scalp : 

 Having antioxidants keeps the scalp well.  Cardamom strengthens hair follicles.  The best results are obtained by washing the hair with water soaked in cardamom or shampooing the hair after applying cardamom powder.  The antibacterial ingredient in cardamom cures scalp infections quickly.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Benefits Of Honey : Expectations vs. Reality। chinguriabarta।

Benefits Of Honey : Expectations vs. Reality.

Benefits of honey

Honey is said to cure all diseases.  It is impossible to say how many benefits it has.  Honey has been used in Ayurvedic medicine and beauty treatments since ancient times.  Honey is also used to enhance the taste of cooking.  It contains a lot of minerals, vitamins that protect the body from various diseases and help to increase immunity.

 Let's find out the benefits of honey-

 Honey for weight loss : 

Honey is infallible for weight loss.  Eating honey on an empty stomach every morning reduces excess body weight.  After waking up, he started losing weight by mixing lemon juice and honey in lukewarm water.  This releases toxic substances from the body.  Many people know this totkata of honey and lemon.

 Helps in digestion

Regular consumption of honey reduces stomach acidity.  As a result, the problem of acidity is eliminated.  Eat one teaspoon of honey before each heavy meal.  After a few days, you will start getting fruits in hand.

 Cleanses the blood : 

Many people do not know it but honey cleans the blood and blood vessels.  Mix honey and lemon juice with a glass of hot water and eat it.

 Relief from Gastric Ulcer : 

As mentioned earlier, honey solves digestion problems.  It also relieves gastric ulcers.  Eat two teaspoons of honey three times a day.  With that, change your eating habits.  You will definitely get the result.

 Increases body energy : 

Honey contains a lot of natural sugar.  This sugar provides energy to the body and helps to keep the body functioning.

 Prevents Asthma : 

People who have asthma can apply this tip.  Mix honey and ginger with a small amount of black pepper and eat twice a day.  Will benefit.

 Softens the skin : 

Honey retains skin moisture.  As a result, the skin remains supple.  Regular use of honey does not leave the impression of aging on the face quickly. 

 Natural sunscreen : 

Honey contains antioxidants.  This ingredient protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun's ultraviolet rays.  As a result honey acts as a natural sunscreen. 

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