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Urinary Tract Infection : Urine Infection Symptoms, Treatment, Causes। UTI।

Urinary Tract Infection : Urine Infection Symptoms, Treatment, Causes। UTI। 

What Is Urine Infection? Symptoms Of Urine Infection. 

Urinary tract infections are one of the diseases that unknowingly lodge in our body.  Experts say that many people think that urinary tract infections are more common in girls.  Nowadays men are also infected with this type of disease due to carelessness.  However, if you are careful at the beginning of this infection, the embarrassment will be reduced a lot.

What Is Urinary Tract Infection? 

What Is Urine Infection? 

Urinary tract infection or UTI is a contagious disease of the urinary tract.  The urinary tract is the system or system in our body for the excretion of fluid from our body.  If the germs hit the system for any reason, then the urinary tract is disturbed and this condition is called urinary tract infection or UTI.  Bacteria, fungi or viruses are all responsible for this disease but bacteria are responsible for it in most cases.

Symptoms Of Urinary Tract Infection / Urine Infection : 

√ = The effect of this disease is to change the color of urine.  Be aware if you have dark yellow or reddish urine for several days.

Infectious Diseases Symptoms, Definition. 

√ = If you feel irritation or pain while urinating, it may be a sign of urinary tract infection.

√ = Fever can come with shivering as a result of the infection.  Many also have nausea.

√ = There is a risk of not urinating even if the speed of urination comes or the amount of urine is very low.

√ = In many cases there is an uncomfortable pain in the lower abdomen.

 In case of urinary tract infection, a doctor should be contacted immediately.  However, to stay away from this disease, we need to pay special attention to some habits.  It is very important to drink water according to the needs of the body to prevent such diseases.

 Include green vegetables and vitamin C rich foods and fruits in the diet.  Vitamin C helps destroy harmful bacteria.  Especially if you are not forbidden to eat pineapple for any other disease, keep pineapple in the diet.  Its bromelain is highly effective in preventing urinary tract infections.

 Every time you urinate, clean and wash the urinary tract. Not only that, unclean underwear also infects various germs.  So be careful while using all these.

Why is UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) : 

 This problem is much more common in girls than in boys.  Because the urethra of girls is congenitally smaller than that of men and very close to the anus.  So the bacteria attack very easily and the germs affect the bladder and kidneys.

√ = Estrogen prevents urinary tract infections.  Estrogen secretion decreases after menopause.  This further increases the chances of infection.

Health Benefits Of Cardamom. 

√ = Prolonged retention of urine increases the risk of infection.  Many people stop urinating while watching television, traveling by bus, train, or during an emergency meeting, which is not advisable at all.

√ = If the partner has a UTI, the other partner can also be infected during sexual intercourse.

√ = UTI can occur if personal hygiene or self-hygiene is not adhered to.

√ = If someone has kidney or bladder stones, it prevents normal urination.  This can also lead to infection.

√ = UTIs can occur if the immune system is weakened due to diabetes, pregnancy or any other disease.

√ = Many times patients are taught catheters before or after the operation.  UTIs can easily occur if the catheter is worn for a long time.

Risks as a result of UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) : 

√ = The same problem can happen again and again if not treated properly at the right time.

√ = The infection can spread from the urethra to the kidneys.

How To Remove Acne Scars? 

√ = If repeated, the kidneys do not work properly.  From which complex problems like pyelonephritis arise.

√ = UTI during pregnancy can lead to premature delivery, low birth weight, and even miscarriage.

√ = In many cases, excessive levels of infection can spread to the bloodstream and cause death.

Ways to stay away from Urine Infection : 

√ = According to the rules, the body needs to drink as much water as it needs.  The more urine is excreted, the more toxins will be released from the body.  It also reduces the risk of germs settling in the bladder.

√ = Drink more water as well as liquid foods like fruit juice, coconut water etc.

√ = When using a public toilet, make sure it is clean.  When using a high commode, wash it with water. If this is not possible, spread tissue paper on the commode so that germs cannot come in contact with your body easily.


√ = Refrain from wearing the same clothes for a long time without washing them.  Panties should be washed and cleaned regularly.  This is because if you do not wash it for a long time, it will attract germs and increase the chances of infection.

√ = Clean the genitals twice a day with a special gel or soap as advised by the doctor.

Remove Blackheads Problem. 

√ = Wash the genitals well after urination.  Remember, when cleaning the genitals, always go from the front to the back, not from the back to the front.  Otherwise, the germs will move from the anus to the front and there is a fear of infection.

√ = Urinate as soon as the speed of urination comes, do not hold back.

√ = Must go to the bathroom after intercourse.  It is better to empty the bladder.  This is because the chances of bacterial infection increase during intercourse.  There can be various infections.  Infections can also be caused by contraceptives used during sex.

√ = Maintain complete personal hygiene or cleanliness in personal life.  This is very important.

 Once UTI is done, there is no way out without antibiotics.  Antibiotics destroy bacteria and heal the patient.  However, before taking the medicine, it should be taken according to the advice of the doctor after thorough examination.

What To Eat During a Urinary Tract Infection / Urine Infection?

Having this problem for a long time can lead to a number of physical problems, including kidney damage.  In this case, it is possible to reduce the urinary tract infection by taking care of the food.  In addition to drinking plenty of water to get rid of the bacteria responsible for the infection, you will also benefit from eating certain foods that increase immunity and eliminating some harmful foods.

Health Benefits Of Amalaki. 

 Cranberry Juice : 

A type of red cherry fruit is very helpful in curing urinary tract infections.  In that case cranberry juice removes harmful bacteria from the body.  The fruit is rich in beta carotene, lycopene and antioxidants.

 Broccoli : 

Broccoli has a lot of vitamin C, which makes the urine acidic and prevents the growth of bacteria responsible for infections.  Vitamin C eliminates infections by boosting the body's immune system.

 Cinnamon : 

Cinnamon has been popular for hundreds of years due to its anti-bacterial properties.  It prevents the growth of harmful bacteria in the body.  One study found that in most cases, E. coli is responsible for urinary tract infections.  Cinnamon prevents E. coli virus.

 Papaya : 

As it is rich in Vitamin C, papaya enhances the body's immunity and increases the acidity in the urine, which prevents the bacteria responsible for creating infections from growing.  Several studies have shown that papaya contains three times better carotenoids than carrots and tomatoes.

 Garlic : 

Garlic contains several beneficial ingredients including allicin which are quite effective in increasing anti-bacterial and disease resistance.  Garlic can control many bacteria including E. coli.  Garlic is also very useful in preventing recurrent urinary tract infections.  There are more benefits to eating raw garlic.

 Remember, urinary tract infection / urine infection depends entirely on the lifestyle of the individual.  This is not a problem at first, but if it happens again and again, it can bring terrible danger in anyone's life.  So be aware of your own care while having time.

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20 Amazing Health Benefits Of Amalaki। আমলকীর উপকারিতা।

20 Amazing Health Benefits Of Amalaki। আমলকীর উপকারিতা। 

20 Amazing Health Benefits Of Amalaki। আমলকীর উপকারিতা। 


Amalaki is a fruit unique in its medicinal properties. Both its fruit and leaves are used medicinally.  In addition to curing various ailments, amalaki helps in building immunity.  Amalaki extract is now also used in Ayurvedic medicine for its medicinal properties.

  Amalaki contains a lot of vitamin C.  According to nutritionists, amalaki contains three times and 10 times more vitamin C than guava and paper lemon.  Amalaki contains 15 to 20 times more vitamin C than oranges, 120 times more than apples, 24 times more than mangoes and 60 times more than bananas.  

AmalakiPhyllanthus emblica, also known as emblic, emblic myrobalan, myrobalan, Indian gooseberry, Malacca tree, or amla from Sanskrit amalaki is a deciduous tree of the family Phyllanthaceae. It has edible fruit, referred to by the same name.

Let's learn about the 20 health benefits of amalaki -

Amalaki is one of the most beneficial herbs for our body.  You can eat it every day and it has no side effects.  Rather there are all the great benefits.

 Eat one amalaki a day without eating a pile of vitamin tablets.  Or Amalaki pickles.  You can eat amalaki jam or you can use amalaki powder in cooking.  This little mango will give your body all the wonderful gifts. 

 Want to know how? 

 Let us know about the 20 benefits of eating a amalaki every day.

 1) Amalaki acts as a hair tonic and is an important ingredient in hair care.  Not only does it strengthen the hair follicles, it also helps in hair growth.

 2) Amalaki eliminates the problem of dandruff and prevents mature hair.

 3) Amalaki juice can cure constipation and piles.  It also helps prevent stomach upset and indigestion.

 4) You can mix amalaki powder and a little sugar in a glass of milk or water and eat it twice a day.  This will help keep the acidity problem low.

 5) Half-crushed dried fruit soaked in a glass of water will eliminate the problem of digestion.  Amalaki pickle with food helps in digestion.

 6) Honey can be eaten with amalaki juice every morning.  This will remove dark spots on the skin and increase the radiance of the skin.

 7) Amalaki juice helps to increase eyesight.  Also various eye problems such as eye inflammation.  Relieves eye itching or watery eyes.

 8) Amalaki is good for keeping the eyes well.  It contains phyto-chemicals that help prevent degeneration of the eyes.

 9) Also, drinking amalaki juice every day removes bad breath and keeps teeth strong.

 10) Amalaki sour and bitter taste enhances the taste.  You can mix a little honey and butter with amalaki powder before eating to increase appetite and increase appetite.

 11) Increases immunity and reduces stress.

 12) Cough, vomiting, insomnia, pain-pain amalaki very useful.

 13) Amalaki juice is useful for bronchitis and asthma.

 14) Keeps the body cool, increases the efficiency of the body, strengthens the muscles.

 15. It strengthens the heart, lungs and brain.  Amalaki pickle or jam removes the weakness of the brain and heart.

 16) Helps to shed unnecessary body fat.

 17) Increases the number of red blood cells and keeps teeth and nails well.

 18) Its antioxidant ingredients help prevent free radicals.  These free radicals are one of the causes of aging and cell degeneration.

 19. It works very well in eliminating cold-cough, stomach ache and anemia.

 20) Helps prevent diabetes by controlling blood sugar levels.  Helps to keep cholesterol levels low.

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What Is Google Takeout? How To Use Google Takeout?

What Is Google Takeout? How To Use Google Takeout? 

What Is Google Takeout? How To Use Google Takeout? 

Even though the storage space of the smartphone has been exhausted, the Google Photos App 7 has been relied on for so long  You can store as many pictures and videos as you want for free  But this time there is no such way  Because from June 2021, the amount of photos and videos stored in the Google Photos app will have to be paid for as soon as the storage space exceeds 15 GB.

 To avoid this cost, many people are transferring their old data to another drive.  But Google has also come up with a solution.  For this, the company has come up with Google Takeout

What Is Google Takeout? 

 Google Takeout is a service that allows you to select and collect data from any app. 

 You can download and save all the photos from Google Drive files, contacts, youtube videos and most importantly 'Google Photos'.

How to use Google Takeout? 

 For this, first of all you have to log in to your Google account.  You will then need to log in to

When you open the site you can click on D-Select Al.

This will ensure that the data on any of your other devices is not deleted.

Now scroll down to select Google Photos.

Then click on Next Step.  You will then need to set a time limit for exporting photos from Google Photos to Google Takeout.

This will give you the option to export once a year and once every two months.  You can choose your own needs and desires.

In this case, you have to choose between zip file or TGZ file format for the image.  Once these are done you need to click on Create Export.

 Google will send you an e-mail for identification and selection design.  You will then receive an email from An archive of Google data has been requested.  You need to approve it.  Once this is approved, Google will send all your data to your account.

 You can download this data to your smartphone and laptop.  You can then upload it to another cloud service or save it to your hard drive.

Google takeout feature : 

 Before we even focus on this guide and explain it in detail, using Google Takeout, let me explain what it is.

 This is a service that allows you to retrieve copies of the data stored in your Google Account and all Google services connected to it at any time, so that you can use them in other applications, programs or online platforms (which often happens, including data related to contacts and calendars).  To save frequently or in a safe place (usually an operation is performed before permanently deleting a Gmail profile).

 Below you will list the most important ones along with their export format.

√ = Purchase and save maps, created by Assistant and Google Search - JSN format.

√ = Its data startup application - JSON format.

√ = Its data industry and culture - HTML and CSV formats.

√ = Its data is Blogger - Atom, JSN, CSV format and native format of files uploaded to the blog.

√ = Its data is Google Calendar - iCalendar format.

√ = Its data chromium - JSN, HTML and CSV formats.

√ = Location History - JSN and KML format.

√ = The data is Google Drive.

√ = Data Google Photos.

√ = Data and its preferences Play a movie, play a book, play a song - CSV format.

√ = Data Play Store - JSON format.

√ = Its data hangout - CSV format.

√ = Its data map - JSN and GeoGeason format.

√ = Its data news - TXT format.

√ = Its data is Gmail - MBX format.

√ = Its data is Google profile - JSN, HTML and image formats.

√ = Its data is loaded on YouTube - JSN, HTML, CSV format and original music / post formats.

 Takeout allows you to collect all available data, or part of it, in a convenient file, automatically generated, in. Post Office Number o .tgz;  This archive can be viewed electronically, in the form of an encrypted or fully automated service on the nube, including Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox.

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What Is VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)? What VOIP Means?

What Is VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)? What VOIP Means? 

What Is VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)? What VOIP Means?

We all use ordinary SIM cards to talk on mobiles.  You have to talk by recharging money on this SIM card.  This means you can talk as long as there is balance in the SIM card.  But did you know that without SIM card balance, even without SIM card you can talk at home or abroad?  With VOIP technology you can easily talk to any part of the world using just the internet. 

 So let's not know what is VOIP and what are the benefits of VOIP.

 What is Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) ?

 VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. VOIP is the name of telecommunication and talking to each other through internet.  VOIP is basically data exchange in packet form.  VOIP is a popular low cost communication technology at home and abroad.  Distance does not affect VOIP.  Whether at home or abroad, the cost is the same everywhere.  In other words, with a small amount of data, you can talk for a long time through VOIP.

 VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is now very much available.  Many of us have been using VOIP for a long time.  Conversation via VOIP requires computer or mobile and an active internet connection.  People on both sides need to use the same software.

  Currently the most popular softwares are : Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Emo, Google Duo, Google Hangouts, Line, Tango etc.  

Anyone using these software can easily open a free account and exchange messages and chat.  Many software also offer the opportunity to talk on ordinary landline and mobile phones for a certain amount of money.

 Advantages of VOIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol) :

√ = You can talk instantly anywhere in the world.

√ = Equal data costs are incurred everywhere, be it in the country or abroad.

√ = Many people can talk at the conference together.

√ = You don't have to worry about running out of balance.

√ = No specific mobile number is required.

What can you do through VOIP service?

 You can take VoIP service from anywhere in the world.  With it you can start your business easily.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Services : 

√ = VoIP voice call service, 

√ = international quality calling card service, 

√ = international messaging service, 

√ = international file sending service, 

√ = international video call service, 

√ = remittance and flexiload service from any country, 

√ = any state development service, 

√ = any state banking service, 

√ = international standard VPN service,

√ = Hosting Switch Services, 

√ = Dialer Services, 

√ = International Route Services, 

√ = Own Name Company Opening Services,

√ = Website creation services.

Use of  Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) : 

√ = Telephone

√ = Fax

√ = PABX System

√ = Door Intercom

VoIP ( Voice Over Internet Protocol) application : 

 √ = Net to Phone

 √ = MSN Messenger

 √ = NetMeeting

 √ = Cool Talk

 √ = Skype

 How does VoIP work ?

 Data is exchanged using the Circuit switching method in conventional telephone Public switched Telephone Network (PSTN) systems.  Circuit switching is used in conventional telephone systems.  If the phone line is busy, the other user has to wait until the line is free.  But in order to overcome this problem in VoIP telephone, Packet switching method is used instead of Circuit switching.


The VoIP gateway compresses the voice data received from PSTN and converts the packets to digital signals.  It then communicates through the IP network.  Since data is transmitted in the form of tiny packets, multiple calls can be exchanged using the same channel at the same time.  So in this method more calls can be made at the same time.

 Currently, any Internet user can take advantage of VoIP telephones.  You can buy a pre-dead phone card or take advantage of those who have a credit card to open an account on an online VoIP server.  Abroad you can talk to friends or relatives at low cost.  VoIP technology allows users to communicate from computer to computer, from computer to telephone, from telephone to computer, and from telephone to telephone.

How to start a mobile VoIP business : 

 With the ongoing popularity, the mobile VoIP business will expand three times in a quarter of a year.  Not only the users but also the number of business people in this sector is increasing day by day.  I want to turn these initiatives into a profitable business by giving them the right direction.

 In addition to marketing and sales, infrastructural development is required to choose VoIP as an independent business and to achieve the desired rate of profit within the stipulated time.  

Here are the steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mobile phone VoIP business.

 Step 1: Prepare the infrastructure with a combination of hard and software

 SoftSwitch with Billing

SoftSwitch is the heart of VoIP business.  It controls all pre- or postpaid customer transactions, invoices, call records, bills and reports.  SoftSwitches vary in quality depending on exactly how many calls can be managed at the same time, such as one switch can handle 1000 concurrent calls at the same time and another can handle up to 400 calls.

  Other notable issues besides concurrent calls are security, user-friendliness, call connection efficiency, stability, scope of work and call routing mechanism etc.  

Usually, SoftSwitch is available with billing services.  If billing is not attached, it is better to use a soft switch with billing as you have to re-invest separately.

 Bandwidth Optimization and Tunneling Software : 

 Bandwidth optimization and tunneling software are required to get uninterrupted service even if the customer's internet speed or service quality is not good.  Also, the importance of this for VoIP service providers is immense as it helps to get services by imposing restrictions on firewalls or any place.

 With bandwidth optimization and tunneling software installed on the server side, the customer gets the highest quality uninterrupted VoIP experience.

 Servers and Hosting : 

 Servers and hosting play an important role in providing consistently quality services.  Hosted at the Internet Data Center (IDC) for enterprise quality servers, this solution provides customers with 24 * 8 suitable bandwidth and power / air-conditioning.  Using the latest technology, your service never goes down.

 IDC server / bandwidth can be leased from anywhere in the world.  Its quality and IDC position are usually determined by the quality and service for which market you want to take.

 Step 2: Mobile VoIP application

 If you want to sell VoIP services to people in your neighborhood, you need to give them a call app.  Here are the products and services you will need to do business in full swing.

 Mobile Dialer : 

 This is a mobile application, your customers need to download it to make VoIP calls.  There are many service providers in this sector, choose an organization that will give you branding benefits.

  As a result, having the name of your organization in the dialer will increase the confidence of the customer as well as you will be promoted.

 In addition, the mobile application must be quality, user-friendly, stable and clear to provide uninterrupted service at all times.  The goal is to make the dialer's interface simple and understandable so that anyone can easily understand its various functions and services.

 PC Dialer (Direct Calling Software from PC) : 

 Since many customers want the convenience of calling directly from their desktop or laptop, the need for it at this time is immense.  To get this service, the customer has to download the pre-determined software.  Like the mobile dialer, the PC dialer should also pay attention to the above issues.

 Calling Card : 

 Calling card is a great way to enjoy VoIP services for those who do not have internet connection on their mobile or computer.  To provide this service to your customers, you need to see if your SoftSwitch supports calling cards and has DID (Direct Inward Dialing) and local telephone numbers configured with it.

 DIDO is a type of local number where dialing is welcomed from IVR to the desired number of the customer.

 Call Shop : 

 If you are thinking of providing retail services, call shop is the right medium for you.  This service is offered in different countries of the world, where customers can talk to remote numbers at low cost.  This feature can be used to control many user tasks, including PC or mobile call detection and billing at the same time.

 Retailers are using Ittal Switch, a state-of-the-art software switch retailer invented by Rev Systems, to manage and manage their call shops around the world.

 Step 3: Create your own web site with credit card payment gateways

 No matter where you do VoIP business, your customers will come from all over the world.  And to provide quality services to all foreign and speaking customers, from the very beginning you will need a fully functional website that supports payment gateways such as credit cards and PayPal.

 Having a website will not only expand your business but also help your customers to pay your service charges regularly and stay connected with you at all times.

 Step 4: Interconnect in terminating career

 Retail or Wholesale : 

In both cases there is a need to interconnect with a number of carriers to terminate customer calls.  As a result, there is the opportunity to choose a career in different places as well as the freedom to choose the right price.  

For example, if you want to terminate a call in the USA, you can choose the ideal medium for your customer based on the price and quality of different carriers.  These carriers usually offer localized charges - e.g., USD / min.  You might see their rate for the USA is 0.008 USD - which means a one minute termination charge for a call on their network is 0.008 USD.

 Remember, terminating costs are important variable influences in this sector.  Therefore, in choosing a career, it has to be handled with overall consideration and responsibility.

 Step 5: Find the buyer

 And like all businesses, at the end of the infrastructure and initial steps you need to find buyers here.  No matter which business you join in retail or wholesale VoIP, it is essential for VoIP service providers to find buyers by offering competitive rates and good quality services.

 Two things are important about services: infrastructure and the quality of terminating careers.  Therefore, in both cases, proper caution and necessary verification-selection is required.

 Step 6: Appropriate customer service

 But VoIP services are not limited to building infrastructure and finding customers.  Once the customer starts using your service, they need to provide solutions to their problems or queries, new products or services, and customer service.  If you want customers from all over the world to receive your services, then you also need to have 24 * 8 proper customer service.  On behalf of the service providers, Rev Systems provides customer service 24 hours a day.  Reve's customer service team, made up of experienced and skilled support engineers, provides this service through dedicated ticketing, trouble ticketing and live chat.

VoIP Client - A tool for creating VoIP calls : 

 A VoIP client is a software application also known as a softon.  It is usually installed on the user's computer and allows the user to make VoIP calls.  With VoIP clients, you can make free or cheap local and international calls and it gives you many features.  These are mainly why they install VoIP clients on their computers or mobile devices and smartphones.

 A VoIP client, when installed on a computer, will require hardware devices that will allow the user to communicate like an innerphone, microphone, headset, a webcam.

 Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service : 

 A VoIP client cannot work alone.  To be able to make calls, it must work with a VoIP service or a SIP server.  A VoIP service is your subscription to make calls from your VoIP service provider, using your GSM service with your mobile phone.  The difference is that you call for very cheap with VoIP and if the person you are using uses the same VoIP service and VoIP client, the call is in many cases free, unlimited, wherever they are in the world.   offer you free to download and install their VoIP clients.

 VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)  client features : 

 A VoIP client is software that carries many features.  It can only be a softphone, where it will have a dialing interface, some communication memory, user ID and some other basic features.  It can also be a complex VoIP application that not only makes and receives calls but also has functionality like network statistics, QoS support, voice security, video conferencing and more.

 SIP VoIP customers : 

 SIP is a technology that works on a VoIP server (PBX) that provides calling services to a machine (client) that has a SIP-compatible VoIP client installed and registered. This scenario is very common for corporate environments and businesses.  Employees' VoIP clients have installed them on their desktop computers, laptops or smartphones, and PBX's company's SIP service has been registered.  It allows them to communicate at home and when outside of wireless technologies like WiFi, 3G, 4G, Mi MiFi, LTE etc.

 SIP VoIP clients are more generic and not connected to any specific VoIP service.  You can simply install one on your machine and configure it to use it with any service that provides SIP-compatibility.  You can call through it and pay the VoIP service provider.

 Examples of VoIP clients : 

 The first example of a voice client is Skype's software, which you can download and install from their site and make voice and video calls worldwide, mostly for free.  Most software-based VoIP service providers offer their own VoIP clients for free.  There are VoIP clients that are more generic and allow them to be used in any VoIP service or within your company.  A good example for this is the X-Lite.

What is the delay Of VOIP? 

 Delay when data package (voice) has to take longer than expected to reach their destination.  This results in some voice quality.  However, if it is dealt with properly, its effects can be minimized.

 If packets are sent over a network to a destination machine / phone, some of them may be delayed.  The reliability feature in voice quality management shows that a conversation is not waiting for a pocket that walks somewhere in the green state.  In fact, there are many factors that affect pocket travel from source to destination and one of them is the underlying network.

 Delayed packets may be late or may not arrive at all, the subject to be considered for Chaos (Service of Quality) voice when it is lost is relatively more tolerable than packet loss, compared to the reader.  If you lose a word or zero in your balance, your text may say something completely different!  If you miss “who” or “h” in a speech, it doesn’t really make a big impact without some hits of voice quality.  In addition, the voice controls the smoothing process so that you do not feel incomprehensible.

 When a packet is delayed, you will hear the voice much later than you do.  If the delay is not large and is constant, your conversation may be acceptable.  Unfortunately, delays are not always constant, and vary depending on some technical issues.  This type of delay is called germs, which impairs the quality of the fear.

VoIP latency and how to reduce it?

 Voice Latency causes Echos and overlapping words : 

 Latency Some delay or lag.  You can stay in the computer network in latency but also during voice communication.  This is actually quite infamous and a big problem with voice calls.

 Latency is the moment a voice pocket is transmitted and the moment it reaches its destination, the delay is reduced and the link is echo caused by the network link.  Latency is a major concern in VoIP communication.

 Latency is measured in two ways: one direction and round trip.  One-way latency is the time it takes for the packet to travel from the source to one of the destinations.  Round-trip latency is for pocket and return from destination, return from source.  In fact, it’s not the same packet that comes back, but a recognition.

 Latency is measured in milliseconds (ms), which is thousands of seconds.  A stability of 20 milliseconds is normal for IP calls and 150 ms is only noticeable and therefore acceptable.  However, any higher and lower quality starts than that;  300 ms or higher and this is not entirely acceptable.

 Note : Telephone latency is sometimes referred to as ear-to-ear delay, and Internet-related audio latency is also defined by the quality of the word, or QoE.

 Latency effect on voice calls : 


Slow down your phone conversation : 

 The word continuity can be the result of overlapping, interrupting one speaker to another. 

 Because echo : 

 Adjusts between voice and other data types, especially during video conferencing

 How To Get Rid Of Latency? 

 This is a difficult task and you need to consider many, many different factors, which are beyond your control.  For example, you do not choose the codec that your service provider chooses.

 Reasons for VoIP latency trends :

 You do not have enough bandwidth.  When the internet connection is slow, data packets take longer to flow and communication is damaged.  Often, the packets arrive in the wrong order, which makes it impossible to re-create unless recycled.  This is the disadvantage of packet switching, which uses VoIP.

 Your firewall may block traffic.  Checkpoints are always thunderstorms, so make sure you approve clearances for your VoIP applications within the firewall software.

 Using the wrong codec : 

Codecs are programs that encode voice signals into digital data for transmission over a network and can use your provider error, about which you can do nothing.  However, if you are using VoIP applications that allow you to sync with codecs, try changing them.

 You are using old hardware New software or old hardware does not work well on new networks and delays and latency often result.  You should try using a different telephone adapter or a different phone (if you are using an IP phone or any other VoIP-specific hardware).  Your hub can be a criminal.  You may even want to check your headset, which most likely causes latency.

 If the system converts the analog or digital signal, it can only contribute to the latency.

 There is a difference in the timing of both events when audio data is being transferred and when both events take place, and this can do as well as audio trends.

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How To Increase WiFi Speed Easily? - Chinguriabarta।

 How To Increase WiFi Speed? Best Ways To Increase WiFi Speed. 

How To Increase WiFi Speed? Best Ways To Increase WiFi Speed.

Whether at the office or at home, checking social media or mail, internet is needed in all cases. 

     So the demand for WiFi router at home is also increasing now.  Because, just like multiple devices can be connected to one, surfing the internet can be done sitting at any end of the house. 

    However, even if the router is installed, the speed of the internet does not match well for several reasons.  With these 5 things in mind, Wi-Fi speed can be easily increased a lot. 

Today, We Describe that How To Increase WiFi Speed And Easy Ways To Increase WiFi Speed

(1) = Place the router in the middle of the house :

  It is usually advisable to place the router in a corner of the room next to the window to keep the amount of wires low while making the connection.  Keep the router in the middle of the house to get the best coverage.  

   Remember, Wi-Fi spreads omni-directionally.  In other words, the signal is transmitted to the center of the router in the same way that the sound is emitted from the tube.  

     So if you put one, half the signal will go out of the house.  As a result, you will get less speed.

(2) = Keep eye height : 

  The signal matches best when the router is placed 5 feet above the ground.  Keep the router at eye level.  Do not place the router with any device that may interfere with the signal. 

    For example, cordless phone base, any other router, printer, microwave, etc.

(3) = Connect fewer devices : 

  There is a party at home.  Friends and relatives are all coming.  Decided to connect the home Wi-Fi for everyone's use.  With that you will do some work yourself.  Keep in mind that if you connect more than one device, the Wi-Fi speed will be greatly reduced. Several routers now have the option to block devices.  

     If you see a particular device pulling more bandwidth, block it.  Ask to use Wi-Fi only to surf the internet.  If someone wants to download something, tell them to wait or forbid.

(4) = Connect repeater : 

  The repeater will increase the Wi-Fi speed quite a bit.  You will find many repeaters in the market and on online shopping sites.  Prices start from around Rs.  It is also very easy to configure. 

     If you have an old good router at home, it can also be used as a repeater.  But for this you have to go to the settings page and configure it.

(5) = Use USB Router : 

  Before buying a router, make sure it has a USB port.  Try to buy a router with USB port.  Because if you have a USB port, you can connect an external hard drive.  It works for all connected devices to act as network storage.  

   Or you can connect a printer.  It does not need to be connected to any one device.  Printing can be done from any device on the network.  As is commonly seen, such routers are quite powerful.  The signal is quite good. 

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If you follow this process properly, then you can increase wifi speed easily. 


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Samsung Galaxy M21s Price and Specification। chinguriabarta।

Samsung Galaxy M21s Price and Specification : 

Samsung Galaxy M21s Price and Specification 

Samsung Galaxy M21s : 

South Korean smartphone company Samsung has launched a new smartphone.  The company has launched the Samsung Galaxy M21s in the Brazilian market.  The new AO phone is similar to the Galaxy F41 launched in India last month.  There is no change in the design and features of this phone.  The Samsung Galaxy M21S is priced at 1,529 BRL, which is about Rs 20,500 in Indian currency.  Customers will get 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage of the phone.  There in India, the Samsung Galaxy F41 phone was launched with 6GB RAM and 64GB storage at Rs 16,999.

  The Samsung Galaxy M21s has a 6000 mAh battery, Super AMOLED display and a 64-megapixel triple rear camera setup.  Find out the complete specification of the phone

Samsung Galaxy M21s Specification

 The Samsung Galaxy M21S has a 6.4-inch Full HD Plus (2340 × 1080 pixels) sAMOLED display.  The phone has an Infinity-U display.  Inside the phone is an Exynos Octa Core 9611 processor and for the GPU there is an ARM Mali G72.  With 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, which can be expanded via microSD card.

Camera of Samsung Galaxy M21s :

 This phone has a triple rear camera setup for taking pictures.  It has a 64-megapixel primary camera with f / 1.8 aperture, 8-megapixel ultra wide lens with f / 2.2 aperture and 5-megapixel depth sensor with f / 2.2 aperture.  There is a 32 megapixel camera for selfies and video calling. 

Vivo U20 best Android Phone 

  The Samsung Galaxy M21S will run on Android 10 based One UI Core system.  This phone has a 6000 mAh battery for power.  Which will support 15 watt charging.  For connectivity there is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, USB Type-C port and 3.5mm headphone jack.

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The Nutritional Value And Various Benefits Of Mushrooms। মাশরুমের পুষ্টিগুন।

 The Nutritional Value And Various Benefits Of Mushrooms। মাশরুমের পুষ্টিগুন।  

Nutrition of mushroom
Nutrition Of Mushrooms, Benefits Of Mushrooms       

Top 10 Best nutrition and healthiest food in the world. 

Mushrooms are rich in essential nutrients such as protein, vitamins and minerals.  It does not contain harmful substances such as fats and carbohydrates. 

 Let's learn about the nutritional value and various benefits of mushrooms.

Mushrooms are rich in essential nutrients such as protein, vitamins and minerals in our daily diet.  Mushrooms are the best in terms of nutrition.  In addition, the excess of nutrients such as fats and carbohydrates that lead us to complex diseases, it goes without saying that mushrooms.  It is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants.  These ingredients play a very important role in the prevention of diabetes, cancer, etc. and weight loss. 

 Today we will know in detail about the nutrition of mushroom and various benefits of mushroom

What Is A Mushroom? 

Mushrooms are the fruit organs of a kind of edible fungus.  These are mainly fungi belonging to the class Basidiomycetes or Ascomycetes.  Mushrooms are a kind of non-flowering plant.  This includes fungi or eumicitis.  It does not have chlorophyll in it, so it cannot prepare its own food like plants with green particles.  That is why they depend on animals or plants for food.

The nutritional value of mushrooms : 

 As the nutritional value of mushrooms is comparatively higher than the foods we eat every day, it is very helpful in keeping the body healthy while meeting the nutritional needs of the body.  Mushrooms contain each of the 9 amino acids needed by the human body.  

Eating mushrooms regularly reduces the risk of obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc., as protein-rich mushrooms do not contain any harmful fats.  One study found that every 100 grams of mushrooms contain 25-35 grams of protein, 56-60 grams of vitamins and 5-6 grams of minerals, sugars, 4-6 grams of beneficial fats.  

The amount of fiber is also very satisfactory and its amount is about 10-28%.  This amount is much higher than other foods.  Dried mushrooms contain 56-80% vitamins and minerals which play a very effective role in protecting our health.  It also plays an important role in reducing the risk of cancer.  

Mushrooms also play an important role in protecting the body as they contain important elements like calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and sodium.

 How to eat mushrooms?  

 Mushrooms are not only delicious to eat, they are also very beneficial for our health.  So mushrooms should be included in the daily diet.  However, only cultivated mushrooms should be eaten instead of waste mushrooms.  It can be fried, soup or cooked or eaten as a salad.  Raw or dried mushrooms are soaked in boiling hot water for 15 to 20 minutes, washed well and discarded.  Mushrooms can also be eaten fried or cooked as a vegetable.  It can also be cooked and eaten with curry or fish-meat.

 Health benefits of mushrooms : 

 1.  Increasing immunity : 

 Naturally, mushrooms contain the most vitamins and minerals and antioxidants, so it enhances the human body's immune system.  Mushrooms are an essential antioxidant for the human body called polyphenols and selenium which protect the body from some deadly diseases, such as stroke, nervous system diseases and cancer.

 2.  Cholesterol and blood pressure control : 

 Mushrooms are one of the main cholesterol-lowering ingredients in erythrodytes, lovastatin, entadenine, ketene and vitamins B, C and D. Regular consumption of mushrooms reduces high blood pressure.  

It is high in fiber and rich in potassium.  It also contains very little sodium which helps in controlling blood pressure and other functions of the heart.

Health Benefits Of Cardamom.     

 3.  Helps in digestion and weight control : 

 The high fiber content of mushrooms helps to keep the stomach full for a long time.  It also plays a role in controlling blood sugar levels.  As a result, these mushrooms can play a special role in reducing body weight.  The fiber and enzymes in it also help in digestion.  It also helps increase the work of beneficial bacteria in the gut and increase the absorption of nutrients by the colon.  So you can take the opportunity to lose weight by eating mushrooms instead of eating high fat rich red meat.

 4.  Diabetes control : 

 Mushrooms, which are rich in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, can be very beneficial for diabetic patients.  Regular consumption of mushrooms controls the amount of sugar in the blood.  In addition, mushrooms contain enzymes and natural insulin, so they play a special role in controlling diabetes by breaking down excess sugar in the body.

 5.  Eliminate anemia : 

 When the amount of iron in the blood is too low, anemia occurs and this leads to mental exhaustion, headaches and digestive problems.  Mushrooms are rich in iron, which is a boon for anemia patients.  Therefore, regular consumption of mushrooms reduces the risk of anemia.

 6.  Increases bone strength : 

 Although vegetables do not contain vitamin D, mushrooms are rich in vitamin D, which helps increase the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.  It also helps to increase our bone strength as it contains a lot of calcium.  So there is no comparison of mushrooms to reduce joint pain and prevent various bone diseases.

 7.  Keeping the skin healthy : 

 Mushrooms are rich in vitamins, niacin and riboflavin, so they are good for the skin.  Moreover, as it contains about 80-90 percent water, it plays a special role in keeping the skin soft and supple.

 8.  Prevents cancer : 

 The phytochemicals in mushrooms inhibit the growth of tumors.  There is no comparison of mushrooms in the prevention of various cancers such as breast and prostate cancer.

Types of mushrooms :  

 Agarix - This type of mushroom is edible, edible, toxic and intoxicating at the same time.

 Boletes - Most of this group are edible and are considered by many to be delicious food.  A genus / genus mushroom called Borofutus from Bangladesh was first discovered in 2012 and it has been released as Borofutus dhakanus.

 Bracket fungi

Benefits Of Honey.    

 Chanterelles - Edible.

 Coral fungi - edible.

 Cup fungi - usually edible.

 Jelly Fungi - Commonly eaten, but not as tasty to eat.

 Polypores - Similar to boletes i.e. edible and considered by many to be a delicious food.

 Psychedelic - Also known as shrums.

 Puffballs - usually edible.

 Stinkhorns - Although edible, they do not smell good.

Characteristics of mushrooms : 

 About fourteen thousand species of mushrooms are known in the world so far.  Many species of mushrooms are seen to be produced overnight.  That is, it can grow and spread very quickly.  But most grow slowly.  Planted mushrooms are small in size.  The edible part stays fresh for a while.  Most mushrooms in the world have a bar and an umbrella-like cap.  Occasionally there are seeds or shoots on the underside of the cap of the fungus inflorescence.

 Armilaria solidipes (formerly Armillaria ostoe) is found in the Malleur National Forest in the United States as the habitat of the mushroom species, which is said to be about 2,400 years old and the oldest.  It covers an area of ​​about 2,200 acres (7.9 km).

Mushroom varieties : 

 There are several thousand varieties of mushrooms in nature, of which 8-10 varieties are commercially cultivated.  The temperature and relative humidity of Bangladesh are very suitable for mushroom cultivation.  The cultivable varieties of mushrooms in Bangladesh are-

 Serial No. (Common Name)+( English Name) +(Scientific Name) : 

 1. Oyster mushroom : (Oyster mushroom)+ ( Pleurisies Sapp). 

2 . Milk mushroom : (Milky mushroom) + (Calocybe indica). 

 3. ear mushroom : (Wood ear mushroom) + (Auricularia polytricha). 

 4. Button mushroom : (Button mushroom) + ( Agaricus bisporus). 

 5. Heat tolerate button mushroom : (Heat tolerate button mushroom) + (Agaricus bitorquis) 

 6. Shitake mushroom : (Lantinula edodes). 

7.  Dy Straw mushroom : (Paddy straw mushroom) + (Volveriella volvacea). 

Mushroom Nutrients : 

 Mushrooms Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz). 

√ = Energy 30 kcal 110 kJ

√ = Carbohydrates 4.1 g

√ = Fat 0.1 g

√ =  Protein 2.5 g

√ = Thiamine (Vit. B1) 0.1 mg 8%

√ = Riboflavin (Vit. B2) 0.5 mg 33%

√ = Niacin (Vit. B3) 3.8 mg 25%

√ = Pantothenic acid (B5) 1.5 mg 30%

√ = Vitamin C 0 mg 0%

√ = Calcium 18 mg 2%

√ = Phosphorus 120 mg 17%

√ = Potassium 448 mg 10%

√ = Sodium 6 mg 0%

√ = Zinc 1.1 mg 11%

[{( Percentages are relative to US

 recommendations for adults.

 Source: USDA Nutrient database)}]

Use of mushrooms as a pure vegetable :

 God has given immunity to the human body through vegetables and fruits.  Vitamins and minerals help the human body to develop immunity.  Vegetables and fruits are high in vitamins and minerals.  According to nutritionists, a person needs to eat 200-250 grams of vegetables and fruits daily to lead a healthy and vigorous life.  It is not possible for many of us to eat this amount, which is why we suffer from malnutrition and various diseases.

Delicious mushroom recipe / dish :

মাশরুমের পুষ্টিগুণ - মাশরুমের উপকারীতা
Mushroom recipe, Mushroom dish, মাশরুম     

 Popular delicacies of various fast food mushrooms including mushroom fry, mushroom meat, mushroom fish, mushroom vegetables, mushroom soup, mushroom noodles, mushroom omelette, mushroom mash can be made.

Medicinal properties and various uses of mushrooms : 

 The use of mushrooms in various diseases is well known.  Mushrooms are used to treat arthritis, pain, jaundice, worms and blood clots.

 Mushrooms lower blood pressure and work against tumor cells.

 Regular mushrooms increase physical and mental strength.  Increases blood circulation and eliminates colds, coughs.

 Mushrooms are beneficial for patients with high blood pressure and diabetes.

 Having enough fiber in mushrooms helps to keep the body slim.

 Mushrooms relieve constipation.  Mushrooms are a simple and very important food for patients as the digestibility of protein is 70-80 percent.

 Color bottle cork.  Mushrooms are also used as photo frames and vases.

Benefits Of Mushroom :

 Mushrooms release the body's stored cholesterol.  Prevents and cures incurable diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, tumors, obesity, jaundice, anemia, dengue fever etc.

Although it is a supplementary food, its taste is multiplied when cooked with other foods.  Not to mention the qualities of mushrooms that have been used for a long time.  So let's eat more mushrooms and make our body resistant to diseases.





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How To Make An Email Account? Create Email Account Step By Step।

How To Make An Email Account? Create Email Account Step By Step।

How To Make An Email Account step by step?
How To Make Email Account?    

 More or less everyone is familiar with e-mail.  This post is for those who still don't know much about email accounts. 

Today, We are talking about what is e-mail? how to make an email account? How To create an email account?      

What is an e-mail?

 The current age of information technology has made our daily walk easier and more vibrant.  In addition, e-mail is one of the most common terms.

 Email is the short form of Electronic Mail.  E-mail is basically the process of sending messages from a computer connected to the internet or any other device to any other device through the internet.

Why use e-mail?

 Why use e-mail?  This is a very good question.  Well if you are asked why do you use mobile?  What is the answer?  Surely I can easily communicate with everyone in no time.  See if you have a mobile but can't talk to anyone right?  SIM of any mobile service provider required.  Each SIM has a different number or identity so that you can be easily traced or understood that you have contacted someone.

Email Marketing Complete Guidelines (2020) For Everyone.    


Email and mobile phones are becoming more and more urgent day by day.  There was a time when it would take a lot of time to send any document.  But now we can send any document instantly to any country or place via email.  In this case, everyone needs an identity like a mobile SIM so that you can be recognized separately.  This is where e-mail does its job.

 Email is not the only message you send.  You need an email for almost everything you do online now.  To get online banking, Facebook account, any freelancing platform or any other type of online account or service you need an e-mail account.

Which e-mail service should I use?

 There are numerous email service providers who provide free e-mail services.  There are various email service providers like : 

(1) =

(2) =

How To Recover Deleted Message From Gmail?      

(3) =

(4) =

(5) =

(6) = etc. 

 Which e-mail service should I use now?  Gmail is my personal choice in terms of justice, security and other aspects.  However, you can use any other e-mail service if you want.  After Gmail I am personally in favor of Yahoo.  Let's see how to open a Gmail account.  Opening other mails should be done in a close manner.

How To Make an email account ?

Making an email account is not a difficult task, once you show it, you can open it yourself if needed.  In a previous post I suggested Gmail as an email service provider.  

Today, we will see how to make an email account? / how to create a Gmail account? 

 1st step to making an email account : 

How To create an email account
How To Make An Email Account Step By Step?     

 Going to, you will see a page like the image below.  From there, click Create Account.

Unknown History Of Gmail.    

 The 2nd Step To Making An Email Account :    

How To create an email account step by step?
How To Create An Email Account?      

Now a page like the picture below will open.  

Put the first part and the last part of your name there.  

Now give what you want to give your email address.  

If your name is Mr. Helal , try it first, if no one has already taken that address then you will get it.  

And if someone's address has already been registered under that name, then “Someone already has that username.  Try another? ”  

You will see this message.  

Then you can try adding any number or something special with your name.  If it shows the same message again, try something more. 

 If no more messages show up, good luck with your email address.

 Now enter a strong password for your email that no one else can think of.  The harder your password, the more secure your email account will be from being hacked.  However, it is better not to give a password that you will forget yourself.

 Now give your date of birth, gender and phone number.  Then ask them to give you the email account you are currently using, if any.  However, we assume that this is your first email account , so leave this field blank.

 You will then be asked to enter a captcha code, if you wish, and tick the box above.  However, it may send a code to your mobile for verification, but not again.  Then tick the Terms and Privacy Policy below and click Next Step.

How To Send Email?   

The first step in sending an email :

 If you want to send emails from computer, you can send emails very easily using any browser. You can also use browser for mobile or you can send emails through smartphone application. 

 Most people nowadays use smart phones.  That's why today we will look at how to send emails from the Gmail application.  If you want to send an email from the browser, you have to open, log in with the email account and password. In the case of the application, you have to log in in the same way. 

after coming to the login page ,You have to type your Email account  in the cell of Email or phone. Then click on 

➡️Next button.

➡️ Enter your password Enter the password of the email id in the box.  ➡️ Click the Next button.

 The second step to sending email :   

 To send an email, click on the Compose button. Clicking on the Compose button will open a new window.

To enter the Email account of the person to whom you want to send the email.

In the Subject field, enter the subject of the email.

In the Compose mail box, enter the main content of your email.

 If you want to send a photo or a document file via email, in that case you have to click on the Attach file option and select the file.

As soon as you click the send button, the email will go to the recipient's address.

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