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Bijoy Ekushe Software Download For Free 2023.বিজয় একুশে সফটওয়্যার।

Bijoy Ekushe Software Free Download in 2023 (HONEST REVIEW)


Bijoy Ekushe  App for Android OS is developed for writing Bangla in Unicode System with Bijoy Keyboard. You should download the App, set up and then use it. This App follows Bijoy Keyboard perfectly as it is in desktop and PCs.
Bijoy for Android is a completely new version developed by their workers. After downloading the app install the APP, do the setup and you will be able to use it as it is being used in desktop and PCs. This amazing app will work in the Android OS which supports Unicode Bangla. You can use it in Smartphones, Tablets and Desktop PCs.If you face any problem please contact us on the website or app to have support. Bijoy's are continuing its development and shall upload the newest version as soon as it is developed. Please use the newest version for more convenience and expert guidance.

The most popular versions of this product among the bijoy users are: 2.0, 2.1 and 7.0. The names of this program executable files are Bijoy Ekushe.exe, Bijoy Bangla Converter.exe, BijoyBayanno.exe and BijoyEkushe.exe. The product will soon be reviewed by Bangla company informers.


Bijoy Ekushe is a bangla typing software which is a more popular software in Bangladesh.  Bijoy 21 supports windows 8/7/xp/vista/Mac,Desktops and Pc's. Really, for users of Windows xp is extremely simple to use to Bijoy Bangla software. Be that as it may for those who are running Windows xp, 7 or 8 with the version of Bijoy Ekushe  to find software repair.It's a paid software with amazing quality.

Bijoy Ekushe  FEATURES :

Complete word processing package available.

•Conversion based Easy Bangla typing.

•Uses SmartBangla Typing Technology ever seen before.

•Create Bangla Web pages instantly.

•Best of all it’s Free for personal use or buisness use.

•Easy to use.

•100% trusted and guaranteed.

This Software has Four Mode for Writing now:


02 Bijoy Unicode

03 Bijoy Classic

04 English

The UNICODE Mode was unavailable for this Software in a Previous Version. But from now you can write amazing unicode system with this Software like Avro Keyboard.


Bijoy Ekushe typing system, which extends Assamese/Bengali typing support to Microsoft Word users, replacing a host of separate incompatible for commercial products to type Bangla.
It does not support Unicode, but it's compatible with the majority of TTF,unique fonts and a lot of different keyboard layouts.
This program received an award which made it popular.
This software was checked for viruses and was found to be clean and safe for everyone.
It's the trusted site and app.
100% guarantee.

Most Popular Bangla Word Typing Software:Bijoy Ekushe 

We have done a lot of work on computers that need to be written in English as well as in other languages like Bengali.
Bijoy Ekushe  2019 free download is the most popular software to write in language Bangla. The important aspect is that it can be written directly with the Unicode with zero errors.The option can be changed with non-Unicode or ASCII easily.
 Anything can be written directly through the Unicode on the internet, which was never possible before without Avro Bangla keyboard software but now you can easily access and get the Bangla word typing software for using on your computer.
A person may not be able to find someone who does not know about Bijoy 52 as it is called the unique software typing in Bangla.Most of us started typing Bangla with the Bijoy Keyboard only. But the Bijoy Ekushe  2019 free download new version of the young generation is still somewhat faded, but if you count them, the number of people who use victory will be much more in number using this software.

Bijoy 52 Latest Version Bijoy Ekushe :  


This Bijoy 52 download is a very old version now.Please buy new and completely latest version of “Bijoy Ekattor” or “Bijoy Ekushe” from Bijoy official site www.bijoyekushe.net
Anyone can use “Bijoybayanno” on your PC. It could only be used at your own risk always remember this. I recommended you to buy “Bijoy Ekattor” or “Bijoy Ekushe” bangla typing program. If you buy a new version with a little amount of money you can easily be absolutely sure about the software. So now try “Bijoy bayanno”, and later on buy the Bijoy Ekushe and use the best features.
People who speak Bengali would usually like to read Bangla language, which is normal.

Who dont love his mother’s language? Everyone wants to speak and write in their own language fluently and repeatedly. That’s why there are a number of Bangla typing software available for writing Bangla on your computer very easily and effectively. Bijoy typing program is one of the most popular and unique Bangla writing programs.
In fact, typing Bengali is a very easy thing for anyone who knows it.
Writing Bangla is easier with Bijoy. But it requires a beautiful and more practice. Bijoy is a Bangla writing unique software. Avro is another Bengali writing creative software.

However, this review applies to Bijoy bayannoBijoy EkusheBijoy Ekattor.
Many people have spent a lot of money to train Bangla language writing with Bijoy. Many others are trying to learn more and more day by day.The users rated the app very effectively.


Bijoy Ekushe is a very familiar name for computer users in Bangladesh.
It is becoming more popular now-a-days. However, in addition to the this typing Program, many are using it. When using it looks good.

You can write Bangla very quickly and effectively without any time wastage.Even Bijoy keyboard gives a perfect idea of ​​how to type Bangla.
For the benifit of Bengali friends i made this honest review.
Bijoy does not need to be installed on your PC you can download and open the file to see the entire tip. If you have trouble opening the file, you can view the file from any of your browsers like ChromeOperaFirefox or UC browser,Google,etc. So, friends do not delay your work,start downloading and start practicing Bangla type.

How to Install Bijoy Ekushe software 

 1. first download the software from our site.

 2. Then double click the software.

 3. New window will come Click Yes. 

 4. Software will be installing and click close.

 5. Restart your computer and enjoy Bijoy Ekushe software (বিজয় একুশে সফটওয়্যার) .

Keyboard Details:

Q =  ঙ                                         Shift + Q = ং
W =  য                                        Shift + W = য়
E =  ড                                         Shift + E = ঢ
R =  প                                      Shift + R = ফ
T =  ট                                         Shift + T = ঠ
Y =  চ                                         Shift + Y = ছ
U =  জ                                     Shift + U = ঝ
I =  হ                                          Shift + I =  ঞ
O =  গ                                         Shift + O = ঘ
P =  ড়                                         Shift + P = ঢ়
A = ‍ ‍ ‍ৃ                                       Shift + A =  র্
S =   ‍ু                                    Shift + S = ‍ ‍ূ
D =  ি                                  Shift + D =     ী
F =  া                                      Shift + F =  অ
G =  ্                                        Shift + G =  ।
H =  ব                                        Shift + H = ভ
J =  ক                                        Shift + J =  খ
K =  ত                                        Shift + K = থ
L =  দ                                         Shift + L = ধ
Z =  ্র (র ফলা)         Shift + Z = ্য (য ফলা)
X =  ও                                     Shift + X = ৗ

C =   ে                                         Shift + C =   ৈ

V =  র                                         Shift + V =  ল

B =  ন                                         Shift + B =  ণ
N =  স                                         Shift + N =  ষ
M =  ম                                        Shift + M = শ
J + G + (Shift + N) = ক্ষ
(Shift + I ) + G + U = ঞ্জ
U + G + ( Shift + I ) = জ্ঞ
Q + G + O = ঙ্গ

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Enjoy this App.

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