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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

How To Get More Organic Traffic (visitors) To Your Website?

How To Get More Organic Traffic (visitors) To Your Website? 

If you want to make money from a site, you first need Organic Traffic (Visitors).

 If you fail to bring these visitors to your site, there will be no income from your site! It's like any business.

 There are many ways you can bring organic traffic (visitors) to your site and I will show you some remarkably effective ways that you too can get more organic traffic to your site in a few days.

But before I show you how to get more organic traffic (visitors), let me tell you about different types of website traffic or visitors.

 Depending on the source of visitors to a website, they can be divided into 4 categories :

 Direct traffic : 

 Direct traffic is the number of visitors who enter your site by searching by putting the web address of your site in a browser.

If someone like this searches my site in his web browser and enters my site directly, he will be considered as direct traffic for my site.

 Social traffic : 

 Visitors from social media are social traffic. People from different social media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. who click on the link of your website and enter your site are the social traffic of your site.

 Referral traffic : 

 If there is a link to your site on another site, all the visitors who come to your site with that link are the referral traffic of your site.

 Organic traffic : 

The traffic that comes from search engines is organic traffic.

 Suppose someone writes a keyword and searches on Google and one of your articles is found on the first page of Google's search results.

 Now if he enters by clicking on the link to your site, he will be considered as an organic traffic to your site.

 For example, if you go to Google and search for Bijoy Ekushe Software , you will find an article on the first page of my Bangla site chinguriabarta.Com.

 Now if you click on that article on my site you will actually be considered as an organic traffic to my site.

 All this traffic can be divided into two parts : 

√ = Free Traffic (Visitors). 

√ = Paid Traffic (Visitors). 

 The traffic that you can bring to your site without any cost is free traffic and the method of bringing traffic by cost is paid traffic.

 I will show both free and paid traffic generation methods in this guide.

So first of all I am showing free methods to bring traffic.

How to get free direct traffic on your site? 

 Promote your website : 

 First of all, no traffic will come to your site except your acquaintances.  So get down to publicity right after you open your website.

How To Get more organic traffic - how to increase organic traffic on website -how to improve website Organic visitors? 

 Don't miss out on talking about your site to anyone from relatives to friends, neighbors.  You will see that many people are already visiting your site.

Use the name of your website as your email and Skype signature : 

 If you put the name of your site below the signature of your email, anyone you send an email to will know about your site immediately.

Similarly, add your site name below your Skype profile.

Participate in various local, national and international conferences : 

 You can get to know a lot of people by attending various conferences.  Tell them about your site and who gets you if you get a chance to say something at a conference or seminar.

 Let everyone know the name of your site.  You will see that hundreds of people have entered your site on the spot.

Name your WiFi after your site : 

 Doing so will allow anyone around you to search for a WiFi internet network, find out about your website, and so many will access your site.

How to get free social traffic / visitors on your website? 

Keep sharing your articles on different social media platforms. 

After publishing your article, share it on various social media channels.  Whatever you publish like this, keep sharing it on your social media profile and page.

 At the same time keep increasing your social media connections.  This way you can get more organic traffic to your site from social media.

Occasionally re-share previously shared articles : 

 Once you share your content, don't think you're done.  By sharing it over and over again, you can get more organic traffic to your site.

Ask your acquaintances to share your article : 

 If you want to improve your life, you have to stay ten hands away from EGO.  There are many of you who would find it insulting to share your content with someone requesting a little, but don't forget to think about it.

Keep telling your acquaintances to share your content regularly. Try to solve the problems of the group members by going to different relevant groups. 

 There are various groups on all social media platforms including Facebook to solve the problems of their members.  Join your niche relevant group and try to solve their problem with your advice.

Give standard answers on Quora and Yahoo Answers : 

 You can write regular answers on Quora and Yahoo Answers to get more targeted social traffic.  People are constantly asking different questions on these platforms.

 Let them know if you know the answers to these questions. Keep publishing blog posts on LinkedIn Pulse and Medium. 

 Many people visit these two platforms, so you can get their attention by publishing your blog post there.

How to get free referral traffic on your site? 

 Make good comments on other sites. The easiest way to get referral traffic easily is to comment more on other sites.

 If you regularly comment on other sites, you will see that many people are visiting your site from those sites.

Submit guest post : 

 Guest post is publishing your written content on any other site.  In this way many people bring thousands of organic traffic to their own site. You can also try guest posting.

Publish other people's guest posts on your site : 

 Similarly, let others post guests on your site.  If you see that they are also adding a link to your site on their site, so you can bring referral traffic to your site through that link.

Publish it on your site with interviews of other website owners : 

 Publishing other people's interviews on your site is very useful because the person whose interview you are publishing will give a link to your site on his As Seen On page.

Similarly keep trying to publish your interview on another site.

 Publish round-up post : 

 A round-up post is about sharing the opinions or suggestions of different experts on a topic.

 Through such posts, many people will mention your site link on their site which can be a good source of referral traffic.

 Do email marketing : 

 Email marketing can bring you a lot of referral traffic.  So collect more and more emails and send various helpful content including links to your site.

How to get free organic traffic on your website? 

 You may have to wait a few months to get organic traffic, but once the organic traffic starts coming in it is very good news for your site.

Keep writing your articles on a low competitive niche :

 To get organic traffic you need to rank your content in search engines and for that you should select your niche on low competitive keywords.

 However, make sure that the search volume of your niche main keyword is enough.  The search volume of a keyword means the number of times that keyword is searched.

 The keywords of the articles should be less competitive. 

No matter what article you write, if it is on a low competitive keyword, you can rank it very quickly.

So it is better if your keywords are low competitive.

The search volume of the keyword should be a lot

 You should take a look at the search volume of keywords in your article.  This is because if the search volume of your keywords is not enough, even if you rank in it, you will not get much organic traffic.

 Write on long-tail keywords : 

 It is better to target long-tail keywords because it makes it easier to rank and at the same time can rank on more than one keyword.

Ad here to some keyword prominence : 

 In order to get more organic traffic by ranking your article, it is important to follow some keyword prominence.

 This will make it easier to rank your targeted keywords in the title of your article and in some other parts.

 Write a detailed blog post (publish a guide of 1500 to 2000 words or more) : 

 Now there is no day before that you can be ranked by writing short posts.  So try to publish a little detailed post.

 However, when it comes to creating content in Bengali, there will still be a lot of small content rank because there is not much competition.

 Maintain responsive design : 

 Using a responsive webpage will make your site look beautiful on any digital device.  A good quality responsive theme is enough to make your site responsive. So why not use the theme to see if it is responsive.

Make the webpage of your articles faster : 

 The speed of your webpage is a very important factor, so pay attention to the speed of your site and try to increase it by optimizing it.

 Now I will show you the ways to get paid traffic one by one.

How to get paid direct traffic on your site? 

 You can add to newspapers, television, and radio. 

If you add ads to these channels, many people will get news of your site from offline and will show interest to enter your site.

Mention your site name on your business card : 

 Your business card can play a big role in promoting your site, so be sure to mention your site's web address on your card.

make a handbill and distribute it : 

 If you want to increase the direct traffic to your website, you can distribute it by printing a handbill about your site.

 Can do postering : 

 Similarly postering can be another great way to increase direct traffic to your site.

You can add your site to the billboard : 

 This can be very costly but if you can make good money from your site then your site can be promoted in this way.

How to get paid social traffic on your site? 

 Facebook Boosting : 

 Facebook boosting can be a great way to get your targeted traffic from social media. It works for my site and you can use it to bring more social traffic to your site.

 LinkedIn Premium : 

 With this platform's premium plan you can bring some traffic to your site.

 Twitter ads : 

 Twitter also has ads on their platform that you can try.

How to get paid referral traffic on your site? 

 Sponsored post : 

 You can post sponsored to bring in paid referral traffic.  On different sites you publish your post for a certain amount of money which will have a link to your site.

How to get paid search traffic on your site? 

 Google Ads : 

 Google's AdWords is now known as Google AdSense, and it allows you to drive search traffic to your site.

 Bing Ads : 

 Similarly with Bing Ads you can bring visitors to your site from Bing search engine.

 Give others guest posts on your site : 

 Just as you post on other people's sites, give others the opportunity to post on your site. 

 By doing this you will also get others who will be motivated to bring traffic to your site. 

 This is because those who post to your site will want their content to be seen by others so they will continue to promote the content in a variety of ways.

 You can publish it on your site with an interview with another successful person. 

 By doing this, many people will come to your site to read that interview because that successful person is known to many. 

 Interview yourself and others on the site because the more good content is published on a site, the better the site is likely to do.

 And the hassle of making an interview is much less because the person who will do the interview is getting a borough part of the interview from you.

 Paid referral traffic : 

 The way you can get referral traffic for free, but also in paid way. 

 Many sites offer premium guest posting where you can spend a certain amount of money to publish your posts.

How to get direct traffic? 

  Direct traffic is the number of visitors to your site who enter your site directly, which means they enter your web browser through your site.

  The more people know about your site, the more people will enter your site as direct traffic. 

  In the same way you can make T-shirts, mugs, pens etc. and name your site on it. 

 Distribute these products to your target audience : 

  Whenever someone sees or uses that product, many people will be interested to know more details about it by entering your site. 

  You can also get a lot of direct traffic to your site by advertising in newspapers and other offline media. 

Thanks for reading our post. Stay tuned to our website for all the new blog tips, Tech update, technology related content, tips and tricks, latest movie download, free software download, health tips and latest information. 

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