Friday, November 22, 2019

Bougainville, an island nation in the Pacific, is heading for an independent country.

Another  new country is being added to the world mapBougainville, an island nation in the Pacific, is heading for an independent country.

 A referendum is being held on Saturday on the question of independence.  It will be the 5th independent country in the world if voted for.

 At the base of the earth will emerge a new independent state.  December 8 will be the second round of voting.  The results will be known at the end of December.  News of the BBC.

 No more autonomy or independence, the vote of the day will decide the two hundred and seven thousand inhabitants of the archipelago.

 Observers think three-quarters of the vote will fall in favor of independence.  If voting goes for independence, it will not be effective immediately.  This may well be the first step towards Bougainville's independence.

 Observers believe that the Pacific Ocean country is opposing Bougainville's independence, fearing that the islands rich in natural resources like copper and gold will fall apart.  The United States and China also look to the island's vote, the BBC said.

 Beijing has also been focused on strengthening diplomatic relations with the Solomon Islands and Kiribati, along with Bougainville, which is currently rich in natural resources.  Apart from Australia, New Zealand and Japan, the United States has funded the referendum on the archipelago's independence question.
 In the 8th century, the French searched for an archipelago;  It became a German colony at the end of the 8th century, named Germa Neugini.  Took possession of Australia during the First World War;  Although in Japan's hands during World War II, Australians were the main regulatory authorities in Bougainville until the end of the 7th century.

 During the colonial rule, the islands have always been used as military bases.  Twenty-two years after the Germans began their rule, the first Bougainville administrative center was established in the 5th.

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