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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Five popular Brands in the world.

 Despite the increasing popularity of garments made around the world, many tailoring companies still retain the confidence of fashion conscious people through tradition and innovation.  Written by HELAL KHAN , one of the five most popular tailoring brands in the world.


International clothes brand
Caruso clothes brand -    

 Based on Italian heritage and people's interest, Rafael Caruso founded the tailoring business 'Caroso' in 1.  The specialty of the organization is that it creates a brand new garment in a design that no one has ever worn before.
 Considering both material and labor, Caruso's suite is of the highest quality - said Amberto Angeloni, CEO of the company.  "An example of how carefully we make clothing is that it takes 5 minutes to build a button house," she said.  Currently, the company manufactures over one thousand peace suits and jackets.

 Brooks Brothers

International clothes brand
Brooks Brothers - 

 When Donald Trump made his inaugural address as president of the United States, he was wearing a Brooks Brothers coat and shirt.  Based in New York, the company manufactures apparel based on American tradition.  Established in the year 1, the tailor company manufactures at least five presidential clothing.  Among those are President Lincoln, Kennedy and Barack Obama.  Even when Lincoln died, he was wearing a Brooks Brothers coat.  One of the oldest in the United States, the company produces clothing for men, women and children - of all kinds.

Donald Trump is an american president
Donald Trump and wife -   

 Donald Trump arrives wearing Brooks Brothers suit and shirt at the inauguration as President.

 Gibbs & Hawks

Clothes brand
Gibbs And Hawks -   

 Gibbs & Hawks, a London-based company known for making coat-shirts.  It is one of the oldest tailoring companies in the world.  Founded in 1979, Gibbs & Hawks is the current owner of Hong Kong Multinational Company Trinity Limited.  The company's list of customers includes stars like Bill Clinton and Michael Jackson.  Gibbs and Hawks made the costume while balancing tradition and innovation.  As a result, fashionable people have a different appreciation for it.  The company supplies clothing to the British army and navy as well as to the royal family.


Clothing brands
Huntsman Brand -  

 The Huntsman is especially famous for making men's clothing.  It was founded by Henry Huntsman in London's Seville in the 5th.  Most of the members of the royal family of Britain made garments from this organization.  Hollywood stars also order costumes here.  Famous American actor Gregory Peck created three suits for his long 6 years with the organization.  It is regarded as a traditional British brand.  The people who work here are built from the very beginning of the education phase.  As a result, the abilities and skills of the darjis are also developed.

 King Fashions

Clothes brands
King Fashion -  

 Raja Fashions, one of the most popular tailoring brands in the world based in Hong Kong, was established in the 5th.  Until the handover of Hong Kong to China in 9, British expatriates were almost all its customers.  Later, when the British left the country, a branch of King Fashions was established in Britain.  Currently, there are many fashion events in Europe, including King's Fashion.  Even when British Prime Minister Tony Blair was in power, he made shirts and suits from King Fashions.  The company makes clothes for both men and women.

Former british Prime minister
Tony Blair-Formar British prime minister -    

 Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is wearing King Fashions' shirt and suit.

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