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Friday, December 13, 2019

Best Travel Place In Kolkata, India .

Best travel place in India
Best travel place in Kolkata -     
Best Travel Place In Kolkata, India.     

With a little time in hand, many traveled to the neighboring country of India.  There are hardly any people in India who do not enter Kolkata.  However, it is difficult to visit the whole city.  If he has a little time on his hands.  But there are some sights in Kolkata where it is useless to go around.  These sights can be viewed at no cost.  Let's know about those sights


 Kumaratuli is located north of Kolkata.  The Ganga Ghetto region is known as the largest idol making place in South Asia.  This place was created for the purpose of making an idol.  There is no end to the busyness of the Kumaratuli during worship.  You can go other times besides Pujo.  You can see the artistic works of the artists.  The place is great for taking pictures.  Many photographers come from all over the country to see the art of the artists.  He frames those moments.  You can also frame a particular moment by turning around.

 Field or average field

 There are many public parks in the city of Kolkata.  The average field is one of them.  Here are the green plants.  A place of choice for people of all ages, young and old.  Cricket Stadium Eden Gardens, Kolkata Racecourse, Netaji Indoor Stadium and several other football stadiums are part of the field.  Apart from the playground, the Victoria Memorial Hall, the headquarters of the Bangla Academy, Newmarket, Fort William and many more sights are also associated with the grounds.  As a result, moving around in the field is very much like the 'chariot and banana sale' proverb.

 The Marble Palace

 Marble Palace is a spectacular building in Kolkata.  Known more for painting than palace.  Inside the building there are numerous sculptures.  Zeus, Mercury, Apollo, Hera, Venus, the gods of Greek and Roman mythology, have come to life in white bodies.  There are also numerous paintings.  There are two paintings by the German artist Rubens, 'The Marriage of Saint Catherine' and 'The Martyrdom of St. Sebastian'.  There are also two original paintings by English artist Sir Joshua Reynold.  Her paintings are Hercules and Venus and Cupid.

 Mallik Ghat

 People who do not take pictures while going to the fence are fair.  Kolkata's big markets are a great place for street photography.  No tickets are required to enter the market.  As a result, you can take pictures throughout the day.  In the morning you can take pictures and wander around the Mallik Ghat flower market.  To the north of the city, this market is at the end of Howrah Bridge.  On a good morning you can go to the market to smell every kind of flower.

 Hooghly Riverbank

 The best time to visit this riverbank is at dawn and dusk.  From here you can take pictures of sunrise and sunset.  You can walk across the river all day long.  You can hear the sound of the river's water.

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