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Saturday, December 21, 2019

How to celebrate Christmas Day?? কিভাবে বড় দিন উদযাপন করা হয়??

Merry Christmas day 2019
Happy Christmas Day - Merry Christmas Day    
What is Christmas Day?? 

Christmas Day Dec 25 Around the World.  Religious and social events are the biggest festival of the year in the United States.  Most of the American people are Christian communities.  They celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with great enthusiasm.

 Christians put their churches, homes, gardens, business establishments on Christmas trees, candles and lighting with various accessories in front of the day.  It is an outward manifestation of life that is joyful and enlightening.  Everyone goes to see their family members and friends with gift items.

 One of the highlights of the day is the banquet.  The banquet consists of turkey chicken and other ingredients.  The highlight of the day's laughter and curiosity is the arrival of the legendary Santa Claus.  Children are happy to believe that the invisible Santa Claus secretly comes with gift items.

 Most Christian families spend a large amount of money on this day to buy food and gifts.  This day's commercial importance is increasing day by day.
 Christmas in America is not just a celebration of Christianity.  Like other immigrants, the expatriate Bangladeshi family has Christmas celebrations.  In American society, generations born and raised join the festival.  During the season, the sacrifice of shopping falls.  Hearts fall on the market price discount.  As a result, expatriates are busy with shopping.

Christmas day celebration
Merry Christmas - Happy  Christmas Day 2019  

How to celebrate Christmas Day??   

 The Christian community celebrates this day in various ways.  Some celebrate the day day after day, even week after week.  On this day, schools, church authorities and the Christian community organized special events.  They hold special religious music.  There is also a drama system.  Food and gifts are distributed among the poor and the homeless.  Government offices and companies, business institutions, educational institutions are closed on this day.  There was intense traffic on the road as everyone went out to meet each other.
 The festival was held in the middle of the Roman period.  It was a time of relaxation, when there were many fun events.

Ordinary people were given gifts, baby dolls and large candles.  December 25, a day near the southern tip of the equator, is marked as a festival day in the Roman year of Punj.  The festival runs for 12 days in the Scandinavian countries of Europe from late December until early January.  This ritual also influenced America's Christmas celebrations.

 However, the Bible does not specify any specific day of Jesus' birthday.  It is also unclear whether the birth of Jesus has anything to do with December 25th.  However, this day is considered to be Jesus' birthday.  In the Middle Ages, celebrations became a custom in Europe.  December 18 has been celebrated as a federal holiday in the United States since 1870.  Because of this, the importance of the day increases.


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