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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Make Money from Facebook।

Mark Zuckerberg is a seo of Facebook
Earn Money From Facebook -   
What is Facebook??  

Facebook is one of the most popular social media.  Millions of people spend hours every day on Facebook.

Facebook Requirements : 

Without Mark Zuckerberg's social media, the current generation would not be able to think about social media.  But did you know, that you can only share your mind on Facebook - it is no longer limited to that.  In addition to sharing happiness, happiness, and sorrow, you can now earn big bucks from Facebook.  And that is the amount of money you would be surprised to hear.

 How to make this income?? 

 Facebook recently launched a new app.  Where the common people can take part in surveys, tasks and research, etc. and get money in return.  Facebook authorities have taken this step to make Facebook even better.  Facebook product manager Erz Naveh said the feedback would be useful to improve Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp.

 How this app works?? 

 Facebook says the app, called 'Facebook Viewpoint', can be used by people in the United States right now.  Facebook, one of the top social media providers, said the services will be launched in other countries next year.  When you set up a Facebook viewpoint account, you are asked to join a program.  Each program will be notified via Facebook before the start of any program.  It will also tell you how to collect points.

 How to get money?? 

 Facebook will tell you, how many points you can earn from a huge amount of money from Facebook.  Then you have to reach a certain point again to get more money.  You can get the money directly in your PayPal accountNaveh said that when you login to Facebook viewpoint, you will be asked to name, email, address, location, etc.  He says, "Before starting each program, we will tell you how the information provided by that program will be used."

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