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Thursday, February 20, 2020

What Is The Corona Virus? Symptoms Of The Corona Virus. Anti-Corona Virus.

What Is The Corona Virus? Symptoms Of The Corona Virus. Anti-Corona Virus.        

What is the corona virus?  Symptoms of the corona virus.Anti-Corona virus.
What is the Corona Virus? Symptoms of the corona virus. Anti-Corona virus.          

What Is The Corona Virus?   

Coronavirus is an infectious virus that has never spread to humans before.

 Another name for the virus is 2019 - NCOV.  It is a type of coronavirus.  There are many different types of coronavirus, but six can be infected in humans.

 An organization called Acute Receiver Syndrome in Savior says the virus has been known to spread pandemics in China since 2002.  The Corona virus infection killed 748 people on the planet and infected 8098 people.  It was also a type of coronavirus.

 "We have not yet forgotten the horrible experience of SARS, which created a great fear of the new virus. But we are now much more prepared to deal with this type of disease," says Wellcome Trust doctor Josie Golding.

Reasons For Spreading The Corona Virus :-   

Corona Virus Causes Human coronary virus usually affects a person's airway.  Bronchial fluid passes from person to person during cough or sneezing.  Also, if the infected person sneezes or coughs in the open air without covering his mouth, the virus spreads to the air.

 Other causes of the spread of the virus are a handshake with an infected person, touching the nose or mouth together with an infected object, and in rare cases, touching the excreta of the patient.  Human coronary virus symptoms NL63 and 229E, HKU1 and OC43 cause flu-like symptoms, which are mild to moderate.  On the other hand, Mars and Sars cause serious symptoms.

Symptoms Of The Corona Virus :-   

A) Staying cold.
 B) Sore throat.
 C) Cough.chinguriabarta 
 D) Headache.
 E) having fever.
 F) Sneezing.
 G) Being exhausted.
 H) difficulty in breathing.

 This reduces the patient's immunity.  Older people are more commonly infected with this virus.  Even, they are prone to severe illness such as pneumonia or respiratory tract disorder.

What To Do To Prevent Corona Virus?     

 A) Wash your hands with soap after coughing or coughing.

 B) The face should be covered before coughing or sneezing.

 C) When infected, intimacy with another person should be avoided.

 D) Avoid eating unripe meat and eggs.

 E) Keep yourself hydrated at all times.

 F) The drug should be consumed only after the symptoms are noticed.

 G) Avoid smoking.

 H) Proper rest should be taken.

 I) Avoid noise.

Anti-Corona Virus :  

Sarah Gilbert, a professor at the Genre Institute for the Prevention of Preventive Research, said she and her team are working quickly to prevent the spread of Covid-19, a disease caused by the Corona virus.  The antidote will be made in Italy soon.  In addition, at least one thousand doses of the experimental (clinical trial) will be used.

 Sarah Gilbert's team was investigating the spread of the MARS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) virus in 2012.  Being from the same tribe, they have been using previous experience in making antibodies against the Novel Corona virus.

 In a statement on the Jenner Institute's website, Professor Gilbert says that new pathogens like NCOV-19 require rapid immunization.  By using technology that works well for other corona viruses, we have reduced the time it takes to prepare for a 'clinical trial'.  Advent is working with us to finish this as quickly as possible.

 Meanwhile, Italian drug maker Advent SRL has agreed to produce an anti-Corona virus.  As a result, the work is progressing rapidly.  Corona virus will be ready for use within a month.

 Billions of dollars are usually needed to prepare for the prevention of a disease.  Then it was tested on thousands of people.  Although successful there, a number of principles have to be followed before being sold in the anti-market.

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