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How To Recover Deleted Phone Number? Complete Guidelines।

How To Recover Deleted Phone Number? Complete Guidelines.        
Recovery deleted phone number
How To recover Deleted Phone Number?      

Google Contacts is a very popular feature for storing important phone numbers.  When you login to Gmail on your smartphone, the numbers saved on the phone come directly from Google Contacts.  If for some reason the phone number was deleted from Google Contacts, there was no way to get it back.  But this time Google Contact came up with that way.

 This feature allows you to easily Recover Deleted Phone Number .

 This feature of Google Contacts works a lot like the Windows Recycle Bin.  And this is why it has been named 'Truss'.  This is being added as a new tab in Google Contacts.

 All the phone numbers that will be deleted will be found in the truss.  The number that was deleted from the app or the website can also be known from here.

 Deleted numbers can be returned within 30 days.  The user will have two options, one called 'Delete Forever' and the other 'Recover'.  You have to choose any one of these.

 According to Google, this feature will now be available on the Google Contacts website.  But in a few days it will be available to G-Suite users and personal Google accounts.

Other Steps :  

We have some systems in our Android mobile that many of us do not know.  If you are using Android mobile then you must know these things very much.  Android mobile works as well as it works badly.  You can do many things with Android mobile if you want which is never possible without mobile.  Both good and bad are in your hands.  

So today I will talk about a good and very necessary thing for Android mobile.  This is a very important and useful trick in your life.

 Friends, it is often seen that an important number of your mobile has been deleted but you still can't find that number.  The reason you are in so much danger is that you have a very old friend's number on your mobile but the number has been deleted anyway. 

Now you can't contact your friend for this number and you don't even know where your friend is.  It is often seen that the number of a doctor is saved in your mobile, you will not get that number when you need it, maybe the number has been deleted somehow.  

Friends, with today's trick, you can recover any deleted number from your mobile in a moment. 
For this, friends, 
you need to install an app on your mobile, 
you will go to the Play Store, 
search for deleted contacts, 
an app with Android logo.  

He will open the app first, then he will give you the contact permission and after that you will show the contacts on your mobile. You will see that there is an option called Delete. After clicking there, you will see that all the numbers on your mobile are showing.  Then you will see above there is an option of three dot, click there then click on Restore then all the numbers of your mobile will come.

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