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How To Recover Facebook Account Easily?

How To Recover Facebook Account Easily?  

how to recover facebook account? chinguriabarta     

Currently, Facebook is the most popular and widely discussed and used social media.  Facebook is the most used social media in the world.  Many times hackers hack these accounts.  In this we lose our important information.  Many hackers have chosen hacking as a way to earn money.

 So, today I will teach you or present to you, how to recover a Facebook account?  Follow the steps below to recover your Facebook account easily.

Hackers can easily endanger you by hacking your Facebook account.  So as soon as possible you can recover your Facebook ID manually through the following few simple steps.

 1) Go to this link first

 2) A page will appear, from here click on the button "My account is compromised".

 3) You will want the information of the hacked account here.  Give information of any one of the 3 options mentioned.  Click on Search with -

 4) If the information you provided is correct, your account will show up here. 

 5) Now click on "This is My Account".

 6) After clicking will ask for your old password.

 Click "Continue" with your old password here.

 Will give you a confirmation message.  Then continue and cross the next step.  Usually in the next step you will be asked for a new password.  If you fill out the following forms, you will get your account back from Facebook!

  Alternative methods : 

 >> If you see that the password of the Facebook account has been hacked and your mail account is correct, then the password solution can be found by sending a request from this link.

 >> If the above link does not work, you have to click on the following link to get the password.  Need to work according to the next instructions.¬identify.php?show_for-m=hack_login_changed

 >> If the e-mail address has changed, then you have to click on the following link.  Facebook officials will contact you after filling out the form.

 If you are unable to recover your Facebook ID using any of these methods, seek legal help.

 >> Inform the police and BTRC so that you can survive if someone commits a criminal act using your account later.

 If your Facebook account is hacked, you have two options:

 1) Restore the account.

 2) Delete the account forever.

 The Ministry of Information and Communication will assist you in both cases.  Recover the hacked account in just 03 days or delete it subject to your permission!

 If the account is hacked, the first thing to do is to go to the police station of the area and make a GD.  If you do not have the experience to make a GD, the police officer in charge of the police station will also help you.  The police officer in charge will sit in front of it and make a general diary telling you about your problem.  At the end of the GD you will be given a copy of the GD.  Keep this copy very carefully!

 >> After making the GD, your second job will be to contact them by calling the Cyber ​​Security Hotline of the Ministry of Information and Communication!

 Cyber ​​Security Hotline Number: 01766678888. (Contact between 10am and 5pm, closed on Fridays). 

They will want to know if you want to recover your facebook account?

 Or do you want to delete the account forever?

 They will give you an email address after hearing your problem.

 The email address is  

The attachments that you will be asked to send to this email address are:

 1) Scanned copy of GD.

 2) Color scanned copy of voter ID card (must be colored).

 3) Link to hacked Facebook account.

 4) A completely new open email ID that has never been used anywhere before.

 After sending the email with all the attachments, you can call the hotline again to make sure that you have received your email.  Then within 03 days you will be notified by phone after recovering your hacked account.

 May your cyber world be safe!

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