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Sunday, January 10, 2021

How to do youtube video SEO? ইউটিউব ভিডিও এসইও।

How to do youtube video SEO? ইউটিউব ভিডিও এসইও। 

 Google and YouTube algorithms are currently very difficult.  Which is very difficult to distinguish.  Only Google officials are aware of this.  However, Google and YouTube, among many other rules, they have explained that Kiva will work on your YouTube.

How to do youtube video SEO? ইউটিউব ভিডিও এসইও। 

  There is nothing SEO in my opinion on YouTube.  The better your video content here, the more visitors you will get. 

 However, there are some rules that can be used to increase the number of visitors to the video.

 (1) = Save the correct headline or title.

 (2) =  Keep your video content good.

 (3) = Try to improve the video quality.

 (4) = Try making the video thumbnail interesting.

 (5) = Put the main keyword tags of the video well.

 (6) = Express the information well in the video description.

 (7) = Make regular videos.

  Hopefully, if you notice all these issues, your video visitors will definitely increase.

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