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Top 5 Makeup Brands In The World. কসমেটিকস কোম্পানি।

Top 5 Makeup Brands In The World. কসমেটিকস কোম্পানি। 

Best makeup brands in the world / best makeup brand for women 

Finding the top 5 makeup brands out of thousands of cosmetics manufacturers is a daunting task.  Because the foundation of a company is good, the mascara of a company, many shades of someone's lipstick, the company makes products using all the natural ingredients that are very beneficial for the skin.  

Even then, considering the overall situation, the following five Makeup brands can be called the best in the world.

  Number - (5) : Revlon 

Revlon Makeup brand / revlon cosmetics company 

  Revlon is a well-known makeup brand founded by Revson Brothers.  Revlon's many other products including skin care, personal care, cosmetics are widely known and appreciated all over the world.

 Number -(4) : CoverGirl

Covergirl makeup brand / Covergirl cosmetics company 

  Cover Girl is an American makeup brand founded in 1960.  They produce relatively inexpensive products.  Cover Girl products can be found in all major supermarkets and drugstores around the world.  Cover Girl's advertisement can be seen on the pages of all famous fashion and beauty magazines.

Number -(3) : L’Oreal

L'Oreal makeup brand / L'Oreal cosmetics company 

  L'Oreal is the largest makeup brand in the world.  L'Oreal's products are as readily available as they are cheaper than others.  And the quality of all the products including make-up, sun protection, hair care made by them is also very good so L'Oreal is the first choice of beauty conscious girls all over the world.

Number -(2) : Clinique

Clinique Makeup brand / Clinique cosmetics company 

  American makeup brand clinic products are the cosmetics of many women's dreams.  The clinic has a combination of many types of products and the meaning of each product is very excellent.  However, the price of the clinic's products is a little higher.

Number -(1) : MAC

Mac makeup brand / Mac Cosmetic company 

  Undoubtedly, Mackay is the most popular makeup brand among beauty-loving girls in the world.  Initially designed only for professional makeup artists, Mac products can now be purchased by everyone.  

The quality of Mac products is unmatched by any other product.  Incredibly, it's true that Mac products are inexpensive.  Among other products, Mac has external nail polish, lip gloss, mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, etc.

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