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Top ten most beautiful world heritage sites (UNESCO) in the world.

Starting November 16, 1972, UNESCO is designating the World Heritage Sites.  Its main purpose is to determine and sustain the funds that create the places that are particularly important because of their cultural or natural features.  As of the latest update for 2019, there are currently 1092 UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES in 167 countries worldwide, of which 845 are cultural sites, 209 are natural and 38 are mixed.
Today, we will talk about ten most beautiful world heritage sites in UNESCO. Below are the name and details.

√ = Taj Mahal
The Taj Mahal is the most iconic UNESCO world heritage site in the entire world, which is located in Agra, India. It was built in mid-17th century this incredible marble mausoleum attracts visitors from around the world.

√ = Great Barrier Reef
Great barrier reef is one of the Australia’s best attraction place. The great barrier reef is over 2300 KM in length and includes 900 Island.

√ = Grand canyon
This deep Canyon in the state of Arizona is one of the USA's most recognised attraction and certainly it is most renowned natural attraction.

√ = Eastern Island
It is located in chile. It has long been an area of interest for historians to uncover the mystery of this Island.

√ = Petra
Petra the "Lost City " has long been travellers favourite when visiting the middle east. Petra is half-built into the rocks making it fascinating visual.

√ = Angkor Wat
It is the religious temple in the world. Angkor wat is not only a buddisht temple but also a hindu worship place.

√ = Cesky Krumlov
This little village is top on many travellers list when passing through Czech Republic. Cesky krumlov is also home of bears inside the Castle. It is friendly locals and great meeting point to encounter travellers from all round the world.

√ = St Petersburg
St petersburg is the formal capital of imperial Russia. It is not only a high significance in Russian history but also most beautiful city in the whole country.

√ = Machu Picchu
Machu picchu is located at peru. Machu Picchu becomes a huge tourist draw card for peru in recent years sparking much interest in the history of the Incas.

√ = Iguazu Falls
It is located in Brazil and Argentina travellers. Exploring South America aren’t likely to pass up the opportunity to see Iguazu Falls. You can see the falls from both Brazil and Argentina.

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