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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Unknown History Of Gmail.

Google Gmail is now the most popular e-mail service in the world crossing difficult paths.  In the beginning, Gmail's email service was for use by Google employees only.  Next, Google announced the launch of Gmail on April 7th.  Gmail has more than 150 million active customers worldwide.

 Even at this stage of success, the service had to go through a difficult time, it was the beginning of the push.  When Google unveiled Gmail, the customer actually took it as a joke.  There was a reason behind this.  Unveiling it on April 7th, Fool's Day, customers thought Google was trying to fool them.  When the customer realizes that Google has actually unveiled the service, then Gmail starts to come up with a list of free e-mail services in the customer's picks list.

 Google started working on Gmail in the 5th.  At that time, Paul Buchheit, the 27th employee of Google, fought the company's online e-mail service.  But many officials were unhappy with it, and couldn't even trust Google's email service.  In no way did they realize that search engine companies could benefit from e-mail services.  Several reports indicate that many executives have quit the project at that time.

 Domain Name History Google ( The domain name was formerly a free e-mail service company (  Next time the domain is taken by Google.  The initial URL of the Gmail URL was which was redirected to June 25, 2005 at

 Space: For beginners, Gmail offers 5 GB of free space for users.  The next time it is increased from 2g to 5g.  Currently, Gmail is giving users 5 GB of free space for free use, which is increasing steadily.  Along with this, it has given the opportunity to expand the space if desired.  In this case you have to pay $ 2.5 a month for 20GB, and US $ 1.5 a month for 1 terabyte space.  As of October 28, Gmail users have reached 25 million users.  On the first birthday of Gmail on April 27, Google made space for 5 GB in Gmail.

 Gmail Search: From the beginning, there were search options in Gmail that made it easy to find emails.  Improved search functionality was added to Gmail from May 25, 2012.  It shows the user or user e-mail suggestion corresponding to any words users enter.

 Gmail Mobile: Gmail Mobile is Google's gmail email service.  The Gmail Mail service was launched on December 7, and there are currently Gmail Mail versions in about 5 languages.  It can easily be used on mobile phones such as Google's various services.  It can be used for free on smartphones or mobile phones.  The special apps for Gmail mobile are quite small and made according to the screen size of the mobile.  It allows users to compose, read, archive, reply to mail, forward, unread unread mails, add star icons, add custom levels, delete emails on mobile phones.

 Offline Gmail: On August 27, the Gmail Mail officially launched offline Google Mail as the Chrome Web App that was available in the Google Chrome Web Store.  HTML-5 supported apps are also useful for tabloids.  On April 7, Google employees launched the Google Dock and Google Calendar offline.

 Despite all this, Gmail has not been able to do much better than other competitors until 2002.  Nevertheless, the company has come up with the latest innovations for the benefit of its users.  Google is currently at the top of the list with new features for both consumer and enterprise customers.

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