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Thursday, November 14, 2019

YouTube has brought the good news ।

Youtube  is sometimes a blessing for busy parents.  When the baby suddenly started crying, many parents stopped it with the help of YouTube.  Again, a parent takes care of their hands by allowing a child to watch YouTube.  This is not the end here, kids are currently learning a lot from YouTube.  Some youtubers are now creating content only by targeting children.  As a result, children and their parents are benefiting.  But how safe is YouTube for children?  Are they protected on YouTube?
 In the context of Bangladesh, for the most part the answer will be 'no'.  Because, the YouTube version of children's YouTube 'YouTube Kids' has not been launched in Bangladesh yet.  YouTube Kids is a version of YouTube designed specifically for children.  All content here is tailor made to suit them.  As a result, they are less likely to have any 'Adult Content' or 'Adult Advertising'.
 Of course, YouTube Kids has been reported to have a lot of adult content and ads.  YouTube authorities have also acknowledged this.  It said they were discussing the matter with several parties.  These problems will be solved soon.
 As of September this year, according to calculations, YouTube Kids have been launched in 5 countries around the world.  Although it was released on February 27, Bangladesh's Kids app has not been launched yet.  As a result, children who use YouTube Kids are not safe, but it is easy to see how safe children are on open YouTube.
 Since YouTube Kids has not been launched in Bangladesh, the common platform is used by children.  Adult content or advertising is very natural here and it is happening here.  They are negatively affecting a child's emotional development.
 Of course, the big news for parents is that they are going to get a great deal of benefits on the Common YouTube platform from next year.  It will be very useful for Bangladeshi users as there is no YouTube Kids app in Bangladesh.
 Technology-based media The Verge said in a report that authorities on YouTube announced new policies to ensure the safety of children.  The policy is expected to start from January 2021.
 According to the new policy, a content creator has to mark whether the content is suitable for children only after the content has been created.  After making such a mark, certain content will be considered suitable for children.  As a result, no information will be collected on this content for advertising.  Even many features of YouTube will not be effective in this content.
 According to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, YouTube will not be able to collect any information about children under the age of 5 without parental permission.  As a result, they will not be able to leave any ads targeted by such users.
 Already these rules are being sent to content creators so that they can become aware in advance.  The new policy is expected to keep children safe on YouTube from next year.
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