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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Bitcoins History and Procedures .

How to use Bitcoin??
Bitcoin - Bitcoin Rate - Helal Khan   
What is Bitcoin?? 

Bitcoin is the world's first open-source cryptocurrency, known as a decentralized digital currency.  The transaction does not require any type of economic institution or sewer house and is not a currency issued by the government of a country.

Who Discovered Bitcoin??

In 27, a person or group, under the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym, introduced this currency, called peer-to-peer currency. 

 Details of Bitcoin Transaction :  

Bitcoin transactions are done online from the sender directly to the recipient's computer. These transactions are confirmed via cryptography and publicly recorded in a ledger that is distributed to everyone.  This open and distributed ledger is called blockchain. Bitcoin is generated through mining where transactions are recorded and verified on the basis of computer processing capabilities. The total number of bitcoins generated from the transaction decreases every four years.  Thus, a total of 2,5,3,3 bitcoins will be made up to 20, and no new Bitcoin will be produced until later.

 No financial institution is required to complete Bitcoin transactions, detailed information about the originator and sender of the transaction cannot be followed. Because of this, bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular in many countries.  Bitcoin is also used for smuggling and money laundering in addition to legitimate product transactions.  Although Bitcoin is gaining popularity as a digital currency, it has been criticized by many for its fluctuating fluctuations, scarcity, and limited use of the business against various international currencies. 

 Recently, Bitcoin launched its first ATM machine in Vancouver, Canada. The US and Canadian governments are considering bringing Bitcoin customers under registration to prevent drug, smuggling, illegal arms trade and other illegal uses.

 History of Bitcoin : 

 The domain name was registered on on August 28. In November of the same year, Satoshi Nakamoto wrote a post on the mailing list of the website, explaining what and how Bitcoin works.  Then, on Satoshi Bitcoin's source code was unveiled on a platform called SourceFury on May 24. This month the Bitcoin network was broadcast and the first block of the Satoshi blockchain was identified as the "block of Genesis." With a man named Nakamoto and Hal Fini.  It is worth mentioning that in the first year, Satoshi Nikematu mined about 1 million bitcoins in the transaction.  The acquisition was handed over to a software developer named Gavin AndresenAndresen has been named the lead developer of the Bitcoin Foundation.  Note that there was no further search of Satoshi Nakamoto since the year.

Bitcoins  Performance :

 Bitcoin does not pass through a central sewer or has a controlling body to control it.  All Bitcoin processes are completed online through an open source software.  Anyone can generate Bitcoin through Bitcoin Miner.  As bitcoin is generated, it is stored in the customer's digital wallet.  If this stored bitcoin is sent by the customer to someone else's account, a unique electronic signature is created for this transaction, which is monitored by other miners and stored secretly and securely in the network.  At the same time, customers are updated to the current laser central database.  If a product is purchased with Bitcoin, it is sent to the seller's account and the seller can subsequently buy the product again with that Bitcoin, while the same amount is deducted from the Bitcoin Buyer's Ledger.  Every four years, the total number of Bitcoins is rescheduled so that the real currency can be adjusted.

 Many consider Bitcoin as a futures money.

 Validity of Bitcoin : 

 Bitcoin transactions were declared illegal by Bangladesh Bank in the year 28. According to them, "The use of these virtual currencies is not allowed by the Bangladesh Bank or any other regulatory body, so the use of these virtual currencies is subject to the Foreign Exchange Control Act, 1; Anti-Terrorism Act, 23.  And is not supported by the Money Laundering Prevention Act, 202. "

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