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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Freelancing Career - The Ultimate Guide For Everyone.

Freelancing Career - The Ultimate Guide for Everyone. 

 Skill Development

 Don't have time to read the whole thing?  Listen to the blog once!

 In a country like Bangladesh where the job market is in a very fragile state, where 5% of the educated population is unemployed, not enough jobs are created, there is freelancing or freelance, or more, as an alternative profession.

 Broadly speaking, online professionsFreelancing is one of the many online offerings.

 Bangladesh is in a very good position in the freelancing sector, and hundreds of millions of skilled professionals are working in the world.  According to estimates, there are more than 5 lakh freelancers in Bangladesh.

 Like the possibility of freelancing, there are many misconceptions about this, and the misconception has been created by capitalizing on the trap of unscrupulous businessmen.  All this will be discussed in this article.

 Freelancing is a project based on project foundation rather than contracting.  People have been freelancing for hundreds of years.  Like a rickshaw freelancer, because he runs the rickshaw of another, he takes a passenger if he wishes, or he doesn't.  He has freedom.  Even today, photographers are freelancers, because they do not work as photographers anywhere, but rather shoot and pay for the program.

 So freelancing is not an act, just a form of working.

What is outsourcing
Freelancing - Outsourcing - - Helal Khan    

 Freelancing online means that the client will give you the job online, you will contract it, do it with your own skills, and deliver it to the client online, and the client will pay you online.  You didn't work here, you did it with your skills, only the medium is online, the medium of communication.  For example, if you are dealing with a phone on the phone, you certainly do not ask to earn it over the phone, it is not online income.

 Now with an example --

what is freelancer??

What is freelancing?? 

What is outsourcer?? 

What is outsourcing??

What is outsourcing?
Outsourcing - online income -     

 Suppose you do good accounting.  An American client needs to audit the company's 3-day account.  He offered it on a platform online.  Like many others you applied.  You got the job  Contracted to an Amount Payment.  You completed the job with your expertise, you delivered it online, the client gave you the payment online.


 Who did freelance work?  You are

 Who is a freelancer?  You are

 Who did freelancing?  You are

 Who did outsource?  Client!

 Who is the outsourcer?  Client

 Who did outsourcing?  Client!

 That means you are never outsourcing.  That's the client!  If someone claims he will teach outsourcing, consider him a cheater, because he himself does not know what outsourcing is.  He's cheating.  Since freelancing is not an act, if someone claims to teach freelancing, then he is a fraud.

 The sector that is doing very well, uses the name of the sector to cheat some fraudsters.

 Attract everyone to Photoshop skills!

 The world of Photoshop is very interesting.  How to do something from a photo with Photoshop!

 Come on out and watch this playlist in the editing world!

 Similarly, in the name of coaching outsourcing-freelancing, the training is fraudulent.  Most training centers open the training by teaching Google-YouTube or other good mentors and memorizing it.

 Think of it as being able to give you the mentorship that you need to succeed, which is successful in that work itself.  But who does or does not work himself, how can he train you?

 And who is skilled, who is successful, who earns a lot of money, many reputations, why should he come to the training business to make 3-5 thousand income?  If he can give another person the key to success, then he himself will make millions.  Where is his time?

 The background of these training center owners / trainers will be found, they have taken courses in other training centers, they have not been able to do that work, they have not been successful.  So what to do?  Much money can be earned by teaching others what they have learned, and there is no shortage of people in the country for training.

 The biggest quality that you need to become a freelancer is your ability to understand yourself!

 And if you notice, SEO in these training centers is called freelancing.  But an expert ACO professional can say that 5% of SEO is not taught in this training.  Because trainers teach from downloaded courses, which were outdated years ago.  And new updates are coming every day in this sector.

 Again the whole SEO is less than 5% of the entire market.  That means there are 5% more jobs in which there are no Bangladeshi people.

 Imagine once, I got 4,000 jobs for 1% job.  But in the alley lane training centers teach SEO.  People like him are learning SEO for millions.  That means unemployment will also be seen in this sector.

 On the other hand, there are rarely skilled countries like --

Android Development

Game Development,




Data Science.

Competition is even lower in this sector.  I am giving a study comment on the demanding work.

Who did freelancing?
Freelancing websites - freelancer - Helal Khan    

 Easily Learn Marketing Skills !!

 It is very important for business education students to have a clear idea of ​​the basics of marketing.

 Good to say, many successful people are doing free-mentoring in Bangladesh through Facebook groups, blogs, YouTube and in many cases free training.
 Another step forward.  They continue to call illegal cybercrime freelancing, and work for children who do not know about it.

 CAPTCHA entry, Facebook Like, PTC (Clicksense, trafficmonsoon),

 These are PO cybercrimes and illegal.  There is no connection to freelancing with these.  A few years ago there were reports in some of the world's leading newspapers that these illegal acts were being done in the name of freelancing in Bangladesh.

 Well, why are so many negative aspects discussed?

 I believe that the reason why people cannot succeed in a job is because they do not go in the right direction and go the wrong way.  If you can warn them about the wrong path, they will somehow get on the right path.

 Now let's talk about the right path.

 As I said earlier, freelancing means being skilled in one field, which is offered by clients from other countries online.  There are hundreds of categories of work online.  There is work for all sectors like --

√ = IT

√ = Non-IT

√ = Business

√ = Creative

√ = Engineering.

Links to the categories of work will be attached at the end of this article.  As well as a study of the currently demanding job field Gula.

 Freelancing is not an easy task.  Likewise the income of a successful freelancer is no less.
 When it comes to freelancing life, the story behind a successful freelancer being successful will give you the title 'Legend'.  Because the story behind success is not fun, there are many stragglers.

√ = Night after night learning a job,

√ = watching YouTube tutorials,

√ = reading books,

√ = practicing tasks,

√ = giving patience month after month without having to wait patiently for money,

 All  of this is behind one's success.

 Give an example.

 Suppose you are studying BBA.  With finance.  The study takes 25 years to complete.  After 20 years of studying, you apply as a job fresher, whose celery is like 3 thousand.  There are many times to resize, because hundreds more are applying.  Finally get a job.

 He spent 20 years studying for a job of 1 thousand without thinking twice.  After completing your studies, you compete for a local job with others in the same city who have studied at your level.

 Now think of freelancing, an American company outsourced a job through the Marketplace.  2 week project, 3 thousand dollars.  Who did the application?  Open to freelancers around the world (not small cities), the world's top professionals applied, so did you.  Does that mean  Where is your competition level now?

 Now think, you can only be competent at this level with a 2 month course?  Not realistic?

 Yes, it is true that freelancing can earn millions, the survey shows that more than 20% of freelancers in this country earn over 2 lakh a month.  But they didn't come that far in 2 months.  They took at least a year to focus on learning not to make money!

 Where did you study for 25 years for a job of Tk 1,000, to earn millions in a month, to compete with top-level professionals in the world, do not learn how to work for 2-3 years?

 For whom is this free-job?

 ® Those who are not greedy.

 © Those who have the patience to learn work.

 ® Those who know how to work internationally.

 © Those who do not want to earn money in shortcuts.

 ® Those who have a strong desire to do something in life.

 © Those who want to earn a living in the right way.

 ® People who have a tendency to learn.

 Those who are not in this way will do well:

 People who value money rather than work.

 Those looking for an easy way to earn.

 Those who think of freelancing as a side income as a job or other profession.

 Those who think that they will earn money within 6 months from the start of learning - within 6 months.

 Those who have been interested in this profession after seeing the freelance training center's adverts 'millions at home'.

 Those who think freelancing is very easy.

 How come this way?

 Know first there are some fields in this field.  (Link in reference)

 Then think of the background, skill and interest you have now;  Any field matches that.

 Take a look at the jobs that are now posted in the different fields of the freelance marketplace, try to understand what kind of skill it takes.

 After fixing, try to learn where to learn, if you have the patience to learn onlineFirst-row freelancers in this country are successful in learning for themselves.

 Get advice from someone at this time, after getting skilled, get advice on how to get down the field.  First, don't irritate anyone by saying 'bro, the easiest way to earn'.

 If you try to correct the mistakes, try again.  If you do not have the experience, do the work yourself, it will be a practice as a sample project, portfolio.

 Patiently study something new to make yourself more skilled.

Online earning, online income, online job
Freelancing career - freelancing career - Helal Khan    

 Some misconceptions:

 ® Freelancing or outsourcing can be learned!

 ® Thousands of money can be earned after taking 2 months course!

 ® Success can go to the training center!

® CAPTCHA Entry, Like Like, PTC, BET365 These are freelancing!

 ® Freelancing is very easy, giving 2 hours a day is a thousand bucks!

 ® Freelancing means SEO.

 ® Freelancing for IT backgrounds, not for Business, Non-IT or Engineering boys.

 ® To do freelancing, you need to work in the IT oriented field.

 Some unpublished information:

 1 million people in the country are freelancing or online professionals.

 Name-All Training Center No. of + 11

 The number of trainees who receive the traineeships is more than 2 million (that means 1 million unemployed, because they are not really skilled).

 The number of jobs for non-IT, Business, Creative, Engineering (without CSE) backgrounds is 5% of the total market.

 Freelancing everyone outside the IT background does not have to learn the job of IT, they have their own background work in the market.

 Some suggestions:

 Stay away from the training center, try to teach yourself.

 If you are going to the training center, check their background, track record.  Please consult with anyone successful in this field if needed.

 Stay away from those who say they are going to make a lot of money in a few days.

 Freelancing to the full, but not more than 5 years, after that try to be an entrepreneur.

Freelancing, outsourcing, freelancer, clients
Bangladeshi freelancer - Helal Khan  

 Become a skilled video editor!

 One of the funniest and most popular software for editing any video of your choice is Premier Pro.

 Go now to learn video editing with Premier Pro 5 minutes into this school playlist?


 One of the biggest qualities you need to become a freelancer is the ability to understand yourself, to try to learn to hit the net by spending time before asking someone.  Because anyone who can give you advice, of course he is too busy himself, there will be no work except to bother him by asking him all the small things.  But if you have some learning skills at the net, you can succeed in any field by starting work on any field.

 The author of this guideline has been in the freelancing world for 3 years, but has been freelancing in the mainstream for 5 years, and then became an entrepreneur.  Any freelancer can start his own company in the field by freelancing for 3-5 years.  The same can be done with a large team as a company.

 The author is a keen observer of the freelancing industry and a community activist, so as a guideline he has been able to discuss all the fields in the industry.  This does not mean that he is experienced and skilled in every field.  It is not possible for anyone to advise on the advanced level of all fields, so such questions or inquiries should be avoided.

 This article is the first episode in a series.  Here is a detailed description of the freelance career, the wrong way is shown, the freelancing profession is correct for anyone who can read this article, and if it is right to start a field.

 The next episodes can be as follows:

 - Learn how to work

 How to start from scratch.

 Freelancing career for women.

 Freelancing career for AIT backgrounds.

 Freelancing career for business backgrounds.

 Non-IT freelancing career.

 Freelancing career for engineers.

 There may be many more things like this, readers will ask if there are any questions or expectations, which will be discussed in one episode.


 1 =  All fields at

 Top fields

 Data Entry

 Logo Design

 Graphic Design

 Website Design

 Mobile Phone


 Software Development





Digital Marketing 

 2.  All the fields in Upwork

 Top fields

 Android Developers

 AngularJS Developers


 C # Developers

 Content Writers


 Customer Service Representatives

 Data Entry Specialists

 Email Marketing Consultants

 Excel Experts

 Facebook Marketers

 Graphic Designers

 iOS Developers

 JavaScript Developers

 jQuery Developers

 Mobile App Developers

 Objective-C Developers

 PHP Developers

 Python Developers

 Sales Consultants

 SEO Experts

 Social Media Consultants

 Swift Developers

 Technical Writers

 UI Designers

 UX Designers

 Virtual Assistants

 Web Designers

 WordPress Developers


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