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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

What is VPN? How to use VPN? What's the benefit of VPN?

What is VPN?  

There are very few people who haven't heard the VPN's name.  VPN is a fully virtual private network.  VPN is mainly used for data security.

Benefit of vpn
VPN - what is vpn - - Helal Khan    

 The benefits of VPN are:

 Using VPN you can dive into websites nationwide.  (For example, if Facebook is closed only in Bangladesh, but if it is hidden from other countries, then you can dive into Facebook using the IPs of those countries. If you use a public network, your information will be seen by another person if he / she can.  Expert then, but if you use VPN then VPN will keep you safe and no one else can see it.

 Use VPN to hide your location:

 You will find that there are several sites that trace your location, you can use VPN if you want, and those sites will not be able to trace you.

 How to use VPN? 

 VPN is very easy to use. After going to all these software, there is a button called Connect that just clicking on it will show that the VPN becomes active.  VPN is a free VPN and paid VPN.  If you use it suddenly then free VPN will be good for you.  But it can be seen that higher speed is available at paid VPA than free VPN.

 Some popular VPN software:

 Express VPN, HotSpotShield, TunnelBear, etc.  These VPNs are very popular.  These are the first to come up with a VPN search.  They can be trusted.  They have many reviews.

Details of three VPN 

Express VPN : 

Good service in general. Even though it is more expensive than other's this VPN delivers as advertised. It works great. It is easy to use. Site provides a wealth of information about VPN service and other LAN technology info which is excellent. It is easy to install on both mobile and laptop. Easy to connect. Very fast servers.

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Hotspot Shield VPN :

The greatest VPN, occasionally there are some random disconnect but overall very good and fast connection. It’s the only VPN that actually works for games. It’s great to know that i have a VPN and it says my device is protected and i believe it.

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TunnelBear VPN : 

It is great App. It’s worked just fine in China. Free version has only 500 mb per month but if you Don't need VPN other than in special occasion. If you need more, you just have to pay.

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What is VPN?  

What is it used for? 

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