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🎬 Title : Commando 3
🎞 Year : 2019
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This is not unusual, as the story of the 'Commando' franchise is.  There will be terrorist attacks in the country.  And it will protect the country from Kommando Karanbir Singh Dogra (Vidyut Jamwal).  By the way, how much exercise is seen throughout the picture.  Karan and Reddy (Ginger Sharma) left London to prevent attacks on the country.  Naughty guy to catch Burak Ansari (Gulshan DeVia).  There, a British agent, with no accent, comes in Hindi with Mallika Sudar (Angira Dhar).  Then what the battle, what the battle in the ground-water-space!

 This pack of power abs, manban, perfect action, baritone voice - everything goes in vain.  The two heroines sometimes said something inconsistent with dialogue and almost nothing to do with the beating.  Request to Aditya Aditya If he takes a little education by looking at such pictures of different OTT platforms, he will be able to make many improvements.  Now the question is whether you will see.  If you want to see good action without nodding at all, you can see.  But do not let yourself be embarrassed by the logic.  And of course you can see if you are a fan of electricity.  Needless to say, the subtle look, the wide chest, half-sleeved wide from the gap of the shirt, repeatedly pulled tight.

Bollywood new movie commando 3
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Film - Commando 3 (Commando 3)
 Personal Rating - 5/1 (For Electricity & Adah)
 Acting - Vidhit Jamwal, Adah Sharma, Angira borrowed.
 General Chat Chat Lounge.
 The third episode of the Commando sequel was seen in print and final hall print.  Commando movies are good because of 'Bidyut Jamwal' action scene. But I was disappointed with the third episode of the Commando sequel.

 Recently, the militancy movie is very regular in Bollywood.  That is exactly the continuation of 'Commando Three' which causes the mood to get worse.

 What they lack in concept is that they have to make a movie based only on their culture, militancy.  They are too tired to see.  There is no novelty in the story.

 The good side of the movie is - 'Adah Sharma' and the action of it, oh!
 Electricity Action I like it very much.  Because for one thing, he is a very dedicated actor.  Action Scenes do a lot of work for them.

 'Adah Sharma' is a joke on this movie and I will be in this movie like show-piece.  But no!  The baby is picking up the ambi with her action pills.

 In this movie 'Angira dhar', he is also cracked.  His action scenes were wonderful.  However, the costume manager is mistaken in a single place, which is understandable when you see the 5: 1-5: 1 timeline.

 "Finally, it is good to resist the militants' mission of uniting Muslim-Hindus together."

 All in all - if you like the adorable baby fan and power action, then your 'mast watch' is otherwise unplayable.

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