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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

What is outsourcing? How does outsourcing work? Where can I find outsourcing work?

What is outsourcing
Outsourcing - Freelancing - Helal Khan  

One of the biggest incentives of information and communication technology is the creation of new work areas.

 Jobs are available on various companies and can be applied for those jobs online.
 With the expansion of the Internet, third-country countries now have the opportunity to work at home.  Anyone with an Internet connection can be involved in such work.  In this case, language skills are equally needed in addition to work skills

Outsourcing has created the opportunity to earn a living at home.
 Outsourcing as well as freelancing has expanded the scope of freelance professions.  Outsourcing is the process of doing different kinds of work with someone outside your organization through the Internet.  People who work outsourcing online are called freelancers or freelancers. 

Various organizations of different countries of the world carry out their many tasks, such as website development, maintenance, adding information to websites, creating software, etc. through external staff.  The worker can work online from any country.

 In total, about $ 1 billion worth of outsourcing work has been done in 20 years.  India is in the hands of our adjacent country, the top of the huge market for global outsourcingBangladesh entered the world of outsourcing too late, but in the meantime the potential country has come to the queue.

 There are many websites on the Internet that can be outsourced. 

For example -



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