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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

What is Malware? How to remove malware?

How to defeat Malware?  How to remove malware?
Malware - - Helal Khan  

What is Malware??  

Malware is an acronym for Malicious Software.  Malicious here means harmful, so Malware means a program (computer, mobile) that is a kind of program harmful for different devices.  It can cause an error to enter your computer and make the computer slow down and even destroy the hard disk.

 The size of the malware is as follows: Trojans, Virus, Worms, Adware and Spyware are discussed below:

 Trojans -

 Trojans - Malware is named after Trojan Horse.  Trojans are a malicious computer program or malware that looks a lot like software.  This is a malicious computer program that forces the user to install from the computer.

 Spyware -

 Spyware is a malware.  Here Spy is a spy that collects all its information without hiding it to the user and then sends it to the hacker.  Although some spyware is not harmful, there are some spyware that can be more harmful than Trojans when it gives all your images, file data to other users.

 Worms -

 Worms are the most malignant of malware.  Transferring some of the files infected by Worms to another computer via the Internet can cause security issues on that computer as well as its network system, which can slow down your computer and even destroy your hard disk.

 Virus -

 The virus is a malicious program that accesses the computer through some other software and destroys all the important information files on the computer.  This makes the files available for later use.

 Adware -

 It usually enters a computer by downloading something from the Internet.  This causes the computer to slow down, even destroying the hard disk.

 Finally, in this article, we have discussed about Malware keys and different types of Malware.  So if you want to keep your computer malware free, you need to use a good anti-malware.

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