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Avatar Movie (2009) Free Download।

Avatar Movie (2009) Free Download.    

Avatar Full Movie Download
Avatar Movie Download    

Avatar Movie Overview : 

    Avatar is an American epic science fiction filmThe word avatar is borrowed from the incarnation of the Mahabharata.  The Avatar is the Krishna, the god according to the Mahabharata.  And James Cameron's avatar movie decoration is very similar to the Indian Purana character of Sri Krishna.  The technology used in the film is similar to the movie 'Lord of the Rings' and 'King Kong'.  However, Cameron has received some more technical support with the help of the computer virtual world.  The actor who played the role of actress in the avatar movie  has been transformed into a 3D film using computer technology.  And ' Avatar Movie ' is Hollywood's first full-fledged 3D movie.

Avatar Movie Details :

Movie Name : Avatar   
Avatar Movie Release date
December 10, 2009 (London)
December 18, 2009 (United States)
Running time : 161 minutes
Country : United States 
Language : English 
Budget : $237 million 
Avatar Movie Box Office Collection : $2.79 billion

Avatar Movie Cast And Crew : 
Avatar Movie Directed by : James Cameron. 
Avatar Movie Produced by : James Cameron, Jon Landau. 
Avatar Movie Written by : James Cameron. 
Music by : James Horner. 
Avatar Movie Cinematography by : Mauro Fiore. 
Edited by : Stephen Rivkin, John Refoya, James Cameron. 
Avatar Movie Production company : 
20th Century Fox, Lightstorm Entertainment, Dune Entertainment, Ingenious Film Partners. 
Avatar Movie Distributed by : 20th Century Fox
Avatar Movie Starring : 

Sam Worthington, 
Zoe Saldana, 
Stephen Lang, 
Michelle Rodriguez, 
Sigourney Weaver, 

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Avatar Movie Storyline : 

    The story of Avatar Movie is written in the background of 2154.  In 2154 the planet Earth is almost dead, all sources of energy are gone.  Then a delegation of the inhabitants of the earth (a group of American troops) land on the planet Pandora.

    On the planet Pandora there is a source of energy to save the earth, called 'unbuttonium'.

However, the inhabitants of the planet Pandora became obstacles in the way of its acquisition of the earth.  Externally like humans, but the tall and tail-dwelling inhabitants are known as 'navy'.  (Called Aliens in Science Fiction Pictures) NAVAs are committed to protecting their planet's ecosystem or biodiversity.  And they don't want the planet's energy source, Anobutanium, to be brought to other planet's creatures.  In the film NAVs are portrayed as violent, cruel, proud and brave.

    The protagonist of the story is Jeff Sully (played by Sam Worthington), a Marine Army member.  Jeff lost one of his legs in a war on Earth.  His twin brother died suddenly, who was a biologist.

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     Then Jeff was invited to join Pandora as a scientist instead of a twin brother.  Then he responded to the call and joined a small group of scientists.
Dr. who is leading the team.  Grace Augustine (played by Sigourney Uyver).

     The team of scientists was given the responsibility of visiting Pandora to collect grief information about the tribal people.  On the other hand, the climate and environment of the planet Pandora is not very hostile to humans.  Humans cannot settle there for long periods of time, and it is impossible for humans to withstand normal air pressure on Pandora.  So it was not possible for the Navy to communicate and communicate.  A team of biologists collecting climatic and biodiversity data on the planet Pandora creates a clone organism that is half human and half navy.
  This man and the new species created by the Navy are named Avatars.

  The true meaning of this word is: the image of a deity or the angel of the deity for the people in the world.  Likewise, the image of man is an avatar for the Navy on the planet Pandora.  The aviators sleep in ordinary leather beds, their bodies wandering around on the planet Pandora and as soon as they wake up, they return to their bodies in the human world.

  Jeff Sully is transformed into an avatar without any preparation.  Of course, the world likes it, because in the world of man, he has one foot loose, but in Pandora, in the world of Avatar , his two legs are perfectly functional.  Even at the age of Avatar , his age was reduced to freshness.  As a young Marine soldier, his staff returns to the old form of Jeff Avatar .

  Jeff was initially in danger when he tested his resistance on the planet Pandora.  Once there Jeff was lost and separated from the main team.  A navy girl named 'Nayetti' rescues her from danger by killing her.  Nayetti teaches him how to survive in the dark forests of Pandora.  Jeff also recovers the language and folklore of the Navy.  Nayetti's love affair with Jeff also developed.
  Many NAVs suspect Jeff as a devil with a fake body.  But in the end, Jeff was accepted by the Navy.  Applying all the knowledge of the Marine Army, at one time he found himself at the level of a naval leader.  After spending a few months with the Navy, Jeff realizes that the planet Pandora is the real world for him.  Although he finished his job well, Colonel Miles provided all the information about the Navy's defense to Foetrich (Stephen Land).  But when he begins to see Pandora with Nayetti's eyes, he becomes optimistic about having enough faith to make a peaceful settlement between the people of the world and the Navy.  But the corporation wants the residence of NAV, where there is a large 'unobtainium'.  There is no reason for the people of the world to have peace with the Navy.  And that's when the conflict started. 

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  One-third of the cinema occupies the world war with Pandora.
  The animals of the planet, the creatures of the soil and the sky, together with the navy, participated in the battle.  And people fight wars that are enough to destroy the Navy.
  James Cameron then shows the audience the battle scene through an exciting 3D illustration.  Has shown how every heroic death or cowardice changes the course of the war.  He transforms the scenes of this war into a 3D film, much like the 'magic mantra'.  It is understandable why Cameron has taken four years to make the film.  Although the real fun can be found in the 3D movie if you can see the picture.  AVATA's film opens a new horizon of computer technology use in the cinema world.

Avatar Movie Review :   

Avatar Movie is a master piece movie from James Cameron. Due to the best combination of good story, stunning graphics and visual effects, this movie gives you a satisfaction. The planet pandora gives you the pleasure of exploring heaven. 
Avatar Movie is One of The Best High Fantasy & Sci-fi Movies & My favorite Movies. Full of Creativity & Stunning VFX & Action & Tremendous High Fantasy/Sci-fi Characters & Story line .. Also Cast and Dialogues etc everything are just Amazing. A Master piece, I love this film, avatar movie is a type film which's story you will remember for your lifetime. 
A Must Watch Movie. 
Best Regards. 

Avatar Movie Trailer :
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Avatar Movie Full Movie Download : 
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