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Website hacking strategy
Website Hacking best Way  

Website Hacking or hacking website is a lot of things, and the newspapers are a living witness to that.  

Reasons Of Website Hacking :    

The hacks can be random, hacks can be behind you in business, hacks can be used to steal your customer details.  Large sites are basically hacked to bring down the business or attack the deeds and put the site down, so that visitors will not be able to access the site. 

Today, I am describing about the best way to website hacking

Let's start --    

Below Are The Best Way To Website Hacking
 Free Advertising :   

 This type of hacking is most commonly seen in hacking websites.  Hackers hack a website and hang pictures of their own organization or organization on the home page.  Their main purpose is to spread the name of the hacking group in particular.  They want to show that there is a hacking group by that name.  One of the biggest benefits of this type of hacking is the free advertising of anything you have for free.  Suppose a site has 20,000 page views a day, so if every link on that site shows a hacker's pages, think about how many big free ads were shown.

 To take the computer : 

 Many hackers do not hack your site for your website, they do not actually have any transaction on the site.  They just hack your site to use your website server or server computer power.  Once you have your server's computing power, two birds in one pile.  It got a free computer and secondly there is no need to bill the computer's electricity.  Since the web server is just like any other computer, it is possible to perform any task on it.  However, hackers especially use computer power for digital currency mining.  For example, Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency mining.

 To use phishing pages : 

 Your site may not have any user data, but a hacker may hack your site and hang a fake page.  That facebook can be like Facebook or the exact version of the Google login page.  Most of the time, the user sees such a page and is fooled, and the original site seems to enter its user name and password.  And immediately the login name and password or any entered information such as credit card details goes to hackers.  This way hackers can hack your website and steal millions of user details.

 To spamming : 

 Many times, various websites are randomly hacked to send spam mail.  Then thousands or millions of mails are sent from the site at a time, many times the site owner does not understand anything, at which point the hacker continues his work.  Since your site server is a computer, it is possible to do whatever you want with the power of computing.  Hackers send millions of fake mail addresses for free, making it impossible to trace 5 mail, since the mail is coming from your hacker computer and not from your web server.  Hackers can earn a lot of money by spamming email, but web server companies have to spend a lot of money, their IP addresses are blacklisted, it takes money to fix them.

 To spread malware : 

 The hacker hacked the website and injected malicious code or malicious software.  Then when a visitor visits that site and if there is an error on his PC, the malware enters the visitor's computer.  This time, those malware offers hackers a chance to earn money, for example - the hacker can use the infected PC as a botnet, steal all data from that computer, encrypt all the files on the computer, and claim the money for the files back. 

Website Hacking Via SEO : 

 This type of attack can be called SEO attack.  Specifically, a hacker from a search engine will hack your site to rank on its own website, hack it and create spam pages that can contain numerous backlinks, which will facilitate the hacker.  SEO means search engine optimization.  Typically Google or search engines tend to place higher priority on those sites with the most links to other sites.  So the hacker continues to hack such sites one by one, and places their own site links on those sites and takes backlinks.

Web Shell For Website Hacking : 

 One of the things that is being shell is that it can only be uploaded to a web server once. 
 What you want to do with the web server is to say that the shell is a script written by programming language with different programming languages, but PHP, and ASP shell are more in use.  Use the shell to create a site according to what program is used.  The shell is the hacker's C-panel
 With shell you can delete any modification data of the site or add new data.
 Shell uploads require site upload options.  In most cases, direct PAP shell uploads are not possible because of the server firewall, in which case there are many methods of uploading shells by uploading shells.

Website hacking via SQLi : 

First, they make SQLi to extract the site's admin password.  Many times the admin password is in the form of a hash, so the hash has to be cracked.  Then you have to remove the admin panel and log in with the ID password, then upload options.  You have to upload the shell with the upload option.
In addition, many times the shell can be uploaded to the site through SQLi Query.  However, such mistakes are rarely on site. 

Website Hacking Via Keyloggers : 

 A Keylogger is a program that inadvertently stores any key or key that you are pressing on the keyboard on your computer.  This is the easiest way to retrieve someone's user ID, password.

Website Hacking Via XSS : 

 XSS is a short form of cross-site scripting.  This allows a hacker to infect his client's side-by-side script with the original web page.  This is one of the most popular web application extensions.
With this privilege a hacker can access malicious code, phishing, malware, etc. on the Victim website.  XSS attack is the most used to hack big websites.  This list includes reputed companies like FBI, Apple, Microsoft, CNN.

DoS / DDos attack for Website Hacking : 

 DoS or DDoS attack is another popular method of website hacking.  DoS is Denial of Service and DDoS is Distributed Denial of Service.  A DoS or DDoS attack is a strategy to shut down a system by interrupting the actual users of a computer system service.

In this case, numerous TCP / UDP / ICPM packets are sent from the hacker's computer or system to the Victim's server.  In the case of a DoS attack, sending this message is done from a single computer and Internet connection.  And DDoS attacks with multiple computers and internet connection.  Typically DDoS attacks are executed using botnet.

Be Careful. Protect your Website to hacking.   

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