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The Ultimate Guide To How To Use Google Meet?

The Ultimate Guide To How To Use Google Meet?

How to use Google meet?
How To Use Google Meet?     

What is Google Meet?   

Google Meet is a video conferencing app.
Google has now made its video calling tool Google Meet directly in Gmail.  Google Meet is now available in Gmail web and it has become easier to use.

Zoom is the most popular means of video conferencing.  However, many countries have stopped using it to raise concerns about security.  Google is taking this opportunity.  Their Hangouts video conferencing meeting is now adding at least 2 million people to the service every day.  Google says at least 10 million people are using it every day.

Today, We Are Talking About Google Meet And How To Use Google Meet? 
Now, We discussing the ultimate guide to how to use Google Meet?               

How To Use Google Meet?   

Anyone who uses Google Gmail's Business and Education service can easily access the service.  To use it you must first log in to gmail.  Then click on the Google Apps menu that's there.  The Hangouts Meet video conferencing service can be found right there.

 Now click on Meet.  After clicking Meet you will be able to start a new meeting or join a Meeting. Also, if you want to get the Google Meet service directly, you must visit at this address.

 Click on Join or Start a meeting and give the code of the meeting you want to join.  Or, if you want to create a new meeting, click on the name of the meeting and click on it.  Now you can invite others to the meeting via email.  That's why copy the meeting url and send it to the email.  He can then join up to 16 meetings by clicking on Url.

How To Use Google Meet? Shortcut Process :       

√ = Download Google Meet App. 
√ = Install Google Meet App. 
√ = Open And Click Join To Start A Meeting. 
√ = Enter A Nick Name Or Leave It Blank To Start Your Own Meeting.  
√ = Then Click Continue.
√ = Click Join Now. 
√ = To Add Someone To A Meeting, Choose An Option : Click Copy Joining Info And Paste The Meeting Details Into An Email Or Another App.  

Download Google Meet App And Enjoy Video Call Facilities.       
This Post, We Are Teaching all Of You What is Google Meet? How To use Google meet?     
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