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Joker Movie Review - Critics Review And Audience Review।

Joker Movie Review - Critics Review And Audience Review। 

Joker movie review
Joker Movie Review -   
Joker Movie Overview : 
The movie 'Joker' is based on the personal story of the infamous villain 'Joker' of 'Batman'.  After the premiere of the movie at the Venice Film Festival, the audience-critics are praising it.  Famous actor Joaquin Phoenix floated in the tide of praise.

Joker Movie Details : 

Movie Name : Joker 
Genre : Action & Adventure, Drama, Mystery & Suspense. 
Joker Movie Release Date : 4 October, 2019. 
Joker Movie Run Time : 122 Minitus, 
Joker Movie Budget : 55 - 70 Million USD. 
Joker Movie Box Office Collection : 1.072 Billion USD. 
Joker Movie Directed By : Todd Phillips.
Joker Movie Written By : Todd Phillips, Scott Silver.
Joker Movie Produced By : Todd Phillips, Bradley Cooper, Emma Tillinger Koskoff . 
Joker Movie Starring : Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, Frances Conroy. 

JOKER Movie Review - Teaser Trailer Review : 

The first 30 seconds of the teaser show Arthur talking to a psychiatrist. It is later seen that Arthur is an ideal son of his mother who is taking care of his mother. Following the advice given by the mother. He is always talking about spending his life in a happy way. His mother wanted him (Arthur) to be a person who would keep himself happy and keep others happy. That’s why Arthur joined the workplace as a clown or hireling.

From 31 seconds to 1 minute 34 seconds in the teaser, Arthur is seen dancing at home with his mother on one of the songs on television. At the same time he is seen in a crazy role. As well as being seen in the role of a comedian.

Arthur is also seen going on a date with a girl. Arthur, who is also in the clown's dress, is being bullied by some youngsters. The next scene shows Arthur traveling by train or returning home. There is also some trouble.

Throughout the trailer, he is seen as a normal person. But due to the misbehavior of the people around him and the society, he became a mentally exhausted person. Which you can't understand without watching the teaser.

 JOKER Movie Review - Teaser Trailer Summary : 

Views on that teaser were 58.35 + million times. 
The first Treasure Trailer is released on 3 April 2019.
The time limit for that teaser was 2 minutes 25 seconds.
Teaser likes were 1.3 million times.
There were 45 thousand dislikes in that teaser.

JOKER Movie Review - Final Trailer Review : 

Can't find the language or words to review this final trailer. The whole trailer will keep you drunk. It will keep you attached to the skin in a charming way.
An awesome trailer like Strangers Things Season 3.  I will tell you to see for yourself.
Views on the trailer were 27.16 + million times.
The second and final trailer is released on 28 August 2019.
The time limit of the trailer was 2 minutes 25 seconds.
There were 6 lakh 81 thousand likes in the trailer.
There were about 19,000 dislikes in that trailer (as of September 3).

This is probably the last trailer.

Joker Movie Review : 

Had to watch this movie a second time before I wanted to put up a review. And as I thought, I enjoyed the movie a second time more than the first. We all know this, but it’s a very artistic film, and such a fresh take on the iconic clown prince of crime that we all know and love. This movie is probably the most realistic comic book film I have seen to this day, which was an instant plus point in my eyes. 

First off, hats off to Joaquin Phoenix to portraying this complex character very well, it's great to see how much of depth he took the character to, and not to forget, he nails the iconic Joker laugh so well, which plays a major role to the character. It’s not easy deciding if he or Heath Ledger was a better Joker, because both versions are entirely different with completely different back stories. And that brings me to my next point, the direction that Todd Phillips took this character to, in terms of character origin, even though it may not be comic accurate, it was executed very well. It first appeared to be a big risk that was being taken but it turned out to be a success, it is great to see something entirely different, while managing to maintain the basic foundation of Joker’s character.

 The cinematography is another reason that makes this film worth watching, watching this movie a second time amazed me to see the countless number of unique and artistic shots that this film consists of, whether you are a DC fan, or a comic book fan in general , or even part of the audience who has never even heard of Joker, you will enjoy the film because of it's unique cinematography alone, believe it or not, I actually took screenshots of many shots from the film for absolutely no reason, but was a lot of fun. The score is another strong element to the film, the score adds a depth of intensity to every scene of the film and sends chills down your spine, and that is what we need to expect from a movie based on one of the most dangerous villains ever . 

The plot is very captivating, powerful , mature and thought provoking, that leave audiences in the edge of their seat. One thing that amazes me to this day is how the movie added a touch of the real world and proves such a man can indeed be created by society. I do not love drama movies to such an extent, but definitely do not dislike them, and indeed this film, in my opinion is a MASTERPIECE. Give this movie a watch. Worth your time and I hope this review is help you.

 The cinematography, costume, sound and set design, world building, narrative, and specially the acting from Joaquin's part are nothing short of masterful, I can think of few movies that can truly top this beautiful, entrancing, dark and hypnotic journey that Arthur Fleck goes through as he spirals into chaotic madness and ironically, for the first time in his life perhaps, happiness, the beauty in chaos as some would say. Not only that but this movie is meant to act as a mirror for the viewer, which few other films in cinematographic history have managed to pull off succesfully, and Joker goes above and beyond and does it flawlessly. 
The media viewed it, and in the mirror they saw the bully, the instigator, all of the characters that across the film pushed Arthur down and around and made a laughing stock out of him, and they hated it. 
First, they made hundreds of articles promoting how violent the movie was going to be, how it would instigate violence, and even alerted the US army about it, willing to do anything so that the film got as little views as possible. But Joker pushed through, and they started saying that it WAS causing violence simply because an Israeli woman who was protesting for her rights on Lebanon wore a Joker mask, and when nothing worked and everyone started criticisng the media for spreading false information, wasting the military's time, seeding unnecessary fear and panic and degradating a humanitarian movement to a riot simply becuase someone wore a Joker mask, they got rid of allof the lies and excuses and flat out gave the movie the most mediocre scores possible, calling it a disappointment even though their alleged expections were for the movie to be a failure in the first place. 
But the academy saw the true talent the film had, and despite an embarassing 59% in Metacritic and a 68% in Rotten Tomatos it recieved eleven nominations and is sure to take atleast one Oscar back home. 

Joker as a film is the story of the underdog, and Joker as a narrative is work of art, grittness, and madness.If I could give it a 10/5 I assure you I would, and if you still haven't watched it do yourself a favor and go do it, even if you might not like it this movie has a bit of insight for everyone. 

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