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25 Amazing Benefits Of Dates (khajoor / খেজুর) ।

25 Amazing Benefits Of Dates (khajoor / খেজুর)।   

Benefits Of Dates Fruit.
Benefits of dates    

Although dates are not produced in large quantities in Bangladesh, they are a well-known fruit. Dates fruit is mainly produced in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran and various countries in the Middle East. In addition, our Asian continents, especially Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, produce very little.  Dates fruit is in great demand and appreciation in Muslim major countries.  In addition to the religious emphasis, these dates have remarkable nutritional, medicinal, and beneficial properties. 

So, Today we discuss the Benefits Of Dates.     

 Nutrition of dates

 Dates are a sweet fruit, rich in iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium and vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin K and many other nutrients that help you meet your daily calorie needs.  Let's not know the nutritional value.

 Protein : 

The protein in dates plays an important role in building muscle.

 Vitamins : 

Dates are rich in vitamins especially vitamins b1, b2, b3 and b5.  Dates are also an easy way to meet the needs of Vitamin A and Vitamin C.  Eating dates increases the body's immunity as well as improves eyesight.

 Iron : 

Iron is a very important element for the human body, especially in women, the demand for iron is higher than men.  Iron deficiency anemia occurs.  So there is no comparison of dates to meet the iron deficiency.  It also helps to increase the working capacity of the heart.  For those whose heart is weak, dates can be an ideal food that will work as an antidote to its disease without any side effects.

 Cholesterol and Fat : 

Since dates do not contain any extra fat and cholesterol, you are not likely to gain weight if you eat dates.

 Calcium : 

Dates contain sufficient amount of calcium which helps in human bone formation.  The calcium in dates is very beneficial for children which helps them to form marijuana.  So encourage your child to eat dates.

 Fiber : 

Dates are high in fiber and one study found that those who ate dates regularly had a lower risk of stomach cancer.

Benefits of dates fruit
Benefits Of Dates    

This delicious desert fruit is rich in fiber, beneficial oils, calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorus, copper and many other minerals.  There are also beneficial vitamins.  That is why eating dates at 3-4 o'clock every morning does not cause any harm to the body.  On the contrary, there are great benefits.  Especially for those who are suffering from constipation or any kind of stomach disease, this fruit is equal to herbal medicine!  However, the quality of dates ends here, but if you think so, you will be wrong.  Because there are many more benefits of Dates fruit to eating regularly.  Suppose ...

 1. Improves eyesight :

 Several studies have shown that if the leaves of this fruit are eaten regularly in addition to eating dates, then the levels of certain substances in the body begin to increase which improves vision like wearing a choke!  At the same time, it does not take long to reduce the incidence of other eye diseases including night blindness.

 2. Eliminates energy deficit :

 The natural sugars in the fruit, when mixed with the blood, begin to play to such an extent that the body becomes fully alert, and also plays a special role in relieving mental fatigue.  So from now on, whenever you feel tired, eat one or two dates, then you will see Kellafte!

 3. Increases heart rate :

 Due to its rich in dietary fiber, regular consumption of dates helps in lowering the levels of "LDL" or bad cholesterol in the body.  This reduces the risk of sudden heart attack and stroke.  At the same time, the potassium present in it also reduces the chances of all other heart diseases.

 4. Reduces the incidence of stomach diseases :

 Regular consumption of this fruit has a drastic improvement in bowel movement due to its high fiber content.  As a result, any type of stomach ailment can no longer arise naturally.  In fact, multiple studies have shown that eating dates 3 times a day increases the levels of beneficial bacteria in the body.  This reduces the risk of indigestion, colitis and hemorrhoids.

 5. Full of antioxidants :

 Dates are rich in natural antioxidants, which play a special role in keeping the body away from multiple diseases.  Last but not least, the fruit also has a number of anti-bacterial properties, so eating dates regularly reduces the risk of infection.

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 6. Improves bone health :

 The minerals and vitamins present in dates strengthen the bones so much that the chances of getting diseases like osteoporosis are greatly reduced in old age.  Incidentally, the selenium, manganese, copper and magnesium present in this fruit play a special role in this case.

 7. Gains weight :

 For various reasons, those who have started losing weight at an excessive rate, start eating dates today.  You will see the benefits of dates .  This is because the calories present in this fruit play a special role in weight gain by preventing breakdown in the body.

 8. Increases the performance of the nervous system :

 The various vitamins and minerals present in dates, especially potassium, play a special role in enhancing nerve function.  This fruit also helps to increase brain power.  Now you must understand why the doctors advise the children to eat dates every day.

 9. Keeps away diseases like anemia :

 Iron deficiency in the body increases the incidence of this type of disease.  That is why it is very important to take care that the deficiency of this mineral does not occur in the body at any time.  And in this case, dates can help a lot.  How?  This small fruit is rich in iron.  That is why it plays a special role in keeping away diseases like anemia.

 10. Reduces the incidence of allergies :

 A research paper published in 2002 claimed that the sulfur compound present in dates plays a special role in keeping away diseases like allergies.  That is why those who suffer from this disease throughout the year, must include this fruit in their daily diet!

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25 Amazing Benefits Of Dates (Khajoor / খেজুর) :       

Throughout the month of Ramadan, everyone eats more or less dates during Iftar.  Dates are a favorite food of Muslims.  When fasting comes, it has a place in the list of Iftar food.  These dates have some remarkable nutritional value.
Dates contain herbs and many nutrients;  Which helps to make up for some of the nutritional deficiencies after fasting all day.  What many of us may not know is that dates have many benefits in enhancing beauty and maintaining physical beauty.  This date works like magic in hair and skin.
 Dates contain water, minerals, carbs, sugars, calcium, iron, vitamin B-1, vitamin B-2 and a small amount of vitamin C, folic acid, magnesium, manganese, sulfur and protein.  Glucose deficiency occurs in the body due to being on an empty stomach for a long time during fasting.  Dates help the body to fill this essential glucose deficiency.  So you should eat dates every day in Iftar.

 In addition, dates have many other beneficial properties. Today , we writing 25 Amazing Benefits Of Dates.    
 They are-

 1.  Digestive power, liver and stomach energy. 
 2.  Dates increase nervous energy. 
 3.  Having food power eliminates weakness. 
 4.  Dates produce blood in the body. 
 5.  Dates are also very beneficial for heart patients. 
 6.  Increases appetite. 
 7.  Increases immunity. 
 8.  Increases eyesight. 
 9.  Protects the lungs as well as prevents oral cancer. 
 10.  Dates contain dietary fiber;  Which releases cholesterol.
 11.  Dates help to alleviate dehydration.
 12.  Dates maintain the balance of sodium and potassium in the body.
 13.  Calcium in dates strengthens bones.
 14.  Dates strengthen the heart.
 15.  Dates act as a body booster.  Eighty percent of it is sugar.  That is why dried dates or khorma are called desert glucose.

Benefits of dates fruit, khurma, khajoor.
Benefits Of Dates    

 16.  The various nutrients in dates help in the production of a hormone called serotonin which gives a person mental strength.  Which helps to keep the mind well.
17.  The fiber in dates helps in relieving constipation, but the condition is that you should drink plenty of water along with eating dates to get suitable results.
 18.  Helps to eliminate distaste for food.
 19.  Vitamin A and Vitamin C in dates help to improve eyesight.
20.  The nutrients in dates help prevent cancer.
21.  The dietary fiber in dates relieves the problem of cholesterol.
22.  Dates contain soluble and insoluble fiber and various amino acids that help in digestion of food.  So dates are very useful to avoid indigestion.
23.  Dates play a special role in retaining youth and youthfulness.
24.  The iron in dates eliminates anemia.
25.  Healthy Food.   

Medicinal Benefits of dates : 

Dates act as an antidote to various infectious diseases.  Especially acts as a prevention of liver infections and colds, coughs, fevers.
Besides, dates are useful for indigestion, hypertension, anemia etc.

 Disadvantages or warnings : 

 Although there are many benefits of dates, in some cases you should be careful in taking dates. Those who have diabetes must consult a doctor before taking dates and those who are high in potassium should be careful about eating dates.

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