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Green Book Movie (2018) Free Download।

Green Book Movie (2018) Free Download.     

Green Book Movie Download.
Green Book Movie  

Green Book Movie Overview : 
Green Book is a 2018 American biographical comedy-drama film directed by Peter Farrelly. 

Green Book Movie Details : 

Name : Green Book  .
Green Book Movie Genre : Drama/Comedy /drama. 
Green Book Movie Release date
September 11, 2018 (TIFF)
November 21, 2018 (United States)
Green Book Movie Duration / Running time : 130 minutes . 
Country : United States. 
Green Book Movie Language :  English. 
Green Book Movie Budget : $23 million. 
Green Book Movie Box office Collection : $327.9 million. 
Green Book Movie Cast / Crew / Starring : 
Green Book Movie Directed by : Peter Farrelly . 
Green Book Movie Produced by : Jim Burke, Brian Hayes Currie, Peter Farrelly, Nick Vallelonga, Charles B. Wessler, 
Green Book Movie Written by : Nick Vallelonga, Brian Hayes Currie, Peter Farrelly . 
Green Book Movie Music by : Kris Bowers .
Green Book Movie Cinematography by : Sean Porter. 
Green Book Movie Edited by : Patrick J. Don Vito. 
Green Book Movie Production Company : Participant Media, DreamWorks Pictures, Reliance Entertainment, Innis free Pictures, Cinetic Media, Alibaba Pictures. 
Green Book Movie Distributed by : Universal Pictures. 
Green Book Movie Starring : Viggo Mortensen, Mahershala Ali, Linda Cardellini. 

Green Book Movie Storyline : 

 When exploitation and inequality go beyond its limits, the voices of protest have echoed in the voices of great leaders throughout the ages.  One such speech was by Martin Luther King, Jr.
 "I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed:‘ We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal. '"  The peasants had to cross an ocean to come to the path of this dream, the trouble remained.  Where it was said, "Dogs and blacks are not allowed to enter the society" in the light of the chair of the president of Barack Obama, none of these were easy.  If you look at the pages of history, after the Lincoln Emancipation Proclamation in 183, it may have been thought that this time the light came!  But, no, the release of blacks did not come.  Most of them did not have land and did not have the right to vote.  There was extreme uncertainty and inequality in education-initiation-employment.  As if the light remained aleya.  The day was going on like this.  At that moment, one day, Victor Hugo, an African American post office worker, brought a momentary light to the peasantry called The Negro Motorist Green Book.  Who himself was walking on this path of great humiliation.  Originally it was a travel book, which was a safe travel for blacks, where there was a guide book with hotel restaurants etc. reserved for them.  Which later came to be known as the Green Book.  First published in 1938, the Green Book was published regularly every year until 1986.  And on the basis of this model, an impeccable masterpiece called 'Green Book' was created.

 The film manages to entertain as well as inform.  With the famous pianist Dr. Don Shirley and his friend the Italian American Tony Leap / Vallenger.  The famous Russian composer Igor Stravinsky said of Don Shirley, 'His virtuosity is worthy of the Gods.'  Don Shirley and Tony Leap were close friends until they died in 2013.  The screenplay is based on an interview between Don Shirley and Tony Leap and some letters from Tony to his wife at the time.  One of the screenwriters of the movie was his son Nick Valelanga.

 At the beginning of the movie, Tony Valelanga, an Italian-American bouncer who was better known as Tony Leap, was seen working in the Copacabana nightclub in New York.  He has a present intellect and a strange ability to control any situation, he does not have a very good attitude towards the poor.  Tony's family with his wife and two sons.  When the nightclub suddenly closes for renewal, Tony needs a job to support his family.

 Meanwhile, a world-class African American pianist named Don Shirley is in dire need of a driver.  Don Shirley is going to play the piano in various parts of the South on his concert tour.  Accidentally his partner was Italian-American driver Tony Leap.  The newly appointed Tony was handed the Green Book of Travel Guide to reach the destination by following the conditions.  People with two completely opposite characters start their journey on an eight-week contract.  This is how the story begins and continues with various dangers.  Among all the stories, Tony Don Shirley continues to reach out to his concert venues.  While some of those stories relate to Tony, most of them happen because Don Shirley is gay.

 Some of the scenes are not to be forgotten as if they were extraordinary at the time of writing the letter to the wife.  Two completely different people seemed to be slowly tied to a bridge.  The day Lip wrote the last letter to his wife, the starting line was, 'Honey, sometimes you remind me of a house, a house where the lights are on everywhere and everyone inside is smiling.'  Tony's wife also understood the revelation of her husband's letter and the last scene of greeting Don Shirley was also remarkable.  The comedy moments were awesome.  The scenes of eating McDonald's chicken are wonderful.  Tony is busy repairing the car on the way, Shirley gets out of the car and stands.  Not far away, the unfortunate black slaves are busy in the field.  After a while, one of them, almost two by two, stares at Shirley in a shiny dress;  They are surprised to see a black man's white driver!  Their astonished gaze, Shirley's desperate attempt to hide her discomfort, and Tony's initial inertia of not understanding Kyapate quickly understood the situation and quickly left the scene.  Trying to teach Tony the correct pronunciation, Shirley had a great time.

 An intimate bond of friendship has emerged.  From politics to economics, to friendship, to racism, to love, to loneliness, to letters, to Don Shirley's extraordinary playing, to the artistic expression of concealment, to the extraordinary celluloid presentation of self-discovery, the Green Book.  Where once a great expression of friendship for Shirley floated in Tony's eyes.  The last concert of the tour reveals Tony's honesty in a great way.  All these scenes were like clapping hands.

 Don Shirley, a victim of fragmented events, hid her tears and carefully applied make-up to hide the marks of injuries inflicted on civilized people and the storm swept over Tony's chest.  At the end of the day, humanity wins.

 The film also stars Don Shirley as the first Muslim actor, Oscar-winning actor Maharshala Ali, and Tony's wife, the beautiful, intelligent Linda Cardellini.  Maharshala Ali won Best Supporting Actor at 69 Oscars in 2016 for his film 'Moonlight', and continued his winning streak at 91 Oscars for Green book.  The award speaks volumes about his extraordinary performances.  But the soul of the Green Book was Vigo Mortenson, the character of Tony Leap, who has no comparison.  I couldn't take my eyes off him for a moment, but he didn't really take his eyes off me.  Celluloid will remember Tony Leap for a long time.  I repeatedly thought it was a driver leap.  His smile, words, anger all floated on the screen with clarity.  Despite being nominated in the Best Actor category at the 91st Oscars, he could not take home the award.  He was also nominated for Best Actor for 'Captain Fantastic' at the 69th Oscars.  But fate deprived him every time.  But in such a performance, the actor actually got the Oscar from the heart of the people.  As long as he was on screen, I would clap my hands and laugh at every comedy, like 'He's the Man' at the end of the day.

 Director Peter Frarelli's sense of moderation cannot be overstated.  Greetings to Peter Frarelli and his team for this masterpiece called 'Green Book'!  He proved it by taking home a bag full of prizes from the 91st Oscars.  The screenplay of the movie as well as the construction style was as captivating as the fascination was the silence of the bazaar tune on the piano.  Every performance of Don Shirley shown in the movie was extremely melodic.  Munsiana is in the work of Chris Bowers as a composer.  The background scores also matched the context.  In the scenes, there is a great jingle of songs of that decade.

 Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness ’which was once confined to myths, the Green Book seemed to speak for itself once again.  When thoughts transcended humanity to shape, and man became the embodiment of a crushed path.  We like to write for such movies, the audience also likes to go to the cinema with money.

Green Book Movie Review :   

First of all, thanks for this opportunity to voice my opinion about this amazing movie, the way it was written and performed by the actors that were Directed in such an awesome way.

Green Book Movie is as smooth as they come, this film covers a lot of things at once and it does it so seamlessly and effortlessly and the credit for that goes to two amazingly talented leads who shape this film to what it is, an affectionate friendship story , considering that this is based on actual real-life story and how hard is to put together something worth telling without slipping to no man's land of storytelling is amazing in and of itself, but this film doesn't stop there it offers a heartwarming story between seemingly opposite men but deep down they're the same. I gotta say that Viggo Mortensen opposite Mahershala Ali is one of the best lead partnership I've seen in the last couple of years, talk about chemistry and strong presence, they make this story memorable and gripping and convincing as well, they have this special back and forth in dialogue that makes it very enjoyable to watch. Adding to all of that, Green Book Movie is extremely well put together from the directing to the camera work and the writing and it just has that good ol' fashion classic film framework to it and you can't beat that. To put Green Book in a few words, I'd say it's a satisfying story that couldn't be presented in a better way, I absolutely love this film.

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