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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Train To Busan Movie (2016) Free Download.

Train To Busan Movie (2016) Free Download. 

Train to busan movie is the best Korean Zombie Movie.
Train To Busan Movie   
Train To Busan Movie Overview : 

Train to busan movie is the best Korean zombie movie. This movie storyline is amazing. Train to busan movie topic is like covid 19, contagion, flu
At present, if you want to watch movie and you ask me, which movie is the best to watching corona virus time / covid 19 period? 
Then i will suggest you to watch these film. Best corona virus related topic movie are -
(1)  = Contagion Movie
(2)  = Flu Movie
(3)  = Train To Busan Movie

Today, I am describing about Train To Busan Movie. And i am giving this movie free download link in this article. You get this link below my article. 

So, Let's Start -            
Train To Busan Movie Details : 

Movie Name : Train To Busan (English title) / For Busan (literal title)
Revised romanization : Busanhaeng
Hangul : 부산행
World Premiere : May, 2016 (Cannes Film Festival)
Train To Busan Movie Release Date : July 20, 2016. 
Train To Busan Movie Runtime : 118 min.
Train To Busan Movie Genre : 
Suspense-Thriller / Train / Zombie / Award Winning / Action & Adventure / Art House & International / Horror / Mystery & Suspense. 
Train To Busan Movie Distributor : Next Entertainment World
Train To Busan Movie Language : Korean
Country : South Korea
Train To Busan Movie Box Office Box Office Collection : $2,129,768
Studio : Redpeter Film. 

Train To Busan Movie Storyline : 

 Father Seok Woo can't give daughter Soo-an much time off under the pressure of work.  Soo-an's mother is also divorced with her father.  She lives with her grandmother now.  Distance between father and daughter is created at work pressure.  Dad gives a gift on daughter's birthday.  The girl looks at her father.  The same gift she received from her father a while back.  Seok Woo is ashamed and asks the girl what kind of gift she needs.  She will go straight to her mother's answer.  The mother is in Busan.  Soo-an convinces her father very hard.  Seok Woo took the train to Busan to keep his daughter on the birthday.  In the meantime, a horrible disease spread in the country.  What many people call "zombies" is practically a big city.  The behavior of the person affected by the disease is not like that of ordinary people.

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 The victim is attacked by anyone who gets in front of them.  And in some cases, touching a person's teeth means that you are infected with this deadly disease.  Somehow Busangemi gets up on the train.  And the consequences are horrible. From the bite of a person suffering from a strange disease, the ignorant people are getting infected.  There is no antidote, no treatment.  There is only your life.  You just have to run away with life.  You are not safe from your close friends and relatives.  A life-and-death test.  Get out of the train but there is no salvation.  This dangerous virus has spread everywhere.

Train to busan movie trailer
Train To Busan Movie Download     

Train To Busan Movie Cast / Starring :     

Train To Busan Movie Directed By : Sang-ho yeon. 
Train To Busan Movie written By : Joo-Suk Park, Sang-ho Yeon. 
Train to Busan Movie Produced By : Woo-Taek Kim (Executive Producer), Yeon-Ho Kim (Co-Producer), Dong-Ha Lee (Producer). 
Train To Busan Movie Music By : Young-Gyu Jang. 
Train To Busan Movie Editing By : Jinmo Yang. 
Train To Busan Movie Production By : Mok-Won Lee. 
Train To Busan Movie Starring :                       
Yoo Gong, yu-mi Jung, Dong-Seok Ma, Su-An Kim, Eui-Sung Kim, Woo-Sik Choi, Sohee, 

Train To Busan Movie Review : 

There are and more zombie movies every year. Sometimes I wonder when they will slow down on making them. Each new release tries to put a new spin on the genre though; this one included. It doesn't doesn't take long to get the story rolling either. Once it does, it is a non-stop rush for safety. The main character and his daughter are supposed to take a train ride so the daughter can see her mother. However, there is a chemical accident that causes a sickness in people, and it spreads fast. The protagonist finds himself trying to protect his daughter and his own life at all costs in a mad scramble for survival. They are constantly dealing with zombies and other obstacles (like selfish people in a desperate rush) that stand in their way. The terror makes the main characters find out what they are capable of and you notice them change (for better or worse) as more time goes on. This isn't the most unique film out there, but it has you glued to the screen the entire time because it's action-packed. I enjoyed train to busan movie for many reasons, but at the same time I also felt like it was missing something. Overall, it's definitely worth watching.

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Train To Busan movie should be listed as a tragedy, as it is one of the saddest things you may ever see. However, it is one of the best movies I've ever watched, and it will have you crying over the actor's ability to portray their characters correctly. It might also have you screaming about how all the freaking characters you love die. I do sympathize with the COO, for he was simply too terrified to do anything that we might view as moral, and this would happen to the best of us in a disaster. The movie also has a beautiful form of scenery, such as the tall buildings of Seoul, to the more homey yet modern Daejeon Station and even the bridge at the end in Busan, with a more rural feel. It is also a brilliant idea to match zombies with the close crowded and fast paced bullet train, found in Korea. All in all, train to busan movie is a must watch for fans of horror, tragedy, or anyone really.

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World War Z was my favorite zombie movie until I viewed "Train To Busan" The pacing of this zombie apocalypse movie didn't feel to slow or too fast as some. It was just right. The moments of suspense and danger will appeal to fans of zombie movies, though these elements do not over shadow nor are they overshadowed by the touchy moments that is the sub-plot; the jerk of a dad who must now be the shield for his daughter on and off the train. The characters are far from forgettable, as their journey to Busan will have them test their survival instincts and gives certain characters great development in this story, most notably the protagonist. Being a southern korean film, you can expect pouring tears when the story wraps. This story is a mix of beautiful, danger, thrilling, and emotional.Spoiler................. As important characters die, one can really feel their presence disappear in train to busan movie , as many of the supporting characters actually contribute adequately in a number of circumstances in this movie. Many american horror movies will have characters make stupid decisions and are killed of easily based on those dumb moves, this is not one of those. In this movie every death of a main character is based on a reasonable motive.

Train To Busan Movie Award Achievement :     

2016 (37th) Blue Dragon Film Awards : November 25, 2016. 
Best Technical Award : (Kwak Tae-Yong & Hwang Hyo-Gyun). 
Top Box Office Seller : 2017 (53rd) BaekSang Arts Awards - May 3, 2017. 
Best Supporting Actor : (Kim Eui-Sung).
Best New Director : (Yeon Sang-Ho). 

Train To Busan Movie Trailer : 

If you want to watch train to busan movie trailer, then click on this link -       

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