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A Separation Movie (2011) Free Download।

A Separation Movie (2011) Free Download.    

Download A Separation Movie.
A Separation Movie Download   

A Separation Movie Overview :   

Imagine, you are a married man.  Your long 14 year family.  In the family there is your wife, a holy and innocent daughter and your old father suffering from an incurable disease.  Although there is no abundance of money, there is no lack of love in the world.  But your wife is not willing to stay in this world.  Bivore wants your wife to emigrate with her husband and daughter, thinking of a beautiful future for her only daughter.  Your wife is adamant in her decision.  But you are not ready to leave your old father and go abroad even for a moment.  As a result, the person closest to you decided to divorce you.  Once you think about it, what do you do?  On the one hand, the bright future of your beloved wife and the only daughter with whom you have spent private moments of your life, on the other hand, your old father.  Which one will you choose?  Old father or wife and children?  Whatever the answer, no doubt, it is a litmus test for any human being.

 If you want to see a ruthless ending to the story above, you must watch Iranian director Asghar Farhadi's latest film "Nader and Simin, A Separation".  Until now, I used to understand only Iranian directors as Majid Majidi, Abbas Kiarostami, Zafar Panahi, Mohsen Makmalbaf and a few others.  But after watching this film, another person had to be included in the list of best directors.  Asghar Farhadi is no less than others in story selection and construction. 

A Separation Movie Details :   

Name : A Separation Movie
A Separation Movie Genre : Art House & International, Drama. 
A Separation Movie Release date : 15 February 2011 (Berlin), 16 March 2011 (Iran). 
A Separation Movie Duration / Running time : 123 minutes. 
Country : Iran. 
A Separation Movie Language : Persian 
A Separation Movie Budget : $800,000. 
A Separation Movie Box office Collection : $24.4 million.

A Separation Movie Cast And Crews :   

A Separation Movie Directed by : Asghar Farhadi. 
A Separation Movie Produced by : Asghar Farhadi. 
A Separation Movie Written by : Asghar Farhadi. 
A Separation Movie Music by : Sattar Oraki. 
A Separation Movie Cinematography by : Mahmoud Kalari. 
A Separation Movie Edited by : Hayedeh Safiyari. 
A Separation Movie Distributed by : Filmiran (Iran), Sony Pictures Classics (US). 

A Separation Movie Cast / Starring :   

Leila Hatami, Peyman Moaadi, Shahab Hossein, Babak Karimi, Sareh Bayat, Sarina Farhadi, Merila Zarei. 

A Separation Movie Plot / Storyline :   

The story of the movie revolves around a middle class family living in Tehran.  Nader (Peyman Moaadi) and Simin (Leila Hatami) have been married for 14 years.  Termeh is the only daughter of eleven years old.  Nader and Simin's family is on the verge of collapse.  Because Simin wants to move to Europe with her husband and daughter, hoping for a brighter future.  But Nader's elderly father suffered from a serious illness called Alzheimer's.  He is not willing to leave the country at all.  Forced, Simin went to the family court for a divorce.  But the court dismissed it without finding a suitable reason.  Then Simin left the family and went to his mother.

 ErNader hired a pregnant woman named Razieh as a maid to look after her father.  Then things took a turn for the worse.  Nader insulted and kicked Razieh for stealing false money.  At one point in the brawl, Razieh's unborn child perished on the stairs.  Razieh sued in court.  If the allegation is proved, one to three years imprisonment is guaranteed.  Termeh gave false testimony to save his father.  However, at one point Nader was dramatically released from the case.

A Separation Movie Review :   

A brilliant film.very well crafted.Strongly developed characters and the actors get under the skin of characters, particularly the daughter of the couple.She is simply brilliant in portraying the enormous confusion and conflicts in her mind.

Asghar Farhadi's A Separation serves as a quiet reminder of how good it's possible for movies to be.

A social, psychological drama and it always questioning the viewer's viewpoint about decisions made by every character.

A Separation Movie Quotes :   

Termeh : If you didn't say a lie, why should you be careful?

Nader : What is wrong is wrong... No matter who says or where it's written.

Simin : He doesn't even know you're his son.

Nader : But I know he's my father.

A Separation Movie Award Achievement :   

A Separation won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 2012. It received the Golden Bear Award for Best Film and the Silver Bears Award for Best Actress and Best Actor at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival. It also won the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film and the Asia Pacific Screen Award for Best Feature Film. The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

A Separation Movie Trailer :    


A Separation Movie Download :   
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A Separation Movie English Subtitle : 

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A Separation Movie Bangla Subtitle :   

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