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Kabir Singh Movie (2019) Free Download.

Kabir Singh Movie (2019) Free Download. 

Kabir Singh movie download, Kabir Singh full movie download.
Kabir Singh Movie Download    

Kabir Singh Movie Overview :   

Kabir Singh is a 2019 Indian Hindi-language romantic drama film. 
Bollywood's Kabir Singh Movie is a remake of Telugu blockbuster Arjun Reddy's.

Kabir Singh Movie Details :   

Name : Kabir Singh

Kabir Singh Movie Genre : Drama, Action, Romance, Biography. 

Kabir Singh Movie Release date : 21 June 2019. 

Kabir Singh Movie Duration / Running time : 172 minutes. 
Country : India. 

Kabir Singh Movie Language : Hindi. 

Kabir Singh Movie Budget : ₹60crore. 
Kabir Singh Movie Box office collection : ₹379 Crore. 

Kabir Singh Movie Production Company : Cine1 Studios, T-Series. 
Kabir Singh Movie Distributed by : AA Films. 

Kabir Singh Movie Cast : 

Kabir Singh Movie Starring : Shahid Kapoor, Kiara Advani. 

Kabir Singh Movie Directed by : Sandeep Vanga. 

Kabir Singh Movie Produced by : Murad Khetani, Ashwin Varde, Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar. 

Kabir Singh Movie Based on : Arjun Reddy

Kabir Singh Movie Music / Songs by : Mithoon, Amaal Mallik, Vishal Mishra, Sacheta–Parampara, Akhil Sachdeva

Kabir Singh Movie Cinematography by : Santhana Krishnan, Ravichandran. 

Kabir Singh Movie Edited by : Aarif Sheikh,  Sandeep Vanga. 

Kabir Singh Movie Storyline / Plot :   

Kabir Rajvir Singh (Shahid Kapoor) is also an accomplished student and accomplished surgeon of the college.  But he is unable to control his anger.  Fights in college football games, being suspended, rebellious behavior in front of the dean of the college, but strangely everything is forgiven he just says he is a good student.  He fell in love with the first year humble, polite, calm nature of Priti (Kiara Advani).  From the very beginning, that love continues with the consent of one party and the rule of sovereignty.  Bunking Preeti to class, taking her on a bike ride without regard to her wishes, warning everyone in the class to be empowered, saying, "Oh, Mary Bandi," if anyone wants to be friends with Preeti, to block that road, even with someone in college.  Choosing that too, this is how Kabir-Priti falls in love.  Breaking up at the end, not agreeing to leave home, not getting married.  Kabir's intoxication with all kinds of pain, the reunion of the hero and heroine as usual at the end of the movie.

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Kabir Singh Movie Review :   

From the beginning to the end of the movie, only Shahid was on the screen.  Kiara can also be called good.  Soham Majumdar in the role of dear friend Shiva is admirable.  The song of the film is suitable to the tune of Amal Mallick.  However, Kabir Singh is a bad hero.  Even after a thousand injustices, sympathy is gathering only in Kabir's possession. 

Kabir Singh Movie Review (Acting)

Only Shahid Kapoor's performance catches the eye from the first to the last part of the film.  After many days, this actor seems to have squeezed everything again.  Kiara's performance as a college freshman is also impeccable. 

The new love between the senior-junior relationship in college, dreaming of making a living from there, becoming dependent on the lover with love like a blind man, Kiara has balanced Shahid Kapoor's aggression in the film in all aspects.  On the other hand, Shahid's changing attitude towards life in his adulthood also brings a new flavor to the film, which easily leaves a mark in the mind of the viewer.

Kabir Singh Movie Review (Screenplay) : 

On the one hand, love, dream of life, self-concentration in career, stubbornness and energy, the pain of not being able to balance the two is perfectly captured in the screenplay of the film.  

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The tension in the second half of the film begins when the love between the beginning and the end of the film, the relationship that was formed by grabbing the attention of everyone on the college campus, the new turn in the distance of the relationship after passing away from there, all together. 

 However, part of the audience was a little disappointed in the dialogue of the film.  Where the protagonist of the story, i.e. the hero, is trying to convince his lover by killing a kind of pirate that his lover cannot exist without him.  This is where the screenplay gets a little weak.

Kabir Singh Movie Review (Cinematography) : 

From the beginning to the end of the film, everyone's attention is drawn to the presentation of a sleek, beautiful camera.  Each song scene has been created with great care.  Shahid Kapoor and Kiara's performance on the screen also catches the eye.

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However, most of the shooting in the second half of the film is indoors.  As a result, no special work of the camera could be noticed in this part.  In addition, the smoothness of the camera is maintained throughout the beginning and end of the picture.

Kabir Singh Movie Review (Direction) : 

The director did not say anything about directing the film.  There was enough excitement in the film from beginning to end.  Although there is no such thing in the story, the director has presented it with such care that the audience was waiting for a new turn till the end of the film. 

 However, seeing the picture from the beginning, just like the outcome, it changed a lot at the end of the viewer.  However, despite the change of time, the actor did not deviate from his goal in any part, so the director praised him enough.

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Kabir Singh Movie Download :   

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