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18 Amazing Health Benefits Of Cardamom। Chinguriabarta।

18 Amazing Health Benefits Of Cardamom.       

The queen of spices is cardamom.  The taste is the same as the smell.  Not only this, with the help of food and nutrition.

Benefits of cardamom.

Today, we will explain 18 amazing benefits of cardamom.      

 Food and Nutrition of Cardamom : 

 It contains protein, carbohydrates, cholesterol, calories, fats, fiber, niacin, riboflavin, pyridoxine, thiamine, electrolytes, sodium, potassium, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus.

 Benefits of Cardamom : 

 1.  For the heart : 

 The antioxidants in cardamom are good for the heart.  Helps to lower cholesterol.  Cardamom is also a great medicine for high blood pressure.

 2.  Shortness of breath : 

 Cardamom relieves various problems like cold, cough, lung problems and blood circulation problems.  If you have bronchitis or any breathing problem, it is better to eat cardamom.

 3.  Controlling blood pressure : 

 Cardamom is very useful in the problem of high blood pressure.  It works as a medicine.  Mixing cardamom in soup or stew easily lowers blood pressure in a few days.

 4.  In depression : 

 Cardamom helps to avoid mental problems like depression.  It is better to boil a few grains of cardamom in tea every day.

 5.  In digestion : 

 It contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients that relieve the body from metabolic disorders.  Improves liver and pancreas.  As a result, digestion is better, resulting in chest irritation or stomach upset and heart problems can be easily relieved.

 6.  Detoxification : 

 The more fiber, calcium, iron and antioxidants enter the body, the clearer and fresher the inside.  Cardamom releases and detoxifies the body from any toxins coming from outside.

 7.  Relief from hiccups : 

 Cardamom has many benefits to calm any muscle in the body.  So if you have hiccups for any reason, it is beneficial to mix a teaspoon of cardamom in a cup of hot water and leave it for 15 minutes.

 8.  Increased appetite : 

 Cardamom helps to increase hunger.  Using cardamom oil increases the desire to eat and also increases hunger.

 9.  For teeth and mouth : 

 The antimicrobial properties of cardamom are very beneficial for the inner part of the mouth i.e. gums and teeth.  The pungent taste of cardamom removes bad breath and brings freshness.

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 10.  In cancer : 

 Due to the nutritional value of cardamom, many types of cancerous tumors or cells cannot grow.  The quality of cardamom has been specially proven in the case of colorectal cancer.

 11.  Strengthens memory : 

 The antioxidants in cardamom calm the brain and help sharpen memory.  Boil two cardamoms with milk every day and drink it.  You will definitely get the results.

 12.  Sexual health : 

 Due to the various nutrients in cardamom, it calms the nerves and increases sexual desire.  In addition, cardamom also helps to get rid of infertility.

 13.  On bright skin : 

 Cardamom works great for whitening and brightening the skin.  Eliminates acne and darkening of the skin.  You can make a pack of honey and cardamom and apply it on your face to get fruits.

 14.  Skin allergies : 

 Cardamom is rich in antibacterial ingredients.  It is a very good antiseptic and antiinflammatory.  As a result, it softens the skin and helps to keep it cool.  So cardamom is also a medicine for the skin.  Applying a mixture of honey and black cardamom on the allergic part will get results very quickly.

 15.  Improves blood circulation : 

 Cardamom contains vitamin C, an antioxidant, which improves blood circulation to the skin and improves skin health.

 16.  For the lips : 

 Cardamom is used to make various lip balms, glosses or oils that enhance the softness of the lips.  Maintains a pink feel.  You can also make a pack at home and keep it on your lips all night.  This packs cardamom powder, olive or almond oil and a little aloe vera gel.  Apply it on the lips every day and wash it off after 15 minutes.

 17.  Hair care : 

 Keeping the scalp clean strengthens the hair follicles and relieves hair loss.  The nutrients in cardamom strengthen the hair follicles and help to make the hair shiny and long.

 18.  For the scalp : 

 Having antioxidants keeps the scalp well.  Cardamom strengthens hair follicles.  The best results are obtained by washing the hair with water soaked in cardamom or shampooing the hair after applying cardamom powder.  The antibacterial ingredient in cardamom cures scalp infections quickly.

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