Thursday, August 27, 2020

How To Recover Deleted Message From Gmail? Chinguriabarta।

How To Recover Deleted Message From Gmail?      

Important messages are deleted from e-mails for various reasons.  In such a situation, we have to face many difficulties for the lost information.

 Today I will tell you how to recover deleted message from gmail.

 First of all, if the message is completely lost or deleted and it is not available in the Trash folder, then you have to send a request to Yahoo. They will restore your deleted message within 7 days of receiving the request.

 However, in this case, there are cases that are not given.  If Yahoo does not return your mail, there is no way to return it.  However, it is very wise to quickly restore the message from the Trash folder when it is deleted.

How To Recover deleted Message

 In this case, you have to select the message and click on the Move button and send Inbox.

 1.  First, login to your Yahoo Mail browser.

 2. Click on the Trash folder from the left navigation pane.

 3.  Select the message you need.  A check box will appear there and tick it.

 4.  Now click on “Restore to Inbox”.

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 Now look in your message inbox, the message has become usable from there.  Yahoo will automatically clear your truss folder every 7 days.  And spam will be deleted after 30 days. And this setting will not change.

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