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Friday, August 28, 2020

Greyhound Movie (2020) Free Download।

Greyhound Movie (2020) Free Download.     

Greyhound Full Movie Download.

Greyhound Movie Overview :    

GREYHOUND MOVIE is a powerfully riveting new movie featuring Tom Hanks as lead actor and screenwriter. It is based on WWII history and the ensuing novel The Good Shepherd by C.S. Forester.

Greyhound Movie Details :    

Movie Name : Greyhound Movie

Greyhound Movie Genre : Action, War, Adventure, Drama.    

Greyhound Movie Release date : July 10, 2020 (United States). 

Greyhound Movie Running time / Duration : 91 minutes.

Country : United States. 

Greyhound Movie Language : English. 

Greyhound Movie Budget : $50.3 million. 

Greyhound Movie Production company : Columbia Pictures, Stage 6 Films, Bron Creative, Zhengfu Pictures, Sycamore Pictures, Film Nation Entertainment, Play tone. 

Greyhound Movie Distributed by : Apple TV+. 

Greyhound Movie Cast And Crews :    

Greyhound Movie Directed by : Aaron Schneider. 

Greyhound Movie (2020) Produced by : Gary Goetzman. 

Greyhound Movie Screenplay by : Tom Hanks. 

Greyhound Movie Based on : The Good Shepherd. 

Greyhound Movie Music by : Blake Neely. 

Greyhound Movie Cinematography by : Shelly Johnson. 

Greyhound Movie Starring :    

Tom Hanks, Stephen Graham, Rob Morgan, Elisabeth Shue. 

Greyhound Movie Plot / Storyline :    

The Battle of the Atlantic.

 The United States had just officially participated in World War II.  In February 1942, US Navy Commander Ernest Cruz (Tom Hanks) became captain of the warship Greyhound.  The 2020 War movie starring Tom Hanks is the story of how Captain Allied, the first Allied mission against Germany in the Atlantic Ocean, destroyed 4 German U-boats or submarines in just two days with the help of another warship (Harry, Eagle, Dickie).  "Greyhound"

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 The battle between the Germans and the United States in the Atlantic Ocean is called - the longest, largest and most complex naval battle in history: The Battle of the Atlantic.  The movie is named after the "Greyhound" warship that survived the heroic voyage at sea, led by Captain Ernest Cruz, and shot down an enemy U-boat.  The original adaptation of the movie is from the 1955 novel "The Good Shepherd" by C.S Forester.

Greyhound Movie Review :    

Tom Hanks movie means a different surprise awaits.  C.S.  He wrote the screenplay for the film, based on Forster's novel, The Very Shepherd.  As is usually the case with American War movies, this movie is very different from that, that is, realistic.  

Many of us in the Navy do not know the language spoken by the Captain and his associates.  Instead of trying to make it easy for us, we have tried to make the warships as realistic as possible in the way they deal with danger.  

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As a result, it is better not to expect anything very bloody or unusual from Greyhound movie.  There are many times when there is no way to enjoy the destruction of the enemy's invisible submarine under the water with a little effort and a lot of effort.  Strict monitoring is carried out to see if oil has leaked from under the water.  If the oil floats, it means the submarine has been destroyed.  That's the certification.

 In 1941, American commander Ernest Krauss (Tom Hanks) was assigned to the Greyhound warship.  His job was to escort several cargo and other ships to Liverpool, England.  This is his first mission in the Atlantic Ocean.  

The problem is that there is a large area in the ocean called the Black Pit.  He will not get any air assistance there.  That means the American Air Force will have to go back from that black pit.  And the place where the British Air Force can help again will take about three days to reach Peru.  

The Germans will surely be waiting to destroy everything in this black pit.  The movie is basically about how Commander Krauss will manage these three days.

 Tom Hanks' acting in the movie is definitely good.  However, his performances in "Sally" or "Bridge of Spies" did not leave much mark on the level he went to.  The bigger problem is that the movie has become a one man movie.  

Apart from the Greyhound, there were other warships in such a large expedition.  But the camera did not go out of the Greyhound even once.  It was as if Tom Hanks had been following him all the time.  

And since we don't understand the language and actions of the Navy in the movie, a lot of places will be quite confusing.  In short, this movie is not as good as another war movie of the Hanks, "Saving Private Ryan".  It will be nice to see the movie after that.  A light feel good factor will work at the end of the movie.

"Visually stunning, Heart-racing Historical fiction for all Navy/ Sea/ War film fanatics" Tom Hanks can pull of any leadership rolls at ease, addition to that he did the screenplay for this flick. 

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Wow!!! Written an entire script for the film ? Yes! and it was damn really good!!! Every cast played their role very well, it really brought back the feel of Navy and World War times! 

Stunning visuals of open sea, sound design of warfares, blood chilling background score, edge-of-the-seat story pace makes this flick - OUTSTANDING! Kudos to the novel writer, the director, every cast crew, vfx crew, sfx crew. 

Greyhound movie of only 91 minutes is a full package for you if you are a war drama lover.  Filled with great screenplay and excitement, Greyhound movie will not let you take your eyes off it even for a moment.  From start to finish you'll be overwhelmed by the screenplay and background music (BGM).  The funny thing is - the screenplay of Greyhound movie was done by Tom Hanks himself.

Greyhound Movie Trailer :    

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Greyhound Movie Download :    

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Watch And Enjoy. 


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