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The Contagion Movie (2011) Free Download. Contagion Movie Tropic Like Corona Virus.

The Contagion Movie is the best virus related movie. There are more virus related movie in film industry, like Hollywood, Bollywood. The Contagion Movie topics is dangerous virus like Corona Virus.                

The Contagion Movie (2011) Free Download. Contagion Movie Topic Like Corona Virus.        

The Contagion Movie, Corona Virus, Corona outbreaks,
The Contagion Movie (2011) Free Download. Contagion Movie Topic Like Corona Virus.         

The Contagion Movie Details : 

The Contagion Movie Release Date : 

3 September, 2011 = Venice 
9 September, 2011 = United States 

The Contagion Movie Budget : 

60 Million USD. 

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The Contagion Movie Box Office Collection : 

135.5 Million USD. 

The Contagion Movie Cast :                    
The Contagion Movie Directed By Steven Soderbergh. 

The Contagion Movie Written By Scottz. Burns. 

The Contagion Movie Music By Cliff Martinez. 

The Contagion Movie Cinematography By Steven Soderbergh. 

The Contagion Movie Editing By Stephen Mirrione. 

The Contagion Movie Producer : 

1 = Zakaria Alaoui. 
2 = Chen on Chu. 
3 = Gregory Jacobs. 
4 = Jonathan King. 

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5 = Michael Polaire. 
6 = Michael Sham Berg. 
7 = Stacey Sher. 
8 = Jeff Skoll. 
9 = Ricky Strauss.       

The Contagion Movie Starring : 

1 = Gwyneth Paltrow. 
2 = Tien You Chui. 
3 = Josie Ho. 
4 = Daria Strokous. 
5 = Matt Damon. 
6 = Griffin Kane. 
7 = Stef Tovar. 
8 = John Hawkes. 
9 = Jude Law. 
10 = Grace Rex.   

The Contagion Movie Storyline :    
Professional health workers, government officials, and residents all find themselves in epidemics around the world. Because the CDC worked to find a cure for the virus. Shortly after coming from a business trip to Hong Kong, Beth Imhoff died of flu or any other virus infection. On the same day, his young son died of a horrible virus infection.

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The Contagion Movie Review :   

The Contagion Full Movie download
The Contagion Movie (2011) Free Download. Contagion Movie Topic Like Corona Virus.          

An outstanding, informative, haunting, powerful, tense film. When it first came out it was received tepidly because the filmmakers resisted giving the plot a Hollywood approach as did the ludicrous movie Outbreak a decade before. The timeline of the pandemic and the efforts to combat it play out in an accelerated pace, things happen for the good and bad at a speed that is not what would likely happen, but in every other way the movie is totally realistic. Utterly chilling in how it predicted the coronavirus and how society would respond in 2020. If anything the movie is more optimistic and has more faith in institutions to react properly. The scary thing is you see how governments and agencies like the CDC behave in the movie and then see how poorly our own governments are faring with a much less deadly plague.

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Realistic, well made, great cast, poor plot. But well worth it. The good thing about this movie is the realism, it's like watching an outbreak happen. It's cool to see the stories of the different people involved in an event like this and what would happen if this were to occur. It's really well made, all the sets, props, characters, etc. look and feel real. It also has an amazing cast. The bad thing about this movie is that it lacks an exciting plot, but I don't really care about that. The focus of the movie isn't on the characters or their story in particular, it covers all of their stories and the story of the outbreak. This isn't a movie movie, it's something that is just really interesting to watch and, yes, is good in my opinion and well worth a watch. It also helps if you're just really interested in the virology and outbreak topics

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I absolutely loved watching this movie. It's not meant to be a romance or a drama, it's meant to be more like a simulation of what could happen in real life.

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The Contagion Movie (2011) Free Download. Contagion Movie Topic Like Corona Virus.        

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