The Flu Full Movie (2013) FREE Download.

The Flu Full Movie (2013) Free Download. 

The Flu Full Movie (2013) Free Download.    
The Flu Full Movie Details :   

Movie Name : The Flu
Revised romanization: Gamgi
Hangul: 감기
The Flu Movie Director: Kim Sung-Su
The Flu Movie Writer: Lee Young-Jong, Kim Sung-Su, Park Hee-Kwon
The Flu Movie Producer: Lim Young-Joo, Seo Jong-Hae, Jung Hoon-Tak
The Flu Movie Cinematographer: Lee Mo-Gae
The Flu Movie Release Date: August 14, 2013
The Flu Movie Runtime: 121 min.
The Flu Movie Genre: Disaster / Adventure / Mother & Daughter / Fire Fighter
The Flu Movie Distributor: iFilm Corp.
The Flu Movie Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

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The Flu Full Movie Storyline :     

Flu is that the worst epidemic in Seoul's city of Bundang. After trafficking illegal residents within the country, Byung-woo was killed by an unknown flu virus. Later, an equivalent symptoms of the flu virus appeared in many of us in Bundang.

The Flu Full Movie (2013) Free Download.    

  People become helpless against airborne diseases. the amount of individuals infected with the flu virus increases rapidly. The country is in chaos. so as to boost awareness when things worsened, it had been decided to seal the town of half 1,000,000 people just 19 km from Seoul. the govt ordered the town to be closed completely.

  Then the infectious pathologist In-Hye and his staff visited the town to get and research the G-G vaccine.

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The Flu Full Movie Review :    

Good movie, to believe it was made in 2013 and here we are with a virus spreading now, but without all the blood and dozens of people falling on the ground. But if we can watch sharks coming down from the sky, so I can say I enjoyed the movie.

The little girl is adorable. Some nice scenes within the movie. Suspend your disbelief and important analysis, relax and watch the movie. With the Corona virus happening now, this movie is interesting. A year ago this movie may need been ignored, today it's sort of a must watch movie.

One of my favourite Korean movies, awesome. The actors are really good. All the scenes seem like the end of the world and made me sit on the edge of my seat. It's not the best movie to inspire you or encourage you. But it's a movie that can give you some space to reflect on humanity and think. It really reflects on a lot of humans nature, really recommend this movie.

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Harrowingly realistic, occasionally sentimental Korean thriller imagines the results of a deadly H5N1 outbreak. Song Lyrics
 A medical disaster movie depicting how a South Korean city becomes ground zero for the H5N1 epidemic, “Flu” delivers a transfusion of harrowing realism, government duplicity and dripping sentimentality, suggesting a provincial “World World Z” without zombies. Fully conveying the sudden and unpreventable nature of recent pandemics like SARS, helmer Kim Sung-soo builds white-knuckle tension from images of mass panic. But the story flatlines because the crisis escalates, falling prey to pedestrian human drama and improbable conspiracy subplots. Nevertheless, the pic’s exploitation of collective hypochondriac instincts drove viral sales to 38 territories, also as healthy local B.O.

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 Given the subject , comparisons with 2011’s “Contagion” naturally arise, but unlike Soderbergh, Kim isn't remotely interested by the procedural aspect of how diseases spread. a far better parallel would be “Deranged” (released a month earlier), sans that Korean disease thriller’s sci-fi elements and noirish plot twists. Kim’s goal is simple: to point out mass hysteria and crowd violence into spectacle. This he achieves with the support of a solid, blockbuster-style production by industry giant CJ Entertainment, though grand setpieces deploying hordes of extras have a generic look that smack of other CJ disaster movies, including “Haeundae,” “The Tower” and uprising epic. 

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The Flu Full Movie (2013) Free Download.     
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