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Friday, January 15, 2021

What Is SEO? Search Engine Optimization। এসইও।

What Is SEO? Search Engine Optimization। এসইও। 

What Is SEO? Search Engine Optimization। এসইও। 

 Search Engine Optimization There are two meaningful parts to these three words.  One is Search Engine and the other is Optimization.  

So SEO is a kind of technical web strategy to optimize search engines.

 Simply put, SEO is the technique or process of getting a blog / website in a good position in search results or on the first page of search engine.  It can also be called a kind of systematic trick to get good results from search engines.

 What is a search engine?

 Simply put, a search engine is a type of software or application that searches for something through a keyword on the Internet.  Wherever you search by typing something, thousands of information on any subject will appear in front of you in the blink of an eye.  Google is currently the most popular search engine.  In addition to the list of popularity Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Yandex and DuckGo search engines.  We have previously shared a detailed post on what a search engine is and how it works.

 How do search engines work?

 The search engine indexes and saves all types of databases by crawling all the links of each site including all types of websites of the World Wide Web.  Later, according to the search engine search query, the good quality indexed data of the blog is gradually published in the search results.  In this case, the better you do your blog Search Engine Optimization, the higher the search results will see the content of your blog.

 How do search engines rank a blog?

 When a person searches for a specific topic in a search engine, the search engine shows the blog / website with the best content that is indexed to that topic according to this topic.  

Then according to the quality of the blog and content all the blogs continue to show.  In order to show the best search engine results, the search engine uses the latest ranking algorithm with search query.

 What is Search Engine Algorithm?

 This is a mathematical calculation indexed to get consistently good results for Search Query's.  Simply put, it is a consistent list of content that is indexed according to the rankings and values ​​of different blogs in the search results.  This means that the higher the number, the higher the content of the search results.

 What is Search Engine Rank?

 When a person searches for something in a search engine, the search engine shows a lot of content in the search results.  Search results depend on the search ranking of the blog.  

What Is YouTube Video SEO? 

In other words, the better the ranking of the blog, the higher the content of the search results of the blog, and if the ranking is not good, your content will not show on the first page of the search results.  In addition, search engines use a variety of ranking algorithms to show a blog on the search results page.

 Why is SEO done?

 Search engine optimization (SEO) is done to get a blog / website in a good position or on the first page of search results and to get good ranking from search engine or to get a lot of visitors to the blog from search engine.  

When a person optimizes his website properly with search engines, his blog will continue to grow a lot of visitors from search engines.  This is because doing search engine optimization (SEO) will give search engines a clear idea about the content of their blog content.  

So in order to make any website successful or to make money from the website, you have to do proper SEO on its website.

How To Rank YouTube Video? 

 Think in general sense, when you write a post on a topic, how much to search for that topic online, what keywords to search for, how many posts are available online, which blog post will be the competitor of your new post,  SEO is done to find out what is the value of your desired keyword, how much visitors are likely to get and how much revenue can be earned if you can work with that keyword and how much backlink will be required to rank that post etc.  .

 Summarizing all these issues, it can be summed up that in order to be successful in online marketing, search engine optimization is required and there is no alternative to search engine optimization to be successful.

 How many types of SEO and what are they?

 If you ask someone how many types of SEO, then anyone will talk about onpage SEO and offpage SEO.  There are two types of SEO.  But not onpage SEO and offpage SEO.  There are basically two types of SEO

1 = Organic SEO.

2 = Paid SEO.

Organic SEO is again of two types : 

 1 = on page SEO.

 2 = off page SEO.

What is Organic SEO and Paid SEO?

 Organic SEO means following all the rules of search engine optimization and the process of getting position on the search results page.  Paid SEO, on the other hand, is a move to the front page of search engines in exchange for money from Google.

 If you take a good look, you will see that after searching for a topic, there are some websites at the top of the search results in which Ad is written in short. 

 Those are the ones that have come to the forefront through paid SEO.  On the other hand, all the websites under these are organic SEO, that is, they have taken a position on the Google page without any money.

 What is on page SEO ?

 On Page SEO is the process of perfecting a website / blog, that is, everything that is needed to make a website better is On Page SEO.  On Page SEO is a process for setting up keywords, Setting-up Meta, Naming Pages, Page Search Descriptions, etc. suitable for blogs.  

What Is Off Page SEO? 

Off Page SEO is to share the link of your blog's content on various popular sites, create backlinks, join different forums, make the blog popular, etc.

 What is White Hat SEO?

 White Hat SEO is the use of various technical web techniques to increase the rank of your blog and bring it to the top of the search results.  

What is Black Hat SEO? 

Black Hat SEO is to increase the rank of the blog by violating the rules of search engine by using some illegal methods.  

Google is currently using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to determine Google's search rankings, so it is almost impossible to rank blogs with Black Hat SEO techniques.  That's why all the big SEO experts are paying attention to White Hat SEO.

If you do this process properly, then you will be success in your blogging life. 

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