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Sunday, January 17, 2021

What Is Blogging? How To Start Blogging? ব্লগ কি?

What Is Blogging? How To Start Blogging? ব্লগ কি? 


What Is Blogging? How To Start Blogging? ব্লগ কি? 

 In the world of internet, the age of "blog" is almost 23 years.  Nowadays there are very few people who do not know or have not heard about blogs.  Today we will discuss the history of blogging, what is blogging, why do blogging.  What to do with blogging, and how to start blogging.

 History of Blogging : 

 The English word for blog is Blog.  The short form of the word weblog is blog.  The term weblog was first coined on December 16, 1997 by a man named John Burger.  About two years later, in March or April 1999, another man, Peter Merholz, split the term into web and blog.  Since then, the use of the word blog has been increasing.  

Many people nowadays have made blogging a workplace and have found success here.

 What is a blog?

 A blog is a kind of online personalized magazine or a medium of social communication.  Where there are texts, pictures, videos and links to other websites.  Bloggers regularly post content on their site and users see and comment on the information they need.

Blogging Ultimate Guidelines 

 Most blogs are written in a consistent manner with a specific content.  A person writes a blog on a subject that he knows very well about.  The main difference between a blog and a website is that the blog is updated regularly and the website is updated irregularly.  Again some blogs are updated every moment.

 Why start blogging?

 There are many reasons to blog, such as when you know something very well.  Now you want to let everyone in the world know what you know.  One of the ways to communicate this is through blogging.

 But nowadays blogging is a good way to earn money.  There are many ways to earn money by blogging.  For example: Google AdSense, Affiliates marketing, there are many ways to sell advertising space.  Blogging is a popular profession in developed countries.  There are people from almost all walks of life involved in blogging.  Again, many bloggers only blog about their hobbies.

 What about blogging?

 You can earn money by blogging.  Many people nowadays choose blogging as a profession.  You can make yourself popular by sharing your skills through blogging.  Bloggers do a lot of research to write a content that develops their thinking.  Blogging also develops technical skills.

How To Start  Blogging? 

 Everyone new to blogging has a question: How do I get started?  Hopefully after reading this article today there will be no more such questions.

 steps to start blogging :

 1.  Select niche : 

 Determine the topic you want to blog on.  For example: Health and fitness, Sports, Technology, Science, Product review, Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle, Marketing etc.

  I mean, blogging can't be said about niches.  The best thing to do is to work on a topic that you know well or like.

How To Get More Organic Traffic / Visitors? 

 Once you have selected the niche, you have to do keyword research based on that niche.  Keyword research means that if you search by typing, your site will come first in Google and other search engines.  You have to find such keywords. Or you can do keyword research through an experienced person. 

 There are several free and paid tools for keyword research.  

These are :

√ = Keyword Planner. 

√ = Moz Keyword Explorer. 

√ = Soovle. 

√ = SEMrush. 

 2.  Blogging platform : 

 First you have to choose which platform you will be blogging on.  There are many different blogging platforms

Below I will briefly discuss the 4 best blogging platforms :

 Wordpress : 

WordPress is the most popular for bloggers.  Because blogging is much easier here.  You don't have to know much code to design a website here.  Wordpress has two sites 

 Blogsite can be created for free on  WordPress downloads from the site must be installed on the hosted server with its own domain.  I would recommend to start blogging with WordPress.

 Google Blogger : 

Blogger is the best if you want to blog for free.  Many people who are new to blogging use Blogger.  There is no need to buy or set up a domain-hosting here.  With just a Gmail account, you can set up in a matter of minutes.

 3.  Domain name and hosting determination : 

 Determining the domain name for your blog site is also important.  Because this is the name of the blog will be popular with people.  It is better to match the domain name with your niche.  Try to take as short names as possible.  

There are various companies or organizations to register the domain.  Such as : 

√ =,

√ =, 

√ =, 

√ =, 

√ = etc.  

Of course, when purchasing a domain, keep in mind what the next renewal cost will be.

 To buy hosting, buy from a good quality company.  Those who have good service.  The load speed of your site will depend a lot on the hosting server.  You can buy domain-hosting from any company together if you want.  Usually you can start with 1 GB hosting for blog site.

 4. Install WordPress : 

 Since I have recommended WordPress as a blogging platform.  You need to install WordPress on the hosting server.  First you need to login to cPanel, click Wordpress Manager from the Application list.  Then click Install.  Once installed, login to the Wordpress Admin Panel.

 5. Install and customize the WordPress theme : 

 Depending on what the website looks like.  You need to install themes designed exactly the way you want your website to look. 

 There are different types of free and premium themes.  Such as : 

√ = GeneratePress, 

√ = Astra Theme, 

√ = Jannah Theme etc. 

How To Rank YouTube Video? 

 If you can't customize the theme yourself, you need the help of a developer.  After customizing the theme, you need to install the necessary plugins.  Yoast and Rank math are two popular plugins for SEO.

6. Start writing content : 

 When you have finished customizing the theme, start writing the article.  Each article needs to have at least 500-1000 words, the more the better. 

 When writing an article, you must keep an eye on SEO, then it is very easy to come to the first page by Google ranking.  When writing an article, you should pay attention to on-page optimization.

Thanks for reading our post. Stay tuned to our website for all the latest tech update, technology related content, tips and tricks, free software download, latest movie download, health tips and latest information. 

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