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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

What Is VPN? How To Use VPN? Types Of VPN।

What Is VPN? How To Use VPN? Types Of VPN।  

Many of us who browse online, have heard the word (ভিপিএন) VPN.

But I still don't know what (ভিপিএন) VPN is and what VPN is used for. Even if I know, I don't know exactly.

 If you read the whole article carefully.  Then you know,

 √ = What is vpn?

 √ = How does a VPN work?

 √ = Is it safe to use VPN?

 √ = Types of vpn. 

 √ = What are the benefits of VPN?

 √ = What are the disadvantages of VPN?

 √ = What is (ভিপিএন) VPN used for?

 √ = How to use (ভিপিএন) VPN?

 √ = Some of the best (ভিপিএন) VPN software for windows / Pc /computers in 2021. 

 √ = Best Free (ভিপিএন) VPN Apps for Android Mobile in 2021. 

 What is a VPN?

 The word VPN is an acronym v = virtual.  P = private.  N = network.  In other words, the full form of (ভিপিএন) VPN is virtual private network.

 (ভিপিএন) VPN makes a secure connection through the Internet you use and another network.

 To better understand, most people in the world are now using the Internet and the risk of data theft is increasing.

 VPNs are used primarily to keep your information secure, as there is a high risk of data theft when exchanging information through the Internet.

 Normally the networks we use on the Internet are public. By connecting a public network's (ভিপিএন) VPNConnecting to a private network creates an imaginary tunnel to the Internet and keeps your information secure.

 How does a VPN work?

 We know What is VPN?  Now I will describe how VPN works?

 How does a VPN work?

 If you are an internet user, then you have used internet on computer, laptop, mobile or any other device.

 Basically, VPN encrypts the Internet connection, converts Internet access devices on your mobile, laptop or computer to another by changing the IP address.

 That means creating a virtual tunnel to the Internet connection.

 Now let's talk about how VPN protects your privacy.

 When a VPN connects to your device, the VPN confirms the connection to another server via the encryption protocol.

What Is VPN? How To Use VPN? Types Of VPN। ভিপিএন কি? 

 Your privacy The next time you exchange information while connected to a VPN, that information goes through the tunnel.  Just like sending a letter inside an envelope.

 If you want to read a letter in an envelope, you must tear the envelope,

 Similarly, if you use a VPN, it is impossible to know what information you are exchanging.

 Is it safe to use a VPN?

 Is it really safe to use a VPN? A report from Yahoo Tech claims that, in order to protect online privacy, a VPN cannot always provide security.

 VPN means creating a special private network within a public network, browsing and exchanging information securely.

What Is Malware?How To Remove Malware? 

 On the other hand, VPN is used to view the content of blocked Internet websites in a specific country or region.

 You can use good quality VPN software for that. Then it is safe for you to use VPN.

 Moreover, if you do not use a good VPN (ভিপিএন) can handle your information, which is not more than one.  Internet connection from mobile to computer

 Types of VPN : 

 There are many types of VPN for Internet users. Each VPN offers their own security. VPNs are divided into several categories to make them usable.

 If you know all the categories then there are many benefits to using VPN as needed

 pptp :

 pptp Common The complete form of a tunneling jar is point to point.

 If you have used Windows 95 pptp then you know that it is very old and there is a high possibility of being attacked by hackers.

 sstp : 

 sstp is much more effective than sstp and: abbreviated to secure socket tunneling protocol sstp which supports windows sstp is much more effective and secure than pptp

 L2TP / IP SEC :

 L2TP stands for Layer 2 Tunnel Protocal.

 (L2TP) No Encryption Create an L2TP Tunnel See the IPSEC item of Secure Encryption L2TP encrypts all traffic and adds to the top The options are much slower

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 Open Vpn :

 Open Vpn means open source. Open VPN is used in open-source technology. Configuration of Open VPN is considered to be the safest for the most advanced web.

 IKE V2 :

 The full form of IKE V2 is Internet key exchange version 2.

 It was created in 1997 through the Microsoft Security Partnership, which uses the pair (Protocol v.59) certificate for authentication.

 Advantages of VPN :

1. Using a good VPN allows you to securely exchange information.

2. If you use a good VPN, no one will be able to track your location.

3. Using a VPN reduces the risk of data theft.

4. You can access blocked web sites with VPN.  Remember, if you turn off Facebook in our country, you can access Facebook using VPN.

5. Using a VPN will keep your actual location secret.

 Disadvantages of VPN :

 Everything has advantages and disadvantages, some of which are disadvantages of using a VPN.

 The biggest problem with VPN is that torrent files cannot be downloaded using VPN.  You have to rely on the internet to download torrent files.

 We know that there are many types of crimes online, so VPN providers should always be alert so that no one can commit any type of crime using VPN.  Maintenance has to be done, so skilled people have to be hired in the workplace to run the VPN system legally.

 Many times criminals want to use VPN to commit different types of crimes.  Apart from that, hackers want to hack different types of information. It is often difficult to catch criminals.

 Meters of VPN service are free and premium.  Those who want to use premium VPN have to buy and use VPN with money.

 Why is VPN used for?

 If you read the above articles carefully, you will know the reasons why VPN is used.  But if you still don't know why VPN is used, find out.

 The Internet that we normally use is a public network. In a public network, a VPN creates a secure connection to the private network.

 Many also use VPNs to access blocked sites in the region.

 For example : YouTube announced that you will not be able to access the YouTube site from Bangladesh.

 If someone enters the YouTube site from Bangladesh, the YouTube site will be blocked.

 Then you can connect the VPN of your device, connect the location of the VPN with another country and access the YouTube site.  And can use YouTube.

 Using a good VPN can secure your data exchange.

 How to use VPN?

 There are many softwares online that allow you to use VPNVPN can be used to set up on a mobile, computer, laptop or machine.

 If you want to use VPN, you have to use VPN without some money, that is free, and with some VPN money, that is, you have to use VPN in pay method.

 If you want, you can use Hotspot shield free with mobile till now.  Can't use the computer for free.

Some Popular VPN (ভিপিএন) For Windows

The Best VPNs for Windows in 2021

√ = NordVPN : The Best VPN for Windows: Fast, Secure, and Feature-Packed. 

√ = ExpressVPN : Smooth Windows App With Fast Speeds for Streaming.

√ = Surfshark : Unlimited Device Connections, Perfect for Multiple Users.

√ = CyberGhost : User-Friendly VPN With an Intuitive Interface.

√ = Private Internet Access : High-Speed Servers With Malware Blocker.

Free Download VPN Software /Apps. 

Some Popular VPN For Android : 

The best VPN (ভিপিএন) for Android in 2021

1. ExpressVPN · 

2. Surfshark · 

3. NordVPN · 

4. IPVanish · 

5. Hotspot Shield.

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