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Thursday, January 21, 2021

How to do video SEO on youtube channel? এসইও।

How to do video SEO on youtube channel? এসইও। 

Seo (এসইও) is an important thing for ranking keywords on your YouTube channel or website. If you do seo properly then you will growing your YouTube channel easily. 

How to do video SEO on youtube channel? এসইও। 

What do we mean by SEO?

 The full term of SEO (এসইও) is Search Engine optimisation (সার্চ ইঞ্জিন অপটিমাইজেশন) .  In other words, optimize your content to Google / YouTube in such a way that - Google / YouTube understands that it is a good content, the content that is very important to reach people.

 Do on-page SEO during upload : 

 The work of on-page optimization is a little more.  Here you have to prove your patience.  Do the work of on page by uploading in unlisted condition.  To optimize on page, you have to follow many parts very well -

 Saving the right title :

 Suppose You made a video with YouTube SEO.  Now you have to think about the title of this video content and choose your SEO score.

 You can now use many free tools to view SEO scores.  VIdiQ, TubeBuddy If you install these two free extensions from Google Chrome, you can see the SEO score.

 Write a description correctly : 

 YouTube lets you use 5,000 characters to write a description.  And if you are writing a description with 100/200 characters, then how will your video rank?  You will need to write a video related 1500-2000 character description.

 This will make your video better known to YouTube robots and will rank your video.  In the description you will give your various social media links, website links, video related keywords.  Thus Atlist will try to give a description of 1500-2000 characters.

 Tag Sorting :

 While picking tags is not the most important thing for you, tags are needed to get fairly good quality positive results.  Many people use reverse tags to rank videos!  Don't do this.  These will get the bed effect for your video.

 And now YouTube has a lot of updates.  Rules regulation is becoming much more difficult.  Tag related to your content.  YouTube has also given a limit of 500 characters for tagging.  I would suggest tagging between 200-250 characters.  It does not need more or less.

 Once the upload is 100% complete, do some SEO (এসইও). Something to do when 100% of the uploads are finished in the unlisted state. 

 End Skin : 

Adding links to other videos at the end of your video.  This will increase your view.  Suppose, when you upload an SEO related video, at the end of the SEO related video you can add a link to another SEO (এসইও) related video if you wish, the video that you uploaded before this video.

 If you do these things when people come to the last part of the video after watching one of your videos, you will see a link to another video on the same topic, it will increase your views.  Because if people get good quality value from one video, people will watch your other video as well.

 And if you arrange your other videos in this way through end skin, then it is a great benefit for the audience.  You don't have to go to your channel to watch it anymore.  Ind Skin's job is to make your content beautiful at the end of the video.

 When the bot realizes that your content is really useful, then Google / YouTube will deliver your optimized content to the people.  And this is how your content will make your website or any of your YouTube channels popular.

 There are many articles about SEO (এসইও), people have talked about SEO in many ways.  I think I also share my knowledge with you.  But today I will tell you how to SEO YouTube content

 SEP or Off-Page SEO before uploading : 

 First you have to finish editing the video content that you will upload for your channel.  After editing, doing some off-page SEO before uploading will play a good role in ranking your video content.

 Name the video content : 

name the topic with which you made the video.  Do not give a name that does not match the topic of the video content.

 Then go to Details from Video Properties and write some exact facts about the video.  There is as much information as title, subtitle, ranking mark, tag, comment, author name etc.  Put all the information in the correct way.  

Hopefully you will understand when you see the skin shorts below.

 Off-Page SEO just for video content?  

No, not just for video content.  Do the same for off-page SEO for the thumbnail of your video.

 Keyword based playlist : 

 If you have uploaded a single video on the same topic, you can create a playlist on the main keywords or good keywords of those videos and sort your channel with that playlist.  

This will make your channel more beautiful and interesting as well as show your playlist on the results page in search of keywords.  

As a result, it is possible to expect better results from search.  But keep an eye on some things like :

 Don't put videos on other topics in one keyword playlist. In the description of the playlist, you can write the description just like the video description.  This will also help in your search ranking.

 Subtitles :

 If the video has a voice, you can use subtitles to get rankings on YouTube SEO.  Because Google now ranks using subtitles and that is a plus point for you.  And if possible, you can publish different subtitles without translation.  For example, if your video is in Bangla voice, you can use Bangla subtitles as well as English subtitles.  

And you can also give some keywords as voice from the time of making the video so that it can be used in subtitles to take advantage of the ranking.  

However, wrong subtitles should not be given in any way.  I will try to explain why in the next post.

 There are also some other things that help in the work of YouTube SEO which will be discussed in the next post.  Until then, you can make it a habit to follow these rules so that you can always remember and follow the procedures when uploading videos.

  And if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, you can share them with us.  You can let us know here in the comments or email or Facebook group.  I hope you like the post.

 Channel design : 

 It is also possible to get help in video ranking by channel design or arranging the channel perfectly.  Because when a viewer comes to the channel, he will first look at the design.  

So design can help in many ways.  But not just channel design.  Custom thumbnails work the same way. 

 So upload good logos, cover photos etc. for the channel at the beginning.  Also, arrange your account with About Section i.e. link, contact address, profile information etc.  And here, just as profile information will come in handy for search, so will verified website links and emails. 

 So you can try to erase all this information correctly and neatly.

 YouTube Video Optimization :

 There are many parts to YouTube video optimization.  In this part we will discuss in a point-by-point manner what kind of SEO (এসইও) needs to be done within the video from the moment you create a video to the moment you upload it.

 Create good quality content : 

 Content is king everywhere online.  Whether you are blogging or working on YouTube, your content must be of good quality.  Because in a competitive world where working with good quality content is not possible in the competition, you cannot succeed by working with normal content in any way.  

That's why you need to make a video on the subject that you have the most experience with.  The style of presenting the content in the video must also be good.

 Making interesting videos : 

 Creating professional quality videos through video editing is a very important part of creating tutorial videos.  

In this case, you can learn the work of advanced video editing software from any organization.  The better you can present videos by adding different types of visual effects, the more visitors you will be able to capture on your channel.

 Background Music in the video : 

 In addition to editing the video well, put some interesting music in the background of the video.  This will increase the viewers' interest in the video.  

However, keep in mind that when the video has its own sound, the sound of the music should not be more than your sound.  When creating tutorials using your own voice, try to present in smart, beautiful and sublime language, avoiding regionalism.

 Talking about the importance of video :

 When creating a video, talk not only about the content but also about the importance and necessity of the product or content in the video.  Then a visitor will be easily attracted to your video.  In a word, you have to be skillful and smart in making videos.

 Asked to comment and subscribe to the video : 

 You will always be asked to subscribe to the channel in the video space.  Moreover, you will encourage the viewers to comment and like to let us know how you like the video.  Because the more likes and comments a video has, the more important it is to viewers, including search engines.

 Increase Like and Dislike in the video : 

 While talking inside the video, you will be invited to subscribe as well as Like.  Having a lot of likes on your video as well as having some Dislikes will both act as Like to increase traffic. 

 Because if there is more Like than Dislike in the video, Dislike cannot carry its real meaning.  YouTube assumes that there is something good in the video for which there are likes and dislikes.  

However, if Dislike is more than Like, it can be contrary to interest.  In this case, you must pay attention to the quality of your video.  Then there will be no more Dislike in any way.

 Name the correct file in the video:

 After creating the video, before uploading it to YouTube, write the name of the video in such a way that it matches the content of the video. 

 If you create a play and name the video in the form of a tutorial, then the chances of getting a view of the video are reduced at first.  Write the title of the video nicely to match the topic you created the video with.

 Optimize the title of the video : 

 The most important thing is to use our targeted keywords in the title of the video.  Because YouTube can understand the subject of the video by reading its keywords in the title of your video. 

 That's why if you don't use targeted keywords in your video titles, YouTube won't understand your video.  This way your video will not show up in the right place for the right keywords in the search results.  

So, you must use the keywords in the video title to create the video by targeting the keywords.

 Video tags optimized : 

 Most new YouTubers don't care because they don't understand.  After uploading the video, you will see an empty cell at the bottom of the Descriptions for tags.  There is an option to write short tags. 

 You will only select the category of your video, that is, you will select 10-12 tags of the type or close to the type of your video.  This way search engines will be able to easily understand the type of your video.

 Promoting YouTube videos :

 We already know about YouTube video keyword research and video optimization.  You don't have to sit down after doing the above things.  To share videos made through your hard work in a variety of mediums to quickly reach the viewers. 

 Videos need to be popularized by sharing more on various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more on various blogs and websites.

 Linking Video to another channel :

 If you have a good relationship with any other popular channel of the type you are making videos about, you can share your video on that channel.  If you have the opportunity to do this on a popular channel, your video will become popular very quickly.

 Quick Sharing :

 When you upload a video, you will start sharing the video automatically without leaving it.  Because if your channel is new, no one will know about the newly uploaded video.  

As soon as you upload for it, you will continue to share it through various means including social media.  This will enable at least 6 media crawlers to get some idea about your video and bring some visitors.  

As your video gets older and the share and viewership doesn't increase, the value of the video to search engines will go down.

Notify by email :

  You can collect the email addresses of some individuals and organizations who are regularly involved online and let them know about your video by mail.  

This will increase the viewership of your video as well as create a kind of communication with everyone.  If you can do this, you will definitely get some traffic in your video.

  Share on social media : 

  Social media plays an important role in increasing traffic, both in blogging and YouTube.  If you can increase the followers by creating a page called YouTube channel on various social media including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram, you can easily increase the viewers of the video.

Thanks for reading our post. Stay tuned to our website for all the new tech update, technology related content, tips and tricks, free software download, latest movie download, health tips, recipe tips etc. 

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